I did not see a temple in the city, because its temple is the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb. (Revelation 21: 22)    
Experiencing the three main aspects of the Initiation of the Holy Spirit – the metaphysical, meta-historical and meta-cultural (Section The Avatar of Synthesis), the human beings will enter into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and start the New Cycle of Existence as God’s people on sacred Earth. In this Reality they will build their lives, on all levels of Being, as Divine Temples. Below I introduce some key ideas of the Seven Temples of Life – one of the main themes of all my spiritual work. It is presented in greater detail in the web site section The Rainbow Path, in my books, eBooks, especially in my Autobiography, On the Path of Enlightenment, and in recordings of many lectures, seminars and workshops [section Bibliography).  
1. Building the Human Being as a Divine Temple
"Surely you know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you!" (1 Corinthians 3: 16)  
The ultimate goal of the human being is self-realisation in the Divine. For this purpose we have to embark on a glorious spiritual journey and undergo the first and the second resurrections, i.e. achieving the blossoming of the Soul and the awakening of the higher Self. This process is completed when one opens all seven chakras, develops all three perfect bodies (the earthly, the celestial and the universal) and establishes the mystical marriage between the soul and the spirit within. Then surely one builds himself or herself as a Divine Temple and the Holy Spirit comes to live therein forever.    
When we develop all our spiritual bodies, we become self-realized Cosmic Beings, created in the image and likeness of God. In the world religions the vertical structure of Creation, the Axis Mundi, is considered as the Tree of Life. When we reach the point of self-realisation we become a micro-model of Creation, a Tree of Life, which stretches through the whole vertical structure of Creation. Then we really live simultaneously on Earth with an ennobled ego-personality, in the Celestial World with a soul in full bloom and in the highest Divine World with an awakened Divine Self. In this high state of consciousness we merge with the Absolute Origin of Being and could become co-creators of God. 
All human beings have the potential to grow as a Universal Tree of Life. This is the ultimate purpose of the great journey of our Spirits as sparks from the Living God, described in the section The Rainbow Path. A modest example of this process is presented in my autobiographical eBook On the Path of Enlightenment.

2. Developing the Family as a Divine Temple 
In accordance with the great myth (introduced by Plato) every human being on Earth is in eternal search of his or her soul mate. This myth reflects the Divine impulse within everyone to meet their beloved partner and soul mate, to enter into Divine union and to create a beautiful temple of love, light and life together. By undergoing the first and second resurrections together the man and woman in love interweave the energies of their seven chakras to build the Divine Temple. 
They become personifications of the New Adam and the New Eve and enjoy the wonderful spiritual fruit of the Tree of Life in all three worlds of Creation. As a result the couple becomes a holy family and when the birth of beloved children follows, they are conceived with the power and the mystery of the Holy Spirit. Their life together is like an eternal journey in the Kingdom of God.   
The Soul Mates could open their chakras through the practice of love, tenderness, mutual appreciation and the full bouquet of human virtues. The opening of each chakra is connected with building a family Temple of Love with the energies appropriate for the chakra. As a result they build seven different family Temples, in every one of which the mutual love is manifested differently – from the passionate human love of the energies of the two lower chakras, through the emotional ecstatic love of the energy of the fourth chakra, the Soul level, up to the blissful Divine co-creative Love of the sixth and seventh chakras (the energies of the third and the fifth chakras are intermediary between the levels). 
The process of building the seven family Temples of Love together stretches through the whole common spiritual journey with the Beloved. In accordance with their life stages, from youth to old age, the Soul Mates develop the various Temples, one after another, and produce wonderful fruits in each one of them: the birth of children comes, a spiritual family of friends is formed, they enter into an eternal journey in the Kingdom of God as co-creators with the Lord and the Divine Mother. 
The common life-journey of Soul Mates and the process of building the seven family Temples of Love is too large a theme to cover in detail in the web site. Some ideas could be found in Step Six on the Rainbow Path; more information is available in the eBook The Path of the Divine Rainbow, in many lectures and workshops given over the years (see, section Bibliography). 
3. Building the Spiritual Community as a Divine Temple
"There is a friend who stick closer than a brother." (Proverbs 18: 24)   
In the coming epoch of the Holy Spirit a new type of relationship will develop within the broader community – cosmic-spiritual friendship. In this type of relationship the participants not only look in the same direction together (towards a beloved Divine Master or cherished spiritual goal) but also appreciate each other as cosmic-spiritual beings in whom the Holy Spirit lives. Thus they help each other to build the personal Divine Temple of life and to form altogether a wonderful community-temple of Divine love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, purity, friendship, appreciation, help, mutual understanding and many other sacred virtues. 
The mystery of the Divine Wedding manifests in this Temple of life as the most pure and beautiful relationship between Sons and Daughters of God, as brothers and sisters in absolute purity, tenderness, friendship and mutual exchange of Divine energies. Surely, people who engage in cosmic-spiritual friendship build their community as a Divine Temple where the Holy Spirit is always present. 
The main purpose of The Path of Truth Society, created in 2011, was to build the spiritual community as a Divine Temple (see, section Ireland, The Path of Truth Society). Over the years my work with the International group of friends was directed towards fulfilling this goal. Bright example of this is the 14 Summer Assemblies on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria (see, sections The Mission, Events and Update, see also, The Action, especially The New Rila Mysteries and Rila Assembly 2009). 
4. Building the Nation as a Divine Temple 
"The greatness and the wealth of the nations will be brought into the city."  (Revelation: 21: 26)   
God gives each nation a special Divine mission. In order to fulfil this mission the Nation has to develop fully its National Soul and allow the National Spirit Guide to lead it through centuries and millennia in fulfilment of its task. This process builds the life of the Nation as a Divine Temple. In it the National Soul is a wonderful, overflowing treasury of spiritual virtues, developed and manifested by the Nation over the centuries. The National Spirit is the Guide for the fulfilment of the mission through many glorious spiritual deeds. 
Everyone who links deeply with the National Soul and the National Spirit Guide could become their personification and experience the most unique intense Divine essence of the nation in action within this Temple. When the National Soul and the National Spirit are in Divine Union and the people participate in this mystery, they realise that the Holy Spirit is the active force in the whole Temple, from its formation to the fulfilment of its Divine Mission. Such a Temple remains in eternity among all other 'Nation Temples' upheld by the Divine Spirit.  
In great appreciation of the process of building the nation as a Divine Temple I included two sections in the web site – Ireland and Bulgaria (Bulgarian language). In them the reader will find rich material about the essence of the National Soul and the National Spirit Guide of these two nations. In great detail however the description of the Irish National Soul and National Spirit Guide could be found in the second part, The New Mysteries from Ireland, of my Autobiography - On the Path of Enlightenment(an eBook). This part is a bright example of the richness of the Irish National Soul and National Spirit building the Temple of the nation which could host new mysteries in the life of humankind. 

5. Building Humankind as a Divine Temple 
 "Now God's home is with people! He will live with them, and they shall be his people. God himself will be with them, and he will be their God.  (Revelation 21: 3) 
All peoples on Earth have to form one great spiritual family living in peace, friendship, mutual respect and understanding, fulfilling the purpose of humankind envisaged by God from the beginning of time. Humankind has to create its life as a Divine Temple where the different nations, following different world religions, form altogether the tabernacle of Divine worship. The story of the twelve tribes of Israel carrying the different segments of the tabernacle has to be enacted now on a planetary level by all the peoples of the world carrying the new tabernacle of worship. 
When humankind builds this Divine Temple of worship its heart centre, originating in the Universal Soul, will open. Then humankind will realise its Divine mission in Creation, guided by the Universal Spirit: to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God on Earth and transform it into a Garden of Paradise, to serve as a mediator between Heaven and Earth by building a Divine Temple of life, and to co-create with God, Who now makes all things new. 
If this wonderful picture of the celestial transformation is of the reality of the life of the nation, one could imagine the richness when the many nations bring their spiritual riches to the foot of the Throne of God. There are no words to express the joy, love and ecstasy of contemplating the life of the integrated Enlightened Humankind. 
In my long spiritual journey I was connected with the destiny of many nations and appreciated their glorious Missions. Some inspiring ideas are presented in the section The Holy City, in my autobiographical eBook On the Path of Enlightenment, especially its Second Part, The New Mysteries from Ireland, in other books, eBooks and various seminars in different countries.  
The task of transforming the present earthly, Babylonian type of civilization, into a celestial one is very challenging, but truly inspiring and rewarding! It is crucial for contemporary humankind to build itself as a Divine Temple! 
6. The New Earth as a Divine Temple
Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sits on it. Earth and heaven fled from his presence and were seen no more... Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. (Revelation 20:11, 21:1)                     
On a planetary level we have to witness and participate in the dramatic transfiguration of the Earth from a solid material body into a beautiful shining astral planet. Then, for us, the Earth will appear as a living celestial Being with its own planetary Soul (a part of the Universal Soul) and with a planetary Spirit - i.e. the planetary Divine Logos who leads the evolution of the Earth. 
Of course, this metaphysical change must occur first in our consciousness, that is, in our understanding and perception of the Earth transformed by the light of the New Creative Impulse from God. Naturally, if we change our understanding and perception of the Earth, we will act and behave differently. As a result the etheric layer around the Earth will become a space for the fusion between the celestial Jerusalem and the illuminated Earth. Figuratively speaking, a magnificent etheric Temple will be built upon the whole planet with a gigantic cosmic-spiritual Cross of Light at the centre of the Temple. In this transfigured Earth-Temple all kingdoms of life will be present in Divine Harmony, Wisdom and Truth.
Thanks to many global activities, this kind of comprehension of the Earth is growing. Already there are hundreds of books which describe the Earth as the living Being Gaia or, at least, which introduce the spiritual approach to her and analyze her spiritual structure. Moreover, important and necessary work for the healing, purification and spiritualization of the Earth is taking place in the form of various planetary events with millions of participants such as activation of the planetary chakras, celebrations of Earth-week, pilgrimages to sacred sites, healing of polluted areas and many others.    
Over the years, the process of purification and transfiguration of the Earth was one of my main spiritual tasks. With my spiritual friends we dedicated many activities to this task – pilgrimages, seminars, Summer Assemblies, sacred dance Paneurhythmy, meditations and others. One of the Steps on the Nine-fold Rainbow Path is Step Seven -  The Transfiguration of the Earth . It provides some theoretical and practical keys for entry into the reality of the New Earth.
The purification and transfiguration of our beloved planet Earth requires collective efforts from millions of people all over the world. I dream of a powerful planetary movement aiming at restoring the damaged eco-systems of the Earth and transforming it into a Garden of Paradise, a Divine Temple of Life! 

7. The New Heaven as a Divine Temple
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth… He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making all things new!” (Revelation 21: 1, 5)
We could imagine the Lord (the Living God, the Absolute Origin of Being) as an eternal cosmic-spiritual Sun Who gives Light, Love and Life to the whole of Creation. When the Lord says "And now I make all thing new", the Divine Spirit starts to emanate from the Throne of God through multiple images and manifestations. He activates all the Divine Masters and light beings in the higher worlds and gives them a new quality, a new radiance in accord with the new mysteries coming from the Living God. 
At the same time the Divine Feminine radiates from the Throne of God forming the substance of the New Reality, thus in absolute harmony and union they illuminate the whole of Creation as a Divine Temple. In it the Divine Feminine forms the substance while the Divine Spirit (the Cosmic Christ) is the Living Cross, the Axis Mundi of Creation. 
The deepest purpose of life on Earth is enlightenment, self-realisation and co-creation with God! By achieving these ultimate goals we will complete our glorious Spiritual Return to the Origin of Being and will participate in the Divine activation of the New Cosmic Cycle from the Source of Life. Then, definitely we will achieve spiritual immortality, the name of God will be on our foreheads and we will reign forever and ever! To share these ecstatic feelings with as many brothers and sisters as possible is my greatest joy of life on Earth! 
In every Summer Assembly on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria, in many celebrations, seminars and workshops we are contemplating the reality of the New Heaven as the dome of the ultimate Temple of God – the whole of Creation! In the web site some glimpses of this contemplation could be found in the sections The Action, Rila Assembly 2009 (The New Genesis) and Manifesto (The Fruits). Special videos, consecrated to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth are included in the documentary film Revelation (YouTube, TheRevelation215 channel).    
Building life on all levels of Being as a Divine Temple is the main goal of the enlightened Humankind who will live in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.
The sacred cosmic dance Paneurhythmy, created by the great Bulgarian Master Beinsa Douno, helps to build all Seven Temples of life.


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