Step Five and Step Six are the culmination of the Divine Rainbow Path and help us to merge with the centre of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Throne of God, the Absolute Origin of Being. There we become initiated into the mystery of the Divine Wedding(#) and the new impulse from the Living God who now changes the world. The Divine Wedding crowns the present historical cycle of humankind on Earth and opens a new cycle of evolution in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The mystery of the Divine Wedding introduces us to a new religious paradigm and a new metaphysical perception of the world. It is like a New Genesis which takes place now, in the actual dynamic present, moving towards the future of God's creativity.

Participation in the Divine Wedding, in Step Five and Step Six, could be realised by deep metaphysical contemplation and meditation. For this purpose, on the one hand, we have to link (through prayer, spiritual music, guided meditation leading us through the whole vertical structure of the universe) with the Universal Masculine Principle radiating from the Throne of God through the images of all the Divine Masters Christ, Krishna, Buddha and many others. This is the Light of the World, the cosmic-spiritual Sun which never sets (Revelation 21:22-23).

On the other hand, we have to link with the Universal Feminine Principle, the personifications of the Divine Mother, radiating from the centre of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Throne of God, the Absolute Origin of Being, with the vibrations of Holy Spirit. The Divine Feminine surrounds the whole Earth with the most sacred vibrations of Holy Spirit, penetrating to every kingdom of life on it. She transforms the Earth into a beautiful astral planet prepared as a "bride" to meet her husband the cosmic-spiritual Sun.

By performing the appropriate types of prayers and meditations we participate spiritually in the Divine Wedding and enter into the reality of the New Heaven (enlightened by the cosmic-spiritual Sun which never sets) and the New Earth (purified, transformed and illuminated by the Divine Mother) and become co-creators with God.

Emerging from the Throne of God at the centre of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Divine Mother re-creates life in all realms of the vertical structure of the Universe as a Divine Temple from the reality of the Holy City, through the various celestial worlds, to the life of humankind on Earth. On Earth she transforms and illuminates the Earth itself, human culture, society, the family, and the life of the individual human being. In the section The Divine Feminine(#) we shed light on the work of the Divine Mother in some of these areas.

In order to become followers, collaborators and co-creators with the Divine Mother and Her personifications Mataji(#), Kuan Yin(#), the Virgin Mary(#), the New Eve(#), Zventa Sventana(#) and many others we have to open ourselves to Her celestial vibrations and develop the spiritual qualities and virtues which she personifies. This is the way in which we will implement the Gospel of the Divine Mother in our lives. Some of the most important characteristics of the Divine Mother are her love, care and support of all forms of live. All Life in the Universe is One and the Divine Mother gives birth to and nurtures this Life. The Divine Mother's love is unconditional, without discrimination, constant, unchanging all living beings are her 'children', so we have to love and appreciate them as the Divine Mother does.

An extremely important task in our epoch is to develop respect, love, care and appreciation for Nature, the environment and our planet Earth. After all, we are children of Nature and we live on the Earth which provides us with all that we need for our life and spiritual evolution. It is not by chance that we call the Earth 'Mother Earth' it is a manifestation of the Divine Mother who, through Nature, takes care of her children.

The Gospel of the Divine Mother teaches us to live in purity, simplicity, modesty, love and harmony. The true spiritual life is the pure and wholesome style of life. Only by practising this style of life will we be able to appreciate and enjoy the fruits which grow in the Garden of Paradise. In fact, these fruits are the spiritual essence of all existing forms of life. This is the food with which the Divine Mother nourishes the true sons and daughters of God.

The Gospel of the Divine Mother will raise our moral standards to a very high level. In a similar way as human beings look for fresh food, pure water and clear air, they have to cultivate, too, noble ethics and high moral standards. Only in such an atmosphere can the Divine life grow and bear ripe spiritual fruits.

It is hard to imagine the manifestation of the Divine Mother without the concept of beauty. The human beings, Nature, the Earth, the whole Universe are exceedingly beautiful. If the first wonder of Creation is that it comes into existence through God's Love, then the second wonder is that the Universe is like a symphony of beauty and shines with all colours of the Divine Rainbow. The Gospel of the Divine Mother brings beauty to all aspects of life so that our lives may radiate not only righteousness, virtues, ethics, wisdom but beauty as well. Here, the concept of beauty is not incidental, but an essential spiritual characteristic the other side of the 'coin' of Divine Love.

We could continue the enumeration of spiritual qualities and virtues on which the Gospel of the Divine Mother will focus: fertility and abundance, generosity in giving and economical use of resources and others. Let us emphasise, however, that the Divine Mother, as a true mother of her children, combines the blessings with requirements, the mercy with rigour, and freedom with necessary restrictions. She will warn us about any improper actions, feelings or thoughts and we have to listen and obey. In fact, her rigour is just the other side of her blessings and it is directed towards our well-being and proper spiritual evolution.

The Kingdom of God will come down on Earth only when we transform and illuminate our daily life. The inspirer of this spiritual task is the Divine Mother. She is the One who transforms matter and permeates all forms of life with the vibrations of Holy Spirit. Through the Gospel of the Divine Mother we will learn to pay attention to the smallest details in our daily life the food, the clothes, the house, even our daily routines. The Gospel of the Divine Mother requires new types of relationships in all areas of life the family, the neighbourhood, society, the environment, the Earth and all Kingdoms of Life on it filled with deep existential meaning and spiritual significance.

The one-year spiritual school(#) on Step Six, as that on Step Five, will take the form of a Mystery School. The Gospel of the Divine Mother, initiated by the new creative impulse from the Living God, comes for the first time on Earth and offers a unique opportunity for inspiring 'theoretical' and 'practical' work. It is difficult to imagine a more uplifting and creative work than penetration into the cosmological aspects of the manifestations of the Divine Feminine(#). The Divine Wedding of Christ-Maitreya and the Divine Mother activates a new archetype of the Holy Trinity which subsequently creates a new mythology and cosmology. The participants in the Mystery School will be invited to develop this new mythology and reflect on the new archetypal structures which lie at the foundation of the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The joy and ecstasy of living in the aura of our beloved Divine Mother can be easily compared with the wonder of meeting the Second Coming of the Divine Masters. Through appropriate prayers, meditations, spiritual rituals, ceremonies, sacred dance Paneurhythmy and constructive practical work on all levels of our lives, we will experience the climax of the Divine Rainbow Path and we will participate in the great feast of the Divine Wedding in Heaven.

Thus the spiritual school on Step Six will prepare us to become the core of God's people on Earth, forming one great spiritual family. This school will make us messengers of the New Gospel of the Divine Mother and will initiate us into the whole descending arc of the Divine Rainbow Path working for the transfiguration of the Earth (Step Seven), transformation of the earthly culture into a celestial culture (Step Eight) and inaugurating the epoch of the New Golden Age (Step Nine).

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