We could climb to the top of the Sacred Mountain through one or another path traced by the world religions and subsequently see the spiritual Universe from different aspects. The essence of the fourth Step is to embrace all aspects of the Universe simultaneously and to contemplate the reality of the Kingdom of God in its totality. It is said: 'There are many rooms in my Father's house' (John 14:2). The different rooms are the spiritual worlds revealed by the world religions as various aspects of the whole of Creation. So, the purpose of Step Four is to contemplate them as one Divine wholeness.

In order to grasp the totality of the Kingdom of God we have to ascend to a state of consciousness, even higher than that of the third Step, which allows us to contemplate all 'rooms in the Father's house' at once. We can compare this act of illumination with entry into a gigantic new Mandala which incorporates the numerous visions of the wholeness of the Universe (where the Buddhist Mandala for instance is only one of its constituents). Thus, the fourth Step on the Path of the Divine Rainbow combines, in one single act of illumination, the visions from Mount Meru (in the Buddhist tradition), Mount Kailas (in the Hindu tradition), Tifereth (in the Kabbalistic tradition), the High Mountain (in the Christian tradition), the Mountain of Truth (in the Islamic tradition), all contemplated together.

In the section The Holy City we developed a rich concept about the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem(#) with its twelve gates. Now on Step Four, we have to enter through the various gates of the Holy City and receive the initiations of the Divine Masters and their feminine counterparts. Thus, we will be crowned with many initiations.

So, the next stage in human evolution (after the second resurrection, achieved in Step Three) is to receive the Crown of Initiations. In principle, by ascending to the top of the Sacred Mountain through a particular path, we awaken our Divine Self and receive an initiation. All paths activate the same process of Divine awakening but they are based on different spiritual abilities acquired on the particular path. Therefore, in order to receive the crown of initiations and to contemplate the wholeness of the Kingdom of God, we have (based on the results of the second resurrection) to develop many new spiritual qualities related to the activation of the various celestial archetypes.

Penetration to the opposing, yet complementary, celestial archetypes quoted in The Holy City (the opening of the gates by the Divine Masters) requires the development of different, but complementary, spiritual abilities. For instance, in order to enter into the spiritual Universe through the microcosmic or macrocosmic gates, opened by The Enlightened One, Gautama Buddha(#) or The World Teacher, Beinsa Douno(#), we have, on the one hand, to develop the ability to focus on the smallest 'quantums of consciousness' (as in the initiation of Buddha), on the other hand to focus on every phenomenon as a product of a long evolution in time (as in the initiation of the Master Beinsa Douno). Thus, Step Four opens new horizons for human evolution by integrating the results of different spiritual paths in a qualitatively new type of enlightenment the Crown of Initiations.

On Step Four of the Nine Fold Rainbow Path we have to activate, harmonise and embrace all celestial archetypes of the initiations as living channels for the Divine substance (the Spirit of God). Then, the Divine Spirit reveals all mansions in the Kingdom of God and starts to shine with a myriad 'facts' of consciousness integrated in one supreme unity the absolute Truth of God and the multidimensional wholeness of Creation. This is the New Enlightenment which integrates all spiritual paths leading to the top of the Sacred Mountain and which reveals the colossal panorama of the Universe from many different perspectives. This is the New Enlightenment bestowed on us by Christ-Maitreya which illuminates the whole Kingdom of God and its many mansions.

The work on Step Four could be based on various types of Mandala meditation(#) and merging with the perfect bodies of all the Divine Masters and the personifications of the Divine Feminine. Thus we will start to build our own three perfect bodies (the physical, the celestial and the universal) and will become citizens of the Heavenly Jerusalem. It is even difficult to imagine a greater mystical school than the work on Step Four.

The one-year spiritual school(#) consecrated to the work on Step Four could be named an Initiatic School. Its main purpose will be to introduce us to the totality of the Kingdom of God and to initiate us into the New Enlightenment. The programme of the school will be based on the concept of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem(#).



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