Step One Exodus on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path requires developing the Right Understanding on all three levels of human life on Earth: the macrocosmic level, the socio-cultural level and the individual level. For this purpose we have to become aquainted with the whole three-fold structure of the Universe and to comprehend the essence of the human being as a micro-model of Creation.

By developing the Right Understanding on the macrocosmic level we will receive very clear and constructive answers to the main myths in the spiritual history of humankind; i.e. the Fall, the End of Time, the Judgement, the Second Coming, the Return of humankind to the Kingdom of God, the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and others. We have to transform these myths from just myths and legends into living knowledge and higher mental conceptions which awaken our super consciousness. These myths are like Divine archetypes printed in our souls which when understood properly become inspiring driving forces and lead us back to the higher worlds. Some preliminary knowledge of the essence of our time and its place in human history is given in the section The Messianic Plan.

On the socio-cultural level the Right Understanding requires the appreciation of the development of humankind as a gigantic socio-cultural organism living on a relatively small planet. Due to the technological revolution and to a dramatic increase in communication between all nations, every major event on Earth directly of indirectly effects all people. It is now evident from a spiritual perspective that we are approaching the crucial period in human evolution on Earth when the socio-cultural organism of humankind (and its civilisation) has to change in order to survive. For example, let us look at the dramatically imbalanced priorities of humankind. According to the Human Development Report 1998 by the UN, basic education for all people on Earth requires £4 billion, water and sanitation for all, £6 billion, basic health and nutrition, £9 billion, women's reproductive health, £8 billion, altogether £27 billion. This could provide the minimum requirements for life for the whole population on Earth. But, on the other hand, the annual expenditure on cigarettes only in Europe is £34½ billion, alcoholic drinks in Europe £72 billion, narcotic drugs in the world £276 billion, not to speak about the spending on weapons of mass destruction and military costs in the world which exceeds £538 billion.

In The Messianic Plan, The End of Time we emphasised the need for the spiritual rebirth of humankind in order to survive. The successful or unsuccessful rebirth of humankind depends on the outcome of the great apocalyptic battle between the light forces and the dark forces. The light forces are represented by the Divine Masters, the Divine Mother and all light beings in the celestial worlds. The dark forces are represented by the Lucifer, Ahriman and Antichrist energies. In one way or another, these four main streams of energy now determine the life of humankind. In almost all domains of human culture we can recognise these four types of energy engaging in an extremely dynamic and dramatic struggle. So on this socio-cultural level we have to develop the Right Understanding of the influence of these four types of energy and how they effect all main systems political, economic, cultural, educational, media, art, etc. - in the life of humankind.

For developing the Right Understanding on the individual level we have to turn our attention towards our own lives on Earth and answer many questions such as: Do we create harmonious and well developed structures in all the fields of our lives - family, profession, friends, religion, society and culture? Do we find the meaning and purpose of our lives here on Earth? Do we seek the truth about God, the Universe and the essence of our Being? And of course we have to analyse very carefully and thoroughly the influence of the four types of energy in all fields of our lives.

In order to begin our Exodus from the restricted earthly consciousness and to ascend to higher states of Being, we have to harmonise and balance all polarities in our lives. In other words, we have to find the middle way and neutralise the 'law of the pendulum' which keeps us swinging from one extreme to the other. Here we can recall the wisdom of the Middle Way proclaimed by Buddha. Before achieving nirvana, he tried many different practices but enlightenment came only when he renounced all extremes on the spiritual path and followed the Middle Way. Accordingly, in its Exodus to the higher spiritual worlds, humankind has to find a perfect, ideal balance and harmony between all polarities which comprise human life on Earth i.e. a balance between spiritual and material values, masculine and feminine energies, individual and collective work, inward and outward orientation, exoteric and esoteric activities, East and West, North and South in human civilisation, etc. Only then will humankind neutralise the 'law of the pendulum' (of shifting polarities) which keeps us anchored in earthly consciousness, and ascend to the heavenly worlds. One can imagine how subtle and delicate is the middle way in our journey on the Path of the Divine Rainbow and how all forms of fundamentalism, fanaticism and dogmatism on the one hand, and artificial delirium, drug abuses, and unhealthy, artificial euphoria on the other, need to be avoided.

After developing the Right Understanding on all three levels, our Exodus from the restricted material consciousness actually begins with the strong desire to return to the Kingdom of God and with the firm decision to follow the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path. By doing so the followers will start their spiritual journey and will find the meaning and purpose of their lives. Embarking on the Path, we must adopt some important spiritual values, principles, rules, regulations and commandments which will form the appropriate style of life for the Exodus. Some of them are described in the section Style of Life of the Followers.

Our Exodus from the earthly consciousness (caught between struggling polarities) is a process similar to the sprouting of a grain of wheat from the earthly soil. By harmonising the polarities and finding the middle way, we neutralise the 'law of the pendulum' and extinguish the power of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil within us; by developing the whole spectrum of human virtues and an appropriate style of life, we neutralise the negative effects of the 'law of karma'; by building the Right Understanding, we become able to pursue our sacred goals. As a result of all these achievements, as the grain of wheat sprouts from the dark earth into the light above, we 'sprout' from earthly consciousness into higher spiritual states of Being.

Through our interesting and inspiring work on Step One we will form an enthusiastic spiritual group ready for the journey on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path back to the higher levels of consciousness. After the group is ready we could easily imagine the one-year spiritual school, with its gatherings arranged appropriately for achieving the goals of Step One.

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