In the dense material world of conflicting polarities human life, ruled by the 'law of the pendulum', is pulled chaotically in all directions without any balance or harmony. But when we follow the middle way and harmonise the polarities, the 'law of the pendulum' no longer binds us. Then we are able to 'escape' and to go beyond our restricted earthly consciousness into the higher celestial realms. We can imagine human life determined by the polarised earthly consciousness as life within a 'cosmic-spiritual egg' with a hard solid shell kept intact by the opposing polarities. When we balance the polarities, the shell becomes lighter and lighter, and the dark egg-form transforms itself into a perfect, transparent sphere, which dissolves altogether into the higher reality. Metaphysically speaking, we are reborn from the dense earthly egg into Divine birds, able to fly all over the spiritual Universe.

In every spiritual tradition we have beautiful inspiring descriptions, visions and cosmologies of the higher worlds which come as a result of living experience and initiation. Their purpose is to encourage us in righteous living on Earth and to prepare us for ascent into the higher Divine worlds (while yet here on Earth or after 'passing over'). Now, however, the time has come for millions of people to make their conscious journey to the heavenly worlds led by the light of Christ-Maitreya. Moreover, we will have the task of bringing the Garden of Paradise down on Earth in order to experience the heavenly worlds here on Earth without any veil or restrictions. The reality of the Garden of Paradise will no longer be a 'post-life' experience, but rather the substance of our very joyful and creative life while here on Earth. Then life and death will be only different modes of Being without any loss of self-consciousness or self-identity. The coming of Christ-Maitreya inaugurates this great cosmic-spiritual cycle of Eternal Life, lived both on Earth and in Heaven, which simply takes different forms and manifestations.

Entry into the higher spiritual worlds requires a great psycho-physical transformation. Human beings have to undergo the process of the first resurrection ('rebirth in the Spirit'). In the first resurrection the human being is transformed from an earthly ego-personality into a heavenly soul (a 'psycho-soulful essence'). The inner 'spiritual senses', i.e. the mind and the heart, develop in the process of the blossoming of the soul and we begin to build the bodies of the higher intellect, higher emotions and higher will. The human being is then imbued with very fine, strong, yet delicate feelings; profound insight into the spiritual aspect of life is gained; the limitations and obstructions of the egocentric 'I' are overcome and the person starts to 'live for the whole'. Gradually this process leads to the realisation of the spiritual essence of the universe. Thus, the person enters into the spiritual cosmos, which is a multi-dimensional world of spiritual realities within new spatio-temporal co-ordinates.

With the blossoming of the soul, the human being no longer identifies solely with the physical body, but sees him/herself as a psycho-soulful essence (a part of the Universal Soul), consisting of spiritual colour rays of light and living celestial sounds in which the highest human virtues are manifested. After the first resurrection the human beings become able to express all Divine virtues hidden in their souls. Behind each of these virtues (such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, charity, faith, gentleness, humility, compassion, beauty and many others) lies a spiritual colour ray of Light emitted by the highest heavenly world. So, when a person develops the qualities which each Divine colour ray brings, his or her aura will contain all the spiritual colours of the Divine Rainbow.

With the first resurrection the human being becomes one with his or her soul, understands the spiritual nature of the Universe, creates new bodies of light, develops new abilities and finally enters into the celestial world of angels.

On this Step we have to unfold in full the path of the spiritual disciple who lives in the world but is not of the world and develops a new layer in his/her life i.e. gradually forming a new spiritual family, giving birth to spiritual children, creating a spiritual home, consuming spiritual food and 'living water', having spiritual work and friends ("closer than brothers"), etc. In other words the living soul, i.e. the spiritual disciple, has a completely new Divine quality of existence and develops a style of life (with its structures, relationships, thoughts, feelings and actions) in a completely different world than the contemporary culture. Of course the links with the existing world are numerous but it is only the soil from where the tree of new life, through its roots, takes all necessary elements for its spiritual growth in the celestial world.

When the reborn human beings, i.e. the soul beings, start to grow up from little children to spiritual adults (initiates) they find themselves in a great spiritual school of life, going from one level to another, i.e. primary, secondary, third level, learning many spiritual subjects (theoretically and practically) with appropriate tests, exams and even receiving "diplomas".

Obviously in order to achieve the goals of Step Two, the first resurrection, we have to develop an appropriate style of life. Some of the main aspects of the style of life of the spiritual disciple are described in Style of Life of the Spiritual Disciple.

In order to initiate the first resurrection the Second Coming Mission (using the pattern of the one-year spiritual school offers a great variety of spiritual activities such as inspired lectures, visionary talks, warm-hearted sharings, deep meditations, prayers, sacred dance and holy communions aimed at the blossoming of the human soul (the opening of the heart centre or anahata chakra in Hindu terminology) and 'sprouting' from the earthly material consciousness into the reality of the Garden of Paradise. Thus, the suggested one-year spiritual school becomes a school for prayer, meditation, sacred dance and spiritual rebirth.

A very special practice for the blossoming of the soul which the Second Coming Mission could offer is the sacred dance Paneurhythmy created by the great Bulgarian Master Beinsa Douno. The sacred dance Paneurhythmy helps us to honour the Earth as a beautiful cosmic being, the Sun as the Divine Solar Logos, the Elements as a materialisation of the cosmic-spiritual intelligence and Nature, with all its kingdoms of life, as a manifestation of Divine Creativity. During the dance we blossom as living souls, forming a warm-hearted spiritual community which enters into Divine relationship with all other kingdoms of life. Only by embracing these goals will we be able to start our ascent on the Rainbow Path to the higher spiritual worlds, entering into the Garden of Paradise as a state of consciousness.



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