The beautiful Divine Rainbow maps our ascent through the whole three-fold vertical structure of the Universe up to the Throne of God and our descent back to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The Divine Rainbow Path could be seen as a great arc consisting of nine segments. Each one of them is a big Step on the Path of the Divine Rainbow and covers a very large field of spiritual work under the guidance and blessing of Christ-Maitreya and the Divine Mother. So, as Buddha announced the Eight-Fold Path, now we can speak of the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path of Christ-Maitreya and the Divine Mother.

The Nine-Fold Rainbow Path emphasises the diversity in unity and pursues the initiations of all world religions as one of its main aims. It places special emphasis on the harmony between the process of ascending to the Kingdom of God and the process of descending to bring this celestial reality down on Earth. At the climax of the Rainbow Path is the Divine union between the universal masculine principle personified by Christ-Maitreya and the universal feminine principle manifested by the Divine Mother. This places the balance between these two universal principles at the foundation of the spiritual work.

The whole journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path can be compared with a climbing expedition to the Himalayas. The three-fold vertical structure of the Universe with its supramundane worlds and shining summits of initiation (that is, the states of consciousness reaching the highest Divine world symbolised by the Sacred Mountain) could be compared with the spiritual Himalayas. We have to climb these spiritual Himalayas i.e. to ascend through the whole vertical structure of the Universe to the top of the Sacred Mountain in order to reach 'the other side' and to enter into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. So, in a similar way as the climbers carefully prepare themselves for an expedition, then embark on the journey, build many camps before reaching the summit and after the conquest come back full of amazing experiences, the participants in the spiritual journey on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path have to prepare themselves thoroughly, make their Exodus from the restricted earthly consciousness, start the spiritual climbing Step by Step on the Path and after reaching the climax of the Divine Rainbow enter into the New Reality.

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