On Step Two the soul beings, living on earth as in a Garden of Paradise, eventually have to prepare themselves for climbing to the top of the Sacred Mountain and undergoing the second resurrection. We could compare the Garden of Paradise to a beautiful Divine Valley in the spiritual Himalayas. Then the highest Divine world (the causal cosmos according to the Hindu tradition, the world of Creation in Kabbalistic cosmology, or the world without forms in Buddhism) consists of majestic spiritual summits reaching the 'celestial sky' i.e. the foot of the Throne of God. At the centre of the spiritual Himalayas reigns a magnificent bright summit. This is the mythological Sacred Mountain. Each world religion names the central Divine summit differently but the essence is one and the same: it is the spiritual centre of the Universe, the peak of a very high state of consciousness from which we can contemplate the genesis and the wholeness of Creation.

In the Hindu tradition the spiritual centre of the Universe is represented by Mount Kailas a magnificent and legendary summit in the Himalayas with an altitude of more than 22,000 feet. The Buddhist tradition calls the Sacred Mountain Mount Meru which again is a symbol of the highest point in the spiritual Universe from where the whole of Creation can be contemplated. In the Hebrew tradition Mount Zion symbolises the spiritual core of the Universe, while the Middle Pillar in the Kabbalistic Tree fulfils the function of the vertical axis of Creation. In Christianity the great visions of St. John about the New Jerusalem, the Throne of God, and the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth were received 'on the top of a very high mountain' (Revelation 21:10). In the Islamic tradition the Sacred Mountain is called the Mountain of Truth and refers to the highest state of consciousness which grasps the essence of Creation.

So, the next gigantic step, Step Three, on the Rainbow Path leads us to the top of the shining, eternally white, awesome and mysterious Sacred Mountain. From the perspective of the three-fold vertical structure of the Universe we can say that the Sacred Mountain is at the centre of the highest Divine world (the causal cosmos, the world of creation, the world without forms). Ultimately, the purpose of the third Step is to ascend to this highest state of consciousness and to contemplate the whole three-fold vertical structure of the Universe. It is connected with our new, second, resurrection which is a complete awakening of the Divine Self within us and a cosmic-spiritual rebirth in the causal Universe. (The first resurrection was the blossoming of the human soul and the spiritual rebirth in the celestial realms, the Garden of Paradise). The second resurrection occurs when the heavenly born human being awakens his/her Divine Self within, opens completely all seven chakras, making them like shining stars and through them connecting with the whole vertical structure of the Universe.

During the second resurrection we are transformed into cosmic-spiritual beings. In the process of this second rebirth the physical body becomes completely illuminated and spiritualised. The higher emotional body develops into a body of Divine Love, the higher intellectual body develops into a body of Divine Wisdom and the higher will body develops into a body of Divine Will and Truth.

It is during this second resurrection that the human being ceases to identify even with the soul and unites with God. Since God is Love, God is Wisdom and God is Truth, the transfigured human being now becomes love of Love, wisdom of Wisdom and truth of Truth the essential characteristics and attributes of one who is a Son or Daughter of God. Thus, undergoing the second resurrection, the human being, by uniting with the Divine Spirit within, transcends even the world of angels and enters into the highest Divine World.

When we have undergone the second resurrection our existence extends to the whole three-fold vertical structure of the Universe: we live in the physical world with an illuminated physical body and personality, in the world of angels with a soul in full bloom, and in the highest Divine world with an awakened Divine Self. Thus we achieve the richness and fullness of our cosmic-spiritual wholeness and become micro-models of the Universe. The opening of the seven chakras is like the growth of the Universal Tree within the human being: the roots the physical body and the personality are in the physical world, the trunk the soul is in the angelic world and the crown the divine Self is in the highest Divine world. This is the Eternal Truth about the mystery of the human being revealed by Christianity, the Kabbalah and all other spiritual traditions.

The growth of the Universal Tree within the human being is synonymous with the ascent to the top of the Sacred Mountain. So, if from the Garden of Paradise we would like to climb to the top of the Sacred Mountain, we have to open all our seven centres and experience the whole vertical structure of the supramundane worlds.

In essence the opening of the seven centres (and undergoing the second resurrection) is the ultimate goal of every religion and constitutes its esoteric dimensions. In order to achieve the second resurrection reaching the top of the Sacred Mountain we have to choose the path of ascent of one or another tradition. Whatever the choice, on the Divine Rainbow Path it is important to have a clear understanding of the various paths to the top of the Sacred Mountain traced by the world religions.

By undergoing the second resurrection the soul beings awaken their Higher Divine Selves and transform the Path of the Soul into the Path of the Initiate - into a devoted 'celestial pilgrimage' of the Divine Spirit within. The style of life on the Path of the Initiate requires physical and moral purity, non-egotism, self denial, unconditional love, absolute truthfulness, life for the whole, vows and commitment to fulfil the Will of God, joining the Light forces and recognition and rejection of any kind of dark forces. The mystical pilgrimage is based on such principles as wholeness, holiness, balance between all polarities, spiritual creativity in contact with the Living God, integrity, planetary consciousness (i.e. thinking from the perspective of all humankind) and so on. Some of the main tasks which will determine the style of life of the Initiate are described in Style of Life of the Initiates.

The Mission could offer various paths of ascent to the top of the Sacred Mountain in accordance with the desires of the participants. They will constitute the one-year spiritual school consecrated to the goals of Step Three as an Esoteric School. For instance, if we decide to follow the Christian Path to the top of the High Mountain, then we could base the work on the seven Blessings of Christ given in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 2: 7,11,17,26-28; 3: 5,12,21). These blessings are like esoteric keys for the opening of the seven centres (chakras). Through work with these keys and receiving Christ's living Blessings, we can illuminate our chakras, become Christ-like beings and ultimately merge with Him. This initiatic journey will be our entry into the most esoteric stream in Christianity and ascending to the top of the Sacred Mountain.


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