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A Divine Revelation

The Book reveals the deep secrets of the Second Coming and describes the great Divine Plan for a New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind. It deciphers the myths of the End of Time, the Day of Judgment and the Return of humankind to the Kingdom of God where there are "many mansions" - the spiritual worlds of the various world religions.

The Book contains not only a completed metaphysical conception but also shows the Path to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. This is why it serves as a base for the Second Coming Integral Mission.



       1. THE MYTHS OF THE SECOND COMING ............ 3
  Christianity ............ 4
  Judaism ............ 6
  Islam ............ 7
  Zoroastrism ............ 9
  Buddhism ............ 10
  Hinduism ............ 12
  Other Spiritual traditions ............ 13


  The Essence of the First Coming ............ 17
  The Advent of the Second Coming and  Christ-Maitreya ............ 26
  The Glorious Path of the Divine Rainbow ............ 32


       1. Introduction   .......... 39
  Step One EXODUS .......... 44
  Step Two THE GARDEN OF PARADISE .......... 52
  Step Three THE SCARED MOUNTAIN .......... 61
  Step Four THE HOLY CITY .......... 75
  Step Five THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST-MAITREYA .......... 88
             The Second Coming of Christ .......... 93
             The Reappearance of St. John .......... 103
  Step Six THE GOSPEL OF THE DIVINE MOTHER .......... 113
  Step Seven THE TRANSFIGURATION OF THE EARTH .......... 130
  Step Eight THE NEW HEAVENLY CULTURE .......... 146
  Step Nine THE NEW GOLDEN AGE .......... 164
  Introduction .......... 179
  The spiritual legacy of the Master Peter Deunov .......... 183
  The Celestial constituents of Paneurhythmy .......... 188
  The Paneurhythmy - a New Type of Yoga for the Epoch of Aquarius .......... 201
  Meeting the dawn of the New Era .......... 212
       2. MANDALA OF THE HEAVENLY JERUSALEM .......... 215
  Metaphysical System of Co-ordinates .......... 216
  Symbolising the Initiations .......... 221
  Initiations at the Cardinal Points of the Mandala .......... 225
  Typology of the Initiations .......... 233
  Mandala Meditation .......... 244
       1. THE DAWN OF THE NEW WORLD RELIGION .......... 251
  The Third covenant .......... 253
  The New Gospel .......... 258
  The Third Testament .......... 263
       1. BIBLIOGRAPHY .......... 269
  Holy Scriptures and Initiatic Books .......... 270
  Sources .......... 271

The New Mythology 

The book deciphers the essence of the Messianic Plan, the Second Coming and the Divine Wedding. Through the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem it introduces the main features of the coming reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth (i.e. the Kingdom of God with its "many mansions"). The book also shows the Path (the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path) to the Kingdom of God and how to bring this celestial reality on Earth. In fact, with all its new spiritual substance the book introduces a new religious paradigm and develops a new mythology in the spiritual life of humankind. Let us give a few examples.


In the Section The Holy City we briefly introduce the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Similar to the Buddhist Mandala the initiations at the four cardinal points (and all others) can be presented in a symbolic form through different spiritual characteristics such as universal direction, earthly manifestation of the Divine Spirit, feminine counterpart, element, colour, posture and others. In order to describe the essence of the initiations at the cardinal points of all three circles of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem (the outer, inner and inmost circles), however we have to introduce many more spiritual characteristics and concepts:

cosmic phase, universal principle, mission, view of earthly life, type of transcendence, spiritual practice, model of the universe, structure of creation, spiritual transformation of the human being, symbol of initiation, sublime state of consciousness, ultimate reality.

Then, with the help of all these spiritual characteristics and concepts, we can model the initiations of Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Beinsa Douno and many others.

In Buddhism the Vajrayana tradition, or the Diamond Vehicle, is an esoteric tradition, the initiation ceremonies of which involve entry into a mandala, a mystic circle or symbolic map of the spiritual universe.

Similarly, with the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem we have something like a new Vajrayana which provides a basis for receiving the initiations of the world religions.

At the same time the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem serves as a basis for the integration of all religions showing their unique place and importance in the spiritual life of humankind. It is easy to imagine the enormous amount of metaphysical ideas, archetypes and spiritual structures related to the various initiations and their interconnection within the system of co-ordinates of the celestial Mandala.

Thus the new Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem is a gigantic step towards the coming new integrative mythology in the spiritual life of humankind.

In the Conclusion of the book Leon Moscona introduces some important features of the emerging New World Religion based upon the conception of the Second Coming and the Nine Fold Rainbow Path. The New World Religion however comes not to replace the existing religions but to rejuvenate and reinforce them. Actually, it is not a religion at all in the contemporary meaning of the word it is a style and quality of life in Divine Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom and Truth, establishing the reality of the Kingdom of God down on Earth. The New World Religion will fulfil the promises of all Divine Master in the spiritual history of humankind so that "we may live where they are".

The New World Religion will be the religion of humankind's resurrection and its immortal life in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. By bringing to completion the metahistorical cycle of humanity's spiritual life on Earth, initiated by the first coming of the Masters, the New World Religion will resurrect all the 'righteous spiritual deeds' of the faithful from the various traditions through the centuries. In principle, we cannot complete this metahistorical cycle without appreciating the historical evolution of the spiritual traditions which build the various Temples in the Heavenly Jerusalem. So, when the Temples in the Holy City are revealed in their wholeness by the Second Coming of the Masters we are actually resurrecting the spiritual life of humankind throughout all its history on Earth. In a similar way as in the New Jerusalem there is no need for a temple because the Lord God Almighty is its Temple (Revelation 21:22), in the new evolutionary stage of humankind (after its rebirth at the End of Time) the religion will be a harmonious life in the Kingdom of God on Earth with all the temples of the religions widely open. In this respect the book introduces many important feature of the new paradigm of humanity's religious life in the coming new epoch.


The Path of the Divine Rainbow, which Christ-Maitreya reveals, is a well-articulated and precise spiritual path which has been given for our epoch. Two thousand five hundred years ago Gautama Buddha announced the four Noble Truths and revealed the Eight-fold Path leading towards Enlightenment. In His first coming, Jesus Christ made manifest the mystery of Resurrection and turned the wheel of human evolution. Both Divine Masters showed the way of Love, Wisdom and Truth for every human being. Now, in our time, Christ-Maitreya inaugurates the Path of the Divine Rainbow for the return of humankind back to Heaven. This Path is for humankind as a whole who, acting as an integrated entity, can transform not only itself but the Earth as well. Thus, just as Buddha announced the Eight-fold Path, now we can speak of the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path of Christ-Maitreya. If we consider Steps Five and Six as two sides (the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine) of the same mystery, then the Nine Fold Rainbow Path is in essence an Eight-fold Rainbow Path which corresponds to the Eight Steps of Yoga in Hinduism and the Eight-fold Path in Buddhism, given for our epoch. This is why we could consider the Rainbow Path as the integrative new Eight-Fold Path bestowed on us by the Second Coming of the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother.

The path of the Divine Rainbow is not only a poetic symbolic image but is in fact something much more: a column of living Rainbow Light stretching through the whole vertical structure of Creation and constituting its very existence. This Divine Rainbow, which radiates from the Throne of God, is a revelation about the mystery of the Universe and a blessing from the Living God for eternal Life, Divine Love, endless Wisdom and ultimate Truth. The creative Divine Rainbow constitutes the whole of Creation as a magnificent Divine Temple and forms a dome of light within it.

Furthermore, this Divine Rainbow (i.e. the metaphysical Rainbow of the living Light which contains the secrets of the whole vertical structure of the Universe) traces our path of ascension up to the Throne of God and down to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. In almost every spiritual tradition we can find myths and legends which depict the arc of the physical rainbow as a dream-path for ascent to Heaven. The emerging of the Divine Rainbow Path will transform these legends and myths into a reality. It is the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path which leads us to the highest Divine world. We can compare this Rainbow with a gigantic cosmic-spiritual ladder which marks the steps of humankind's ascent to the Kingdom of God. Each one of these steps is an enormously vast domain for spiritual work leading to transformation, illumination and transfiguration. In other words the Divine Rainbow is both the Path itself and the living Light on the Path. This is why the Rainbow Path is, on the one hand, a very inspiring, exciting and delightful image, but, on the other hand, an actual, constructive and creative Path full of endless spiritual potential.

The Rainbow Path confirms the presence of God in the life of humankind. The living Colour Rays of the Divine Rainbow are the very substance of the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. This reality in essence is woven by the myriad of configurations of the Colour Rays. Thus, the Rainbow Path is the fulfilment of the cherished dreams of all Masters, Saints and Prophets who anticipated the time when the Lord God Almighty Himself and the Divine Mother would live with their people forever. The followers of the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path could be called 'Rainbow People on Earth'. For them the metaphysical Rainbow will become a sign of the ultimate Truth of Creation and a blessing for immortal life.


In essence the Divine Rainbow Path is the Path of the Initiate (Adept, Saint, Prophet). The most essential and organic aspect of the Path of the Initiate is the mystery of co-creation with God. Adam and Eve were beloved children of God but not co-creators with Him. The new Adam and the New Eve, that is the new human race, will be sons and daughters of God who will co-create with Him in order to bring the celestial reality down on Earth. They will live in all levels of the Universe as in a new celestial home. Maturing from little children of God, as Adam and Eve were, they will become youthful cosmic-spiritual beings full of power, love, joy, wisdom and truth, participating in the celestial work of their Divine Father-Mother.

When the book is read carefully and properly understood, it activates our spiritual journey on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path and acts like an invitation to the Divine Wedding in Heaven (Revelation 19: 5-9). In essence the participation in the feast of the Divine Wedding is co-creation with God in bringing the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth into existence for humankind. Co-creation with God is the highest possible state of the human being on Earth which comes now for the first time. Co-creation with God comes after the first resurrection (the goal of Step Two) which aims at our ascent into the celestial worlds), after the second resurrection (the goal of Step Three) which leads us to the highest Divine world) and after receiving the crown of initiations (the goal of Step Four) which makes us immortal citizens of the Holy City). This new stage in our evolution will help us to develop the highest Divine qualities, abilities and virtues of Sons and Daughters of God who participate actively in the evolution of the Universe. Co-creation with God will help us to build ourselves as Divine Temples where the Divine Spirit will remain forever.

Jesus Christ said about His work: The Son can do nothing on his own; he does only what he sees his Father doing. What the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. (John 5:19-20). In a similar way we could say about our co-creative work with God that the universal consciousness of Christ-Maitreya lives in us and we are doing what we see from Him. Thus if the first coming of the Divine Masters revealed the mystery of the first and second resurrections, their Second Coming (through the Nine Fold Rainbow Path) will bless us with two qualitatively new stages of human evolution on Earth the Crown of Initiations and Co-creation with God. The Crown of Initiations introduces us to the totality of the Kingdom of God, while co-creation with God initiates us into the celestial task of bringing the reality of the Kingdom of God down on Earth and building ourselves as Divine Temples.

Co-creation with God requires meeting the Second Coming of the Divine Masters, merging with their Universal Bodies and Holy Communion with the Divine Mother. Then the human being will be able to unfold a divinely inspired work in all three levels of Creation (the microcosmic level, the socio-cultural cosmos of contemporary civilisation and the macrocosmic level of the New Heaven and the New Earth).

We could summarise that the new spiritual civilisation on Earth will be established by human beings living for the whole, who are undergoing (or underwent) the first and second resurrection, receiving the Crown of Initiations and becoming co-creators with God. They will form the core of the new human race on Earth and will transform the Earth itself with all its kingdoms of life into a Garden of Paradise.


It is the Divine Wedding between the universal masculine and feminine principles, between our Divine Father and Divine Mother, which gives birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. We could name this apocalyptic process the New Genesis. It is important to emphasise that the New Genesis takes place now, in the actual, dynamic, creative present, moving towards the future of God's activity. According to Genesis, the opening book of the Bible, human beings appear on the sixth day after the Heaven and the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and all plant and animal life on Earth were created this is to say, the Divine Genesis had already actually happened and was in the past in relation to the creation of human beings. Now we are invited by God to witness the Genesis of the New Heaven and the New Earth, and not only to witness, but to collaborate and co-create with God.

So, the emerging New World Religion will initiate us into the mystery of the New Genesis and will put us in a different position in relation to Creation at the very heart of God's creativity, in His/Her Divine demiurgic present. This shift from the static, crystallised, well-established Universe to a dynamic Universe in constant re-creation is a staggering phenomenon which will dramatically change the conceptions and the approach to God in the existing world religions.

Moreover, the actual participation in the New Genesis will transform the relationship of humankind with the Earth and all kingdoms of life on it. According to Genesis which opens the Old Testament and gives the account of the First Covenant, when God created human beings, 'He put them in command of all living creatures on Earth' (Genesis 1:28). After the flood, He even told Noah that 'all the animals, birds and fish will live in fear of you' (Genesis 9:2). Now, however, in the New Genesis, human beings are invited to become collaborators and co-creators with God and the Divine Mother and as such will become friends, helpers and caretakers of the kingdoms of life on Earth. In the new epoch, the Divine task of humankind is to transform the Earth into a Garden of Paradise and to bring the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms to a new level of evolution. In fulfilling this Divine task, humankind will establish a completely different type of relationship with the Earth and Nature and will become a major factor in their future spiritual evolution. Only by establishing this new type of relationship will humankind accomplish its ultimate Divine function of mediating between God and the Earth with all kingdoms of life on it, as was envisaged from the beginning of time when God created human beings in 'His own image'. So, this Divine mediatorship is one of the most important and inspiring goals in our spiritual evolution.


It is very important to understand the essence of the new religious paradigm which changes the intellectual, ideological framework of the world religions into an integral Teaching about life in the Kingdom of God. In the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth the conceptions and ideologies of the existing world religions will become living experience we will move from intellectual reflections and occasional communions with God through the Divine Masters to a complete life in the reality of the Kingdom of God. We can compare this shift in the life of humankind with the opposite shift which occurred in the time of Plato. One of the greatest initiates and philosophers of his time, Plato translated the mythological reality of the ancient Greek mysteries into the language of philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, gnoceology and so on. In other words, he took the living practice of the mysteries, and while keeping something of their essence, presented them transformed into intellectual conceptions. It is not surprising then, that he compared the life of human beings to life at the bottom of a cave where the dazzling light of the higher worlds of Divine ideas comes through only as shadows.

Now humankind will move in the opposite direction: from the abstract reality of philosophy, ideology, religion, ethics, aesthetics, etc., back to the reality of living mysteries, a movement which will be initiated by the new creative impulse of God. So, if Plato translated the Greek mythology into the language of philosophy and ideology, now humankind will move from the reality of contemporary philosophy, ideology and religion to the new living mythology of the Second Coming which integrates the mysteries of all spiritual traditions. Thus, humankind will ascend from the 'bottom of the cave' to the transcendental world of Divine ideas.

With the ascent of human consciousness to the reality of the new living mythology, the two main streams of time the historical, as a chain of actual events, and the mythological, as an expectancy of the return to the Kingdom of God, will merge. The myths and legends about the Second Coming will become occurring spiritual events, while the sacred books and prophecies will provide plans and scenarios for action (as we could interpret for example The Book of Revelation). Thus the mythologies in all spiritual traditions will be activated and will introduce us to an immense field for spiritual work.


The Advent of the Second Coming and the entry into the epoch of the New Golden Age change the whole concept of history. In fact, Hebrew monotheism, with the conception of the fall and the expectation of the Messiah to bring the people back to the Kingdom of God opened the historical dimension in the life of human society. History then becomes a chain of events that derive their meaning from the expected Future the coming of the Messiah and the accomplishment of His Mission at the End of Time (i.e. the end of life in the restricted earthly material consciousness). This is why the event of the Second Coming is so significant metaphysically it changes the whole conception of history.

The Messianic conception of history can be compared with the conceptions of Time in other spiritual traditions. For instance, Time in the Hindu tradition is measured from the mythological past that is the last Golden Age, in comparison with which humankind lives in illusion, maya, error and simply has to return to its original blissful state of consciousness. The conception of Time in another great spiritual tradition, the Chinese one, is related to the dynamic, cyclic present the repeating cycles in Nature, in human life, in the Yin and Yang polarities of Tao, where there is neither past nor future, but only an eternal cyclic present. In the context of these two archetypes of Time, we could define the European tradition as a conception of Time measured by the Messianic future.

With the Advent of the Second Coming, the whole conception of Time, History, Involution, Evolution and Progress will change dramatically. Humankind will go beyond this historical paradigm because it will reach the New Golden Age (so, there is no need to look at the past as was the case in the Hindu tradition), it will follow the new spiralling cycle of the spiritual year in the Kingdom of God (so, there is no need to look at the repeating cyclic present as is the case in the Chinese tradition), and it will become able to co-create with God (so, there is no need to look at the expected future because all Divine Masters, God Himself and the Divine Mother will live with humankind forever). Thus humankind will enter into a qualitatively new stage of development, passing from earthly evolution to evolution in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

We could summarise that the book, containing so many new insights and revelations, is like a spiritual programme for the New Millennium. It is a plan and scenario for celestial action on Earth which will initiate a new spiritual story. It is an invitation to follow the Cosmic Christ-Maitreya and to participate in the feast of the Divine Wedding in Heaven.

The book is a programme for spiritual development and a guide on the Path of ascension to the highest states of consciousness. It proclaims the New World Order and reveals the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The book is like a credo, a manifesto for the dawning New World Religion and brings the living seeds of a new philosophy, cosmology and mythology.


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