A beautiful legend has it that at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold. At the end of the Path of the Divine Rainbow we will find the New Golden Age. The Rainbow Path leads from the material world of struggling polarities to the reality of the Kingdom of God.

As a result of the successful journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, we will have harmonised and balanced the main polarities which constitute our life on Earth. We will have achieved a subtle dynamic balance between spiritual and material values, masculine and feminine energies, individual and collective work, inner and outer orientation, exoteric and esoteric activities, East and West, North and South in human civilisation and so on. Thus, we will ascend to the higher celestial world where the 'law of the pendulum' will not have power over us any more.

Having harmonised the polarities, we will join in the feast of the Divine Wedding in Heaven.  Then we could see the creative ideal balance between all polarities through the prism of the marriage between the universal masculine principle (the active, subjective, radiating, Sun-principle) and the universal feminine principle (the reflective, objective, manifesting, Moon-principle). In the reality of this Union the life of humankind will take a new direction of evolution.

The harmony and balance between the polarities will enable us to enjoy the spiritual fruits of all Trees in the Garden of Paradise. In the highest Divine world we will enjoy and appreciate completely the Tree of Life which grows on each side of the river in the New Jerusalem and bears fruit twelve times a year (Revelation 22:1-2). The fruit which the Tree of Life bears twelve times a year, once each month, refers to life in the Kingdom of God, according to the twelve signs of the cosmic-spiritual Zodiac. In Step Four we discussed the symbolism of the twelve gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem, three in each mythological direction, which refers to the different spiritual traditions in human history, originating in one or another epoch (or cosmic-spiritual 'season'). According to the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem the twelve gates are like twelve signs of the cosmic-spiritual Zodiac, or twelve channels of cosmic-spiritual energy, directing the spiritual work in an inward or outward direction, upward or downward, towards the objective or subjective reality, towards the microcosmic or macrocosmic levels of Being. The Tree of Life bearing fruit twelve times a year signifies a balanced and harmonious sequencing of all the different directions of spiritual work. As a result we have numerous initiations into different 'seasonal models' of the Universe.

 Here it is important to mark the difference between the cosmic-spiritual 'seasons' as great epochs in human history and the cosmic-spiritual 'seasons' of the celestial Zodiac as different channels of energy related to the spiritual life of humankind in the Kingdom of God. In the first case, we deal with the great 'cosmic-spiritual year' in human history which encompasses all historical epochs coming one after another in time. In the second, we deal with the earthly year of human life in the epoch of the New Golden Age, influenced by the heavenly energy of the celestial Zodiac. In other words, the cosmic-spiritual year refers to the whole of human history; the spiritual year of human life in the Kingdom of God refers to a calendar year, which integrates the seasons in Nature, the 'psychological seasons' interpreted as astrological signs and the 'cosmic-spiritual seasons' of the Divine Sun blessing us each 'month' with different subtle energies for initiation.

Fortunately, when humankind reaches the higher states of consciousness which correspond to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, it will not descend back to the world of struggling polarities. The dramatic metahistorical cycle of human involution after the Fall will not be repeated again. Instead of descending into the dark earthly life of struggling polarities, humankind will continue its ascent from Light to Light and from Wisdom to Wisdom, continuously deepening its spiritual experience within the initiatic cycle of the cosmic-spiritual Zodiac.

In the language of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem we could say that the evolution of humankind will shift from the outer circle of the Mandala (i.e. the metahistorical cycle of the various epochs of involution and evolution) to the inner initiatic circle (which is formed by the Gates of initiations of the Heavenly Jerusalem and will become the structure of the spiritual year in the Kingdom of God). Thus the painful metahistorical cycle of humankind's involution into the world of struggling polarities will be replaced by the joyful initiatic cycle of the celestial year in the New Golden Age. The principle of polarities also lies at the foundation of this initiatic cycle, but here the polarities are in great harmony, balance and mutual projection. These polarities are the polarities of the initiations which give all the fruits in the spiritual Universe. For instance, by ascending to the higher levels of Being or descending back to bring the spiritual impulses into the material world, by going inward to the depths of our souls or outward to the multidimensional expanse of Creation, by penetrating into the spiritual microcosmos or into the spiritual macrocosmos, we will enjoy the Divine fruits of many different initiations. So, humankind will go year after year, decade after decade and century after century along the initiatic cycle of the cosmic-spiritual Zodiac (the circle of the twelve gates in the Heavenly Jerusalem) deepening its knowledge of the mysteries in Creation and raising its state of consciousness higher and higher. Thus, the initiatic inner circle of the Mandala will become the basis for the spiral of humankind's new evolution in the celestial worlds.

The main aims of Step Nine are to model our style of life in the reality of harmonised polarities and to form the structure of the spiritual year which 'brings fruit twelve times a year'. The formation of the new harmonious style of life is a very subtle spiritual task which requires changing our whole stream of life with its values, motivations, principles and attitudes. In this new style of life we have to implement the results of our journey through all previous Steps on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path. At the beginning of the Path, in Step One, we are discussing the most appropriate style of life, but for the journey which lies ahead. In Step Nine we have to recapitulate on the spiritual results of the journey and form a harmonious style of life which will allow us to live in the higher worlds of balanced polarities. When we make Step Nine the beginning of a new Rainbow journey, we will then implement the results from the previous one in an appropriate style of life for the next journey and so on, journey after journey on the Divine Rainbow Path. Truly, there is no end to our spiritual growth on the Divine Rainbow Path and our celestial evolution on the spiral of the initiatic cycle of the Mandala.

As to the one-year spiritual school  on Step Nine, we could call it a School for Celestial Life on Earth. This school will have two main tasks: a) to model the style of life in the Kingdom of God on Earth which will be established in the epoch of the New Golden Age; b) to integrate the results of the journeys on all previous Steps and to give the impulse for a new unfoldment of Rainbow journeys.

The programme of the School for Celestial Life on Earth, with regard to the task of recapitulating on the results of the previous Steps and opening a new cycle, will depend on the participants, on their spiritual achievements over the years and on many other circumstances. There are a great variety of models of journeys on the Rainbow Path which can be experienced and experimented with within the structure of the spiritual year. So, the final choice of a particular model of Step Nine has to follow the pattern of the journeys from the previous Steps. Whatever the choice, it will provide a living experience of the New Golden Age in the life of humankind.

Let us summarise. By gathering spiritual fruit from the Tree of Life twelve times a year, humankind will ascend, year after year, circle after circle, on the spiral of its glorious evolution in the higher celestial levels of Being. Human beings will go from one Rainbow-journey to another, each subsequent Rainbow-journey will reach higher levels of consciousness and will go deeper into the material world, implementing the Divine impulses. As a result, we will have cycles of Rainbow-journeys and cycles of spiritual years (in mutual projection and organic interconnection) which will set in motion The Great Wheel of Immortal Life in the Kingdom of God. Then the prophetic words of St. John will become a reality:

'The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be written on their foreheads. There shall be no more night, and they will not need lamps or sunlight, because the Lord God will be their light, and they will rule as kings for ever and ever.' (Revelation 22: 3-5)

This will be the fulfilment of our cherished dream to live on Earth as Sons and Daughters of our Divine Father/Mother forever.

The Nine-Fold Rainbow Path is a great metaphysical journey. It is the exodus of contemporary humankind from its restricted earthly consciousness, with all its attendant ills, up to the reality of the Kingdom of God. As Moses led the Exodus of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land, now the whole of humankind will be led by Christ-Maitreya and the Divine Mother to the Divine Kingdom of eternal Peace, Love, Freedom, Wisdom and Truth. The new Exodus will begin to happen in our historical epoch for humankind as a whole. It will be the great act of ascension initiated by the Second Coming of the Divine Masters and the act of integrating all spiritual paths and traditions in the wholeness of the Kingdom of God.

Initially we could start the Path from any spiritual tradition but as the journey goes on, especially after the third Step, we have to embrace all other paths as an organic part of our continuing spiritual ascent. The cherished aim of the integration of all spiritual traditions gives a special fragrance to the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path and opens new dimensions of mystical experience.

The ultimate goal of the Rainbow Path is to merge with the Living God,
who through Christ-Maitreya and the Divine Mother re-creates the whole world.

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