The Divine Action


The great Bulgarian Spiritual Master Beinsa Douno gives an amazing apocalyptic picture of the Divine Action for the realisation of the Testament of Truth and the event of the Second Coming: 

  The great Divine Masters of the Universal Brotherhood, who guide the entire cosmos, after the completion of each evolution, create new waves of evolution following another plan and another rhythm. 

Under the guidance of their mighty spirits, the advanced spirits who created the solar systems, including our own, at one time descended from the highest peaks of creation.  They also created and organised the primal "cosmic" earth what was once "paradise".  On that "cosmic earth" still live those perfected forefathers of men who completed their evolution.  They are the great ancestors of humanity.

Those creators of the past, those great ancestors, again today, descend to our earth.  And they will transform it into a paradise.  Together with them will come those 144,000 souls spoken of in Revelation and among whom there will be representatives of all past and present nations.  All saints, adepts and Masters from time immemorial will come.  They will activate, with their mighty spirits, all awakened souls from the four corners of the earth and all together they will establish the perfect order and harmony in the world.   After finishing their task, they will withdraw and leave humanity to live and work under the new conditions.  Thus, the communication between the visible and invisible worlds will be restored.

This is the way in which the Great Universal Brotherhood has worked, works now, and will work in the world.

And it will work until the one Love, the one Wisdom and the one Truth envelop all of creation.

Then every living thing will praise God in sacred peace and harmony.

(Beinsa Douno, The Master Speaks, Alpha-Dar 1998, page 137)

In the apocalyptic vision, which the Master Beinsa Douno depicts, the Divine Action activates all three worlds in Creation (the earthly, celestial and Divine) and integrates the past, the present and the future in the history of humankind.

From a mythological point of view our contemporary human culture is like the Babylonian civilisation, which is described in the Book of revelation with all its ills and its inevitable collapse (Chapter 18).  The purpose of the Divine Action is to replace the present Babylonian civilization with the New Jerusalem civilisation envisaged so powerfully and inspiringly in Chapters 21, 22 of the Book of Revelation!  The developing of this new civilisation is the key to humankind's survival in the long term and to the fulfilment of its Divine purpose predestined from the beginning of Time.

In this section we are including material connected with the unfolding of the Divine Action: Newsletter 2005 - The New Rila Mysteries, Newsletter 2012 - Keys to the Kingdom of God on Earth and three spiritual documents: The New Spiritual Paradigm, The Testament of Truth Movement, The Spiritual Council of Humankind. They are addressed to the people with ennobled personalities, to the awakening souls from the four corners of the Earth and initiates of all world religions.

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