There in heaven was a throne with someone sitting on it. His face gleamed like such precious stones as jasper and carnelian, and all around the throne there was a rainbow the colour of an emerald. 
(Revelation 4: 3)  

In order to respond positively to the cosmic challenge of the raising vibrations, we have to start our Exodus from the dense material consciousness, influenced by the Lucifer, Ahriman and Antichrist energies, towards the Origin of Being. In the previously quoted Kabbalistic Scheme by Halevi in subsection two, The Spiritual Return, the Path goes through the Lesser Mysteries: Schools of the Soul to the Great Mysteries: Schools of the Spirit. This Path is well known and traced in all world religions. The most appropriate format for our time is the Nine-fold Rainbow Path. 

The Steps of the Divine Rainbow Path are organically connected to the three-fold structure of the Universe and to the essence of the human being, created in the image and likeness of God, as a micro-model of Creation. Each Step on the Path embraces a vast realm of spiritual work and requires a great variety of methods, techniques and spiritual practices for achieving its goals.  In its entirety the Path of the Divine Rainbow is a well-defined and precise spiritual Path which has been given for our epoch. 

The journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path begins with building the Right Understanding, creating an appropriate style of life and making our Exodus from the restricted material consciousness (Step One, Exodus). The next Step is ascent to the second world of the three-fold structure of Creation (i.e. to the celestial world), and spiritual rebirth as celestial souls (Step Two, The Garden of Paradise). The Third Step, The Sacred Mountain, leads to the highest Divine world of the three-fold structure of Creation and to the spiritual centre of the Universe from the perspective of one or another world religion. From there we can experience the mystery of Creation and embrace its whole vertical structure.  This Step brings our second rebirth – the awakening of our Divine Self. From the highest point, at the Centre of the Universe, we can contemplate all rooms in the Father's House – i.e. the great variety of spiritual worlds which have been revealed by the different religions (Step Four, The Holy City). Above the highest Divine world is the 'Throne of God', the Absolute Origin of Being, which is manifested by the Holy Trinity. The Fifth and Sixth Steps are consecrated respectively to the Mysteries of the Universal Spirit – the active, subjective, masculine Divine principle – and to the Mysteries of the Universal Feminine – the receptive, objective, feminine Divine principle. The Universal Spirit and the Universal Feminine are in eternal Divine Union, and now this Union brings forth the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The Fifth and the Sixth Steps constitute the climax of the Divine Rainbow and are the culmination of the Rainbow Path.  But, while the Fifth Step crowns the first act of the Drama of the transformation of humankind – our ascent to the celestial reality of the Kingdom of God – the Sixth Step opens the second act of this Drama – our descent back to the Earth with the task of bringing the reality of the Kingdom of God down on Earth.  Thus, the Seventh Step of the Divine Rainbow Path is The Transfiguration of the Earth, while the Eighth Step is Transformation of the Earthly Culture into a Celestial Culture.  Finally, as we establish our new celestial style of life which bears fruit twelve times a year  (Revelation 22: 2), we reach the end of the Divine Rainbow, the Ninth Step, and enjoy the New Golden Age. 

The steps on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path are presented in the web site section The Rainbow Path. In my print book The Second Coming [page 39-178] and in the eBook The Path of the Divine Rainbow, however, the steps on the Path are described in much more detail. Over the past fifteen years I have given many lectures, talks and seminars consecrated to the Rainbow Path, the Path that leads to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and helps us to bring this celestial reality down on Earth.  

The Steps on the Path are not crystallised and encapsulated within themselves. In fact, each Step projects itself onto all others and all others are projected onto it. This holistic principle opens endless possibilities for mutual projections and for the unfolding of each Step through the prism of the whole Rainbow Path. As a result, we could go deeper and deeper into the essence of every Step experiencing through it the richness of all others.  
On this important holistic principle the whole Nine-Fold Rainbow Path is built and this principle directs the spiritual activities of its followers. From this perspective, the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path is open for everyone, but, of course, the participants will receive in accordance with their level of spiritual development and commitment.

Here I could compare the journey on the Nine-Fold Path of the Divine Rainbow to a climber's expedition in the Himalayas. From this perspective, the vast portion of humankind will stay in the ‘base camp’; the advanced spiritual people (in their thousands and millions) will build the intermediary camps, while the Initiates (in their hundreds and thousands) will climb to the summit.  In all cases however humankind will act as a whole and the success, even of a group of people, will come as the result of the activity of the whole of humankind and will bring fruit for everyone.

The journey on the Rainbow Path requires an appropriate style of life. The Path stretches through the whole vertical structure of the universe helping us to undergo the First and Second Resurrections, bringing us to the Holy City and helping us to merge with the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Mother. Obviously on each Step of the Path we have to have a suitable style of life in order to achieve its goals. 

In general we could distinguish three types of style of life - the Followers, the spiritual Disciples and the Initiates. From the perspective of the three-fold structure of the universe the first level corresponds to the people living righteously in the earthly material world and preparing themselves for the spiritual climb; the second level corresponds to the people who are undergoing the first resurrection, experiencing the second celestial world and preparing themselves for the second resurrection; then the third level corresponds to people who have reached the third, highest divine world and are preparing themselves for a mission on Earth. Some important spiritual values, principles, rules and regulations for each one of the levels are given in the section The Mission, Style of Life. The style of life of the Followers, the spiritual Disciples and the Initiates are different but all of them form one great spiritual community. In this respect the journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path will provide appropriate forms of spiritual activity substantiating the style of life of the different groups but at the same time will integrate them in the Divine Plan for the spiritual ascend of humankind.


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