Then the one who sits on the throne said, "And now I make all things new!" (Revelation 21: 5)

Many predictions and prophecies from the world religions indicate that our time is the epoch of the End of Time, the Day of Judgment and the Second Coming. The End of Time (or the End of the World) is a metaphorical term for the end of the life of humankind in its restricted, earthly consciousness and its rising with a new cosmic-spiritual consciousness into the higher celestial realms. Now is the End of Time because for the first time in known history humankind has become an enormous integrated socio-cultural organism, living on a ‘small planet’. It is clear that it has to change and be reborn like the Phoenix bird in order to fly to the higher spiritual worlds. Without a cultural and spiritual rebirth it could face a chain of devastating wars, ecological disasters and ultimately self-destruction. With regard to this change all spiritual traditions speak about the big choice, the moment of truth at the End of Time and the Day of Judgment. 

It is difficult to imagine a more crucial and responsible time for humankind within the whole Indo-European cycle than our present epoch. Our epoch is the critical stage of human evolution on Earth. Depending on the choice of humankind as a whole, the result will be either spiritual resurrection and entry into the new cycle of evolution, or human catastrophe and starting the evolutionary process all over again (as in the case of Atlantis). Metaphorically speaking, humankind as a whole will enter either into the 'black hole' of collapse, or into the ‘white source of Light’ giving birth to a New Humankind living in a New Heaven and New Earth. 

So, the great Indo-European cycle in the life of humankind, which has lasted for more than ten thousand years, is closing and a new majestic cycle of Divine Evolution is beginning. For this critical period of human history St. John prophesised:Then the one who sits on the throne said, "And now I make all things new!"

This New Genesis is one of the greatest mysteries of our time – the recreation of the world by the Lord God Almighty. We can compare this process to a great spiritual 'big bang' which changes the metaphysics of the world. The physical 'big bang' gave birth to the material universe; the new spiritual 'big bang' ignited by God gives birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is a 'New Genesis' in which life in the whole Universe takes a new direction.
God "makes all things new" through a majestic Divine Action which has been in preparation for hundreds and thousands of years.  In this action the whole spiritual hierarchy of the Divine Masters, manifestations of the Divine Feminine, archangels, angels and myriads of light beings participate. For this action many Holy Scriptures and Initiatic Books elaborate. 

The New Genesis is a staggering New Enlightenment which contains the essence of the great spiritual teachings from the past, the keys to the present apocalyptic re-creation of the world and the living seeds for the coming New Reality:
  • The past is the concluding the Indo-European cycle - by opening the Book of the Living and gathering the fruits from the outgoing cycle (i.e. the initiations in the spiritual history of humankind); 
  • The present is the transition to the New Cycle of Existence (through The Fall of Babylon, The Wedding Feast of the Lamb, The Rider on the White Horse, The Thousand Years Kingdom of Christ, The Defeat of Satan and The Day of Resurrection and Judgement);
  • The future is the coming New Reality, described in the prophecies of St. John from the last two Chapters of the Book of Revelation (The New Heaven and the New Earth, The New Jerusalem, The Tree of Life, and others).
In fact, the content of this Web Site is deciphering the New Genesis and the coming New Reality where humankind will continue its evolution. It explains the essence of the Messianic Plan with such mythological topics as Life in the Garden of Paradise and the Fall, the First Coming of the Divine Masters, the Work in Heaven, the End of Time, the Day of Judgment, the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding and the ascent to the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem (section The Messianic Plan).

The reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem is presented as a monumental Zodiac-Mandala in the section The Holy City, embracing all historical epoch in the great Indo-European cycle of evolution. In the mythology of this Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the creative Act of God opens the last, Twelfth, Universal Gate of the Holy City, thus completing the Indo-European cycle, so that “the gates of the city will stand open all day; they will never be closed, because there will be no night there. (Revelation 21: 25) and initiating the new Cosmic Cycle of evolution in the New Reality.  

The opening of the last, the Twelfth, Universal Gate of the Heavenly Jerusalem brings the Initiation of the Holy Spirit (section Avatar of Synthesis). It is the fulfilment of the Testament of Truth – the realisation of the essence of God, Creation and the Human Being, made in the image and likeness of God - in our epoch.  The Initiation of the Holy Spirit has three main aspects which are very closely and organically interconnected – metaphysical, meta-historical and meta-cultural:  
  • The metaphysical aspect is connected with the spiritual journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path (section The Rainbow Path) from the earthly world, through the Garden of Paradise, to the Kingdom of God with many mansions;
  • The meta-historical aspect is an experience of the past, present and future in the spiritual history of humankind through the New Pentecost and meeting the New Coming of the Divine Masters (sections: The Second Coming; Manifesto),  through participation in the Divine Wedding (section The Divine Feminine) and entry into the New Reality (section Manifesto);     
  • The meta-cultural aspect is Co-creation with God (section Manifesto) for building life on all levels of Being as Divine Temples (subsection The Seven Temples of Life). They include building the personal, family, social, national and humankind levels of life as Divine Temples in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth as Temples of the Living God. 
Some key ideas of these main aspects of the Initiation of the Holy Spirit are developed in the Web site.  In much more detail, the New Genesis and the three aspects of the Initiation of the Holy Spirit are presented in my eBooks: 2012 and the New Genesis, The Path of the Divine Rainbow, The Testament of Truth – Manifesto, The Path of Truth Society, On the Path of Enlightenment, in the book The Second Coming (section Bibliography) and in the documentary film Revelation (YouTube, TheRevelation215 channel)

Naturally, in order to ascend to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, we have to overcome the dark forces in the contemporary Babylonian type of civilization and to embark on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path. This Path will lead us to the highest Divine world and will help us to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth.


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