The Advent of the Second Coming will be ignited by the new apocalyptic creative act of God. In The Revelation St. John witnessed the mystery of God creating the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth:

Then the one who sits on the throne said, 'And now I make all things new!'
'It is done! I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end'.

(Revelation 21: 5-6)

We can compare this process to a great new spiritual "big bang" which changes the metaphysics of the world. The physical big bang gave birth to the material universe; the new spiritual "big bang" ignited by God gives birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is a "New Genesis" in which life in the whole Universe takes a new direction.


In essence this spiritual "supernova" is the activation of the Second Coming (or the Coming) of all Divine Masters by God Who makes "all things new".

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