Hindu spiritual history is full of miracles and great Divine Teachers.  One of the greatest of these is Ramakrishna.  Born into the nineteenth century, he embodied the Divine qualities of both Rama and Krishna and became 'Ramakrishna'.  After attaining the highest state of consciousness of a Hindu yogi, nirbikalpa samädhi, he turned to other spiritual traditions.  Because of his final self-realisation in yoga he was able to experience the highest spiritual states of other traditions.  Practising the Buddhist path for a while, he experienced the state of nirvana.  At another time, he took up the practice of the Islamic tradition and experienced the great spiritual beauty and treasures of this path through direct contact with Muhammad Later, he was very deeply touched emotionally by the mystery of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, and experienced this mystery completely by merging with Christ.  The mission of Ramakrishna was to confirm that all spiritual traditions come from one and the same Divine Source and all lead back to Him.

In one of his intimate conversations with the Divine Mother he was told that he would be embodied again in the middle of the twentieth century somewhere in Europe in order to continue his mission. 

We can expect that in his new coming Ramakrishna will work for the integration of all religions and spiritual paths and will continue his devoted worship of the Divine Mother.  In the time of the Second Coming and the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God, the Divine Mother is the One who holds the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.  Ramakrishna, ecstatically devoted to the Divine Mother, in his new embodiment will proclaim her mysteries and the birth of the new spiritual world.

Thanks to Ramakrishna's spiritual achievements, the idea of the unity and integration of all religions has been extremely vivid and real.  The Divine Avatar, Babaji (another incarnation of the Lord Krishna in our time), requested Sri Yukteswar to show the unity of the Hindu and Christian traditions, which he did in the book The Holy Science.  Sri Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar's most famous disciple, taught Kryia Yoga and worked for the unity of all religions throughout the whole of his mission in the western world.  Moreover, Yogananda had a deep contact with Rama-Krishna through one of his closest disciples. 

The idea of the integration of all religions passes as a golden thread throughout the history of Hinduism in the twentieth century and gives inspiring and fruitful results in the missions of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, Sai Baba, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and many others.  Certainly, the mystery of the Second Coming is connected with the integration of all spiritual paths and religions.

As to the new coming of Rama-Krishna, the Second Coming Integral Mission prepares in great depth and inspiration his new manifestation. On the one hand the Mission works towards the integration of all religions through achieving their highest states - Samadhi,  Nirvana,  Satori,  Resurection, Transfiguration,  Revelationas Rama-Krishna did, on the other hand the Mission continues the devotion to the Divine Mother elevating Her guidance into a whole New Gospel. Thus the new coming of Rama-Krishna inspires some of the main tasks of the Mission.


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