One of the beautiful legends in Zoroastrism predicts the new coming of Zoroaster.  It tells us that at the End of Time Zoroaster will come again to conquer finally the dark forces, personified by Angra Mainyu, and to establish the Kingdom of Light of Ahura Mazda forever.

Zoroaster, according to one conception, has had many incarnations on Earth with different missions.  One of them was in Persia about the sixth century before Christ where he established the spiritual tradition of Zoroastrism.  Ahura Mazda is the personification of the great universal Divine Light, lying behind the Sun and the stars, which gives life to all Creation: 

 The Sun and the Moon and the Stars give their light,   
but Ahura Mazda is the Light

that lights them to light the world.
(Thus Spake Zarathusthtra,
compiled by B.S. Surti,
Sri Ramakrishna Math, Madras)

Zoroaster, at that time, proclaimed the duality of Good and Evil as a fundamental principle of our universe.  In his new coming, Zoroaster is expected to reveal the mysteries of the great cosmic-spiritual Sun which never sets, that is, the Truth of the transcendent Divine Light, and to establish the Kingdom of Light, i.e. of Ahura Mazda, on Earth forever.

It is interesting to note that Rudolf Steiner in his teaching formulated an exciting concept about Jesus being a personification of the Higher Self of Zoroaster.  In their Second Coming both Divine Masters will reveal the mystery of the same cosmic-spiritual Sun, God the Absolute, the Eternal Light of the Universe but while Zoroaster will point to the realisation of this mystery, Christ Himself will personify this Divine Light.

So, in the essence of God's new creative impulse, i.e. the concept of the Spiritual Supernova(#), we could easily recognise the Second Coming of Zoroaster as well.

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