In our time the glorification of the Divine Feminine is of crucial importance. In order to survive and undergo our spiritual rebirth, we have to receive a whole New Gospel from the Divine Mother. In fact, the event of the Second Coming of the Divine Masters and the coming New Gospel from the Divine Mother are two aspects of one and the same mystery - the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth coming into existence from God the Absolute, the Source of Life.

The New Gospel of the Divine Mother is to help us to bring the Kingdom of God down on Earth and to build life on all levels of Being as a Divine Temple. Emerging from the Source of Life, i.e. the cosmic-spiritual Sun which never sets, the Divine Mother creates life in all realms of the vertical structure of the Universe as a Divine Temple  from the reality of the Holy City, through the various celestial worlds, to the life of humankind on Earth. On Earth she transforms and illuminates the Earth itself, human culture, society, the family, and the life of the individual human being.

On a planetary level the Divine Mother will fill the Four Elements with the vibrations of the Holy Spirit. She will purify, spiritualise and illuminate the whole Earth making it like a 'bride' for the Sun. The etheric layer around the Earth will become a space for the fusion between the celestial Jerusalem and the illuminated Earth. Figuratively speaking, a magnificent etheric Temple will be built upon the whole planet with a gigantic cosmic-spiritual Cross of Light at the centre of the Temple. In this transfigured Earth-Temple all kingdoms of life will be present in Divine Harmony, Wisdom and Truth.

The Divine Feminine archetype is also related to the process of purification, transformation and illumination of matter. By its very essence, this archetype is the printing and the implementation of spiritual ideas in the material world. The Divine Mother will permeate every structure of human life on Earth with the vibrations of Holy Spirit. When we speak about the descent of the Kingdom of God on Earth, it is the universal principle of the Divine Feminine which accomplishes this celestial task.

In the end we have to build our individual life as a Temple as well. When we pass the first and second resurrection helped by the Cosmic Christ within, we build ourselves (all our seven bodies) as a Divine Temple. At the same time, we have to build our life in relation to the family, society, Nature and the Earth as a Divine Temple too. This means that we have to respect the holiness and sacredness of life everywhere, to work for the purification and illumination of the Earth and to develop harmonious and friendly relationships with the people in all areas of our lives. Only then could we pass successfully through all stages of life, from childhood to old age, and build it as a Temple, thus fulfilling the purpose of our incarnation on Earth. For this development of our relationships, the Divine Mother takes constant care with great love, support, tenderness, compassion and provides us with everything we need for our spiritual growth. The Divine Mother, conveying the new creative impulse from the Living God, will help us to transform even our daily life and to build it as a Divine Temple.

The appreciation of life in all levels of Creation as a Divine Temple requires devoted prayers, deep meditation and holy communion with the Divine Mother. Here again we could have many different types of prayer, meditation, holy communion enabling us to enter into her Divine Temple of life. Only through holy communion with the Divine Mother will we appreciate the Earth as our celestial house where we could live in the presence of our Divine Father-Mother forever. Thus the mystery of the Father's house with its many mansions and the mystery of the Earth as our Celestial Mother's House become simply two sides of the same mystery that of the return to the Kingdom of God and bringing this celestial reality down on Earth.

Each one of the celestial manifestations of the Divine Feminine - Virgin Mary, Mataji, Kuan Yin, the New Eve, Zventa Sventana and others has her position on the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem , her own universal characteristics, posture, colours, clothes and adornments with special symbolic meaning. These are closely related to and complement the mythological characteristics of her masculine counterpart. Here, however, it is interesting to note that while the male manifestations of the Divine Spirit are Personification(Krishna and his incarnation in our century - Babaji), Realisation (Buddha), Incarnation(Jesus Christ), World Teacherhood(the Master Peter Deunov), Emanation (the Holy Spirit ), the female manifestations take the form of family archetypes those of Sister (Mataji - the sister of Babaji), Daughter (Kuan Yin and the New Eve), Mother (Virgin Mary),Bride (Zventa Sventana) and others. This is the way in which the feminine manifestations reflect the union between the masculine and the feminine universal principles and reveal the Divine wholeness of Being. As a whole, the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, which we presented here, includes both manifestations of the Divine Spirit, the masculine and the feminine, in absolute harmony and unity.


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