As a messenger of the new cosmic-spiritual Spring, the Master Beinsa Douno emanates from the Eastern Universal Gate of the Holy City. One of the key ideas in his Teaching is the coming of the New Eve, a collective personification of the Divine feminine principle, who will transform the whole earthly life of humankind. Brothers and sisters from the Universal Brotherhood in Bulgaria had visions of the Master sending off into the world a most beautiful young woman, the New Eve, in shining white clothes and adorned with a garland of flowers. We could consider her as a spiritual daughter of the Master, who personifies the celestial qualities and virtues of the coming New Eve.

The deep esoteric meaning of the prophecy of the coming New Eve is that the transformed feminine energy will raise the vibrations on all levels of human life on Earth. In the past the archetypal feminine energies were associated with the life-supporting material earthly consciousness, as opposed to the celestial states of consciousness, and with the Moon-light reflecting the Sun-light. This is why Eve was the one who gave Adam the apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which signified the descent into the world of polarities and the material earthly state of consciousness.

Now, with the coming cosmic-spiritual Spring, the whole earthly life has to be transformed, spiritualised and illuminated. The keys to this process lie in the archetype of the feminine energy which has to be activated in order to penetrate, with the vibrations of the Holy Spirit, into the smallest details of our daily life on Earth. The characteristics of the feminine archetype, such as giving and sustaining life on earth, mother care and unconditional love, help and support, beauty and tenderness, organic relationship with Nature and the Earth, implementation of the spiritual ideas in the material world and others, are the main qualities which will help contemporary humankind to ascend to the higher levels of Being. In the epoch of the cosmic-spiritual Spring the spiritual blossoming of the human soul becomes the most essential, crucial process. This is why the Master predicted that the archetypal feminine energies, manifested by the New Eve, will save the world.

So, by meditating on the New Eve emerging from the Eastern Gate of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Gate of the cosmic-spiritual Spring, we could contemplate the great renewal of the earthly life through the Divine Feminine and the return of humankind to the Garden of Paradise. Therefore, if Eve from the Bible instigated the Fall, now the New Eve will initiate the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God.


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