In the approaching cosmic-spiritual Summer, the epoch of the New Golden Age, the southern Universal Gate of the Holy City will be opened widely for humankind to return to the Kingdom of God. As a celestial image emerging from this Universal Gate, we could choose Zventa Sventana the vision of the great Russian mystic D.Andreev.

Zventa Sventana is a Divine monad, born of God,
who will express the eternal femininity.
She is the Bride of the Planetary Logos, Christ,
and came from the cosmic-spiritual heights down to the celestial
realms above the Earth some one hundred and fifty years ago.
She will be incarnated in one of the celestial cultures of humankind
and this metahistorical event will result in the initiation
of the Rose of the World.

According to D. Andreev, Zventa Sventana (which means the Holiest of the Holy) is going to be 'incarnated' in the Russian celestial culture. As a result of this great metahistorical event, the Russian people will be given the mission of the Rose of the World which inaugurates the New World Religion. We could summarise that Zventa Sventana, as the manifestation of the universal feminine principle, will influence all levels of Being from the reality of the soul within every human being, through the reality of the National Soul of each nation, to the reality of the Universal Soul. The activated soul-reality on all levels will enter into Divine marriage with the universal masculine principle on the corresponding level that is, with the Divine Spirit within the human being, with the National Spirit-Guide (leading the destiny of the nation), and with the Universal Spirit. This Divine marriage will open the gates of the Kingdom of God and will introduce us to the epoch of the New Golden Age (the epoch of Aquarius, the epoch of the approaching cosmic-spiritual Summer, the epoch of the Holy Spirit). So, we could link and meditate on the celestial image of Zventa Sventana who holds the exquisite Rose of the World in her hand and is ready to become the Bride of the Planetary Logos the Cosmic Christ.


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