The feminine counterpart of Babaji (the incarnation of the Lord Krishna in our epoch), who emanates from the Southern Universal Gate of the Holy City, is his sister, Mataji. The great yogi, Ram Gopal, who witnessed a miraculous meeting between Babaji, Mataji and Lahiri Mahasaya, spoke about Mataji as follows:

Mataji (Holy Mother) also has lived through the centuries;
she is almost as far advanced spiritually as her brother,
She remains in ecstasy in a secred underground cave near the
Dasasamedh ghat.

Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

Mataji, according to the description of Ram Gopal, is 'a young and surpassingly lovely woman, surrounded by a soft halo'.

The fact that Mataji lives for centuries in an underground cave suggests that her mission is related to the purification, transformation and illumination of the Earth. Every completely self-realised yogi or yogini knows that, from a higher state of consciousness, the Earth is a transparent spiritual entity and that meditation on it has an objective power which can influence the destiny of humankind and the Earth itself, even from an underground cave. We could expect that while Babaji is a personification of the radiant Light from the cosmic-spiritual Sun, Mataji is a personification of the qualities of our Mother Earth. Thus, both the brother and the sister, the personifications of the Sun and the Earth, manifest the Divine union between the universal masculine and feminine principles.

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