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Dear Reader

Humankind is on the verge of a major shift in consciousness. The present existential difficulties are great opportunities for growth and for shifting to a new way of thinking.  The world now faces many problems – social, economic, ecological and spiritual. A growing number of people are coming to the understanding that in order to solve these problems there has to be a different approach to life, a change from a self-gratifying, consumerist, unsustainable approach to a LIFE-FOR-THE-WHOLE in the WHOLENESS-OF-LIFE.


In order to manifest the Life for the Whole approach we created The Path of Truth Society. It has to bring an integrated, uniting and forward looking spirituality; it has to become a society of great spiritual energy and activity, like a beacon of light in the world.  The main purpose of the Society will be to realise the Testament of Truth for our time. The Testament of Truth reveals the eternal Divine Truth about God, Creation and the human being made in the image and likeness of God.


In our time, in accordance with the unfoldment of the Messianic Plan, the realisation of the Testament of Truth is connected with an Exodus from the restricted earthly consciousness, closing the existing Indo-European Cycle, meeting the Second Coming and entering into a New Cycle of evolution in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.


The Path of Truth Society is based on the Teaching and the Cause of the Initiate Leon Moscona. In a long spiritual journey, lasting already more than thirty five years, he received Enlightenment into the Divine Truth about the Second Coming, the Kingdom of God with many mansions, the Divine essence of the Human Being and the coming New Reality in the life of humankind. The visions of Leon Moscona are presented in the books The Second Coming and The Testament of Truth – Manifesto, in more than 250 lectures, in 10 Assemblies on the Sacred Mountain Rila in Bulgaria, in many celebrations of religious and solar festivals. Some of the main ideas of his Teaching are presented in this web site.


This booklet consists of three sections. The first, Avatar of Synthesis, describes briefly some of the main visions of Leon Moscona which led him to the state of Enlightenment. The second section, The New Spiritual Paradigm, outlines the main archetypes of his Teaching, based on the last chapters in the Book of Revelation by St. John. The third section, The New Society, presents some key aspects of the journey and the goals of the participants in The Path of Truth Society.


In our difficult time it is a great blessing to overcome the challenges of the present ‘egocentric civilisation’ and to enter into the higher spiritual states of consciousness. Then we will be able to make a significant difference in the world. Thus we could reach the ‘critical mass’ needed for the peaceful transition to the New Cycle of human existence.


So, dear friends, please join The Path of Truth Society and let us be part of the Divine solution for humankind, not part of the problem! Let us pray that the Lord God Almighty and the Divine Mother will be with us always! Amen!  


Welcome to The Path of Truth Society!




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