Peace Talk

Leon Moscona

The Path of the Divine Rainbow


31 December 1990



Reverend Fathers, Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am very deeply moved and excited to be here among you and to share with you feelings and thoughts about peace on Earth. Originally, I am from Bulgaria and I studied music and philosophy for eight years in Moscow. I lived for a year and a half in England and I have visited many countries Italy, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, France, the U.S.A. and others. Everywhere, I have found beautiful people, full of hospitality, friendship and good will. But with Ireland and the Irish people I feel a very special connection. I have found here my second, spiritual homeland. Today we are gathered in the Name of Christ, in the name of peace on Earth. Now, at this very moment, thousands of groups all over the world also pray that Peace, Love, Joy and Understanding will prevail on Earth. Let us link with all these millions of people and form a great spiritual community, which radiates throughout the whole Planet love, friendship and a passionate desire to stop the dark forces of war. We are living in one of the most dramatic and exciting moments of human history.  It is obvious that humankind is now reaching such a crucial point in its evolution that it only has two possibilities: either to mobilise the Divine forces within itself and to ascend to a completely new higher state of consciousness or to destroy itself in a chain of devastating wars and ecological disasters. On the one hand, we have the crisis in the Middle East, the violence in South Africa, Afghanistan, India, Cambodia and many other "hot spots" on the Planet. On the other hand, however, we have the peaceful, creative work of millions, even billions, of people on Earth, the devoted prayers in the spiritual communities of all the different religions of the world, and ma y gatherings, peace ceremonies, conferences, etc.  Our gathering itself is a part of a great planetary action which includes more than a hundred million people.


So, humanity as a whole is now approaching its great choice ("as a whole" because due to the technological revolution and to the dramatically increasing interconnections between all nations, every large event directly or indirectly affects all people on Earth).  Humanity now has to choose the direction of its life choose between war and peace, between ecological disasters or the healing, purification and illumination of the Earth, between destruction or resurrection.


By the very fact of our gathering here today in the Name of Christ it is apparent that we are choosing the positive, creative, life-supportive Divine Path of evolution.  With this choice humanity will be able to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God down on Earth.  Let me consecrate this peace talk to the image of the glorious and victorious return of humanity to the Kingdom of God.  The best way to conquer the dark forces is not to struggle with them, but to embrace the Divine Light and Love and to fulfil the will of God.  I would like to share with you some mystical experiences and visions which I have received in Ireland and which fill me with great hope, joy and expectancy. 

It is my firm conviction now that Ireland has a very important role to play in the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.  The beauty and purity of Ireland as a land, the mystical depths of Irish spiritual history and culture, the great devotion and warm-heartedness of the Irish people all these features could make Ireland an ideal model for the fulfilment of this Divine Task. 

When one visits the Holy Sites with reverence, respect and love, the Heavens respond by blessing us with visions and spiritual gifts.  I would like to share with you some such blessings which I have received in the form of visions while in your country.  In Glendalough I saw that the Heavens above were open and a shining stream of light was pouring down.  It was like a majestic river of light, springing from the Heavens above Glendalough and flowing out through the whole of Ireland passing through Slane, New Grange, Tara, Clonmacnoise, Croagh Patrick, and many other sacred sites.  Just as the River Shannon flows through Ireland, so this river of light flows through the whole of Ireland, making it a celestial land.  Let us recall here the vision of St. John in the Book of Revelation: "The angel also showed me the river of the water of life, sparkling like crystal and coming from the Throne of God and the Lamb and flowing down the middle of the City's streets" (Revelation22: 1: 2).  The people I saw in this mythological, celestial land were all the saints and prophets of Ireland, thousands of known and unknown righteous human beings from the whole history of this land up to the present time.  They had the "mark of Christ on their foreheads", their souls were blossoming and their Higher Divine Selves, completely awakened, manifesting all the human virtues and qualities.  Of people like this, it is said: "Christ has made us a kingdom of priests to serve His God and Father" (Revelation :6).  After this, I understood that all contemporary people of Ireland were being very warmly invited to take their places in this "kingdom of priests" and to establish this kingdom here on Earth forever. 

On another occasion in Tara, I had a vision of a magnificent etheric Divine Temple built upon the whole area with a gigantic cosmic-spiritual cross of Light at the centre of the Temple.  The vertical axis of this cross was a huge column of Light, filling the whole space representing the vertical structure of the Universe (as we know from Christian cosmology).  The horizontal axis of the cross (it was actually a horizontal circle filling the entire cosmic-spiritual space) was the reality of the Kingdom of God with its many mansions (that is, all the different spiritual worlds revealed by the various world religions).  Above the horizontal axis was the throne of God with Christ sitting upon it.  He was the glorious and victorious cosmic Christ, the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords", radiating Divine Love, Light and Life, Power, Wisdom and Truth.  The walls of this gigantic, etheric temple were living light which shone with all the colours of the rainbow, and in place of frescoes, the walls exposed the real presence of myriads of light beings angels, archangels and many others.  And all the kingdoms of life on Earth the plants, animals and humans were present in the temple.  It was a staggering vision revealing the mystery of all Creation.

I have visited many places, many sacred sties, and almost everywhere I have felt the most powerful and beautiful presence of the Divine Mother.  I can say that the whole of Ireland is encompassed and warmed by her Divine Love, mercy and compassion, by her tenderness, motherly care and softness, by her beauty.  Now, I would like to share a dream which I had.  In this dream I found myself in a temple among many other people, praying and expecting a blessing from heaven.  A few moments later the contours of the temple remained, but at the same time we had the feeling of an open space.  Then a most magnificent rainbow appeared one of the brightest and most beautiful I have ever seen in reality or in dreams.  One segment of the rainbow transfigured itself into the living image of Our Lady holding the Child Jesus.  She shone with all the colours of the rainbow and radiated Divine Love, Compassion, Hope, Faith and Motherly Care.  Al of the people in the open space/temple, including myself, experienced great wonder, joy and ecstasy  - the feelings of having witnessed a great miracle. 

Beloved Friends I can summarise these spiritual experiences and visions as symbolising an invitation from God and Christ to all of us to ascend into higher states of consciousness.  Then with this living Christ-consciousness we can establish the reality of the Kingdom of God down on Earth.  Figuratively speaking, these visions trace a magnificent Divine Rainbow Path going up to Heaven and then coming back to the Earth with the task to transform it into a paradise.  There is a beautiful legend that at the end of every rainbow we can find a crock of gold.  At the end of the Divine Rainbow that is, of our ascension to heavenly states of consciousness and our return with this consciousness to our daily life on Earth we will open the New Golden Age.  The Rainbow Path is the only alternative of humankind for survival.  Everything else will lead towards wars, destruction, violence, ignorance and abuses of all kinds.

So, after many visions and spiritual experiences received here in Ireland, in direct connection with the Irish people and Irish history, I am firmly convinced that Ireland has a very important mission: to proclaim before all of humankind the Path of the Divine Rainbow, the Path which leads back to the Kingdom of God and which enables us to bring this heavenly reality down on Earth.  Two thousand years ago the Three Wise Men from the East saw the Star of Christ and, full of joy and wonder, went to Bethlehem to announce the good news and to praise the new-born Saviour.  Now, the Irish people, like these wise men, can witness the Divine Rainbow Path of humanity's return to the Kingdom of God and can decisively start its journey on this Path.  Such a heavenly task requires full spiritual mobilisation: prayers, devotion and commitment to the Christ-impulse; expressing all the Divine virtues sown in the human soul; opening the new epoch of the Golden Age in which everyone will realise his or her Divine potential and will become co-creators with God.


Of course, similar Divine Rainbows have to arise from every country of the world, from every religion and spiritual path, but all of them will converge at their climax, which is at the foot of the Throne of God, because the Truth about God the Absolute Origin of Being is one, and remains the same forever.  Now, in this moment, let us all visualise a beautiful image: magnificent Divine Rainbows arising from all countries and all peoples of the Earth, forming a great dome of light above our Planet.  In this Divine Temple humankind brings its Path of Ascension to the Kingdom of God where there are no more wars, but eternal peace; no more destruction, but Divine creativity; no more arrogance and violence, but helping, love and compassion; no more abuses of any kind, but the expression of all human virtues, flowing from the sacred heart of humanity God's People on Earth.  This irreversible process of the redemption of humankind as a whole has to begin, and the Irish people could ignite this heavenly process.

So, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, the crucial time has come.  Let us pray and mobilise ourselves.  Let us link with millions of people all over the world and form a core of the new humanity which, singing a New Song enters into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.  

"Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.  Amen!"

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