Film Project: The Divine Blessings of the Apocalypse


The Vision of Christ and Exodus

The New Jerusalem Civilisation

Sofia as the New Jerusalem

The Divine Wedding

The 144,000 Initiates and the New Song

The Thousand Years Kingdom of Christ

The Blessings of the Cosmic Christ

The Day of Resurrection and Judgement

The Reality of the New Heaven and New Earth

Life in the Kingdom of God



The film The Divine Blessings of the Apocalypse is an interpretation of the Divine message in the Apocalypse for the spiritual evolution of humankind. It comes as a result of the enlightenment of Leon Moscona. In a long spiritual journey, lasting more than thirty five years, he was initiated into the mysteries of the New Coming of the Divine Masters, the Gospel of the Divine Mother and the coming reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Enlightened by the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, Leon Moscona has deciphered the main prophecies in the Apocalypse – the End of Time, the Day of Judgement, the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding, the Thousand Years Kingdom of Christ, the Reality of the New Heaven and New Earth. The purpose of the film The Divine Blessings of the Apocalypse is to present these prophesies as important spiritual events which could awaken humankind. Thus it transforms the Book of Revelation by St. John from a “book sealed with seven seals” into a plan and scenario for spiritual action.

The celestial archetypes in the Book of Revelation outline the coming new reality in the life of humankind. They could be easily "translated" into the metaphysical language of all other world religions. There is unity in diversity and diversity in unity in the spiritual history of humankind: all world religions glorify the One God, Who was, Who is and Who is to come, and each religion does this differently. 

The film is envisaged as a story and dramatisation of the Apocalypse by activating the celestial archetypes in this prophetic book. It traces the journey to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth where humankind will start its New Cycle of evolution. On the way to this reality the participants in the journey have to meet the New Coming of Christ and other Divine Masters, to join the 144 000 Initiates around the Throne of God and to participate in the Divine Wedding in Heaven. It is a spiritually adventurous journey, in which every scene is an important step on the path. From a mythological point of view the participants in the journey have to find the Sword of Truth, the Keys to the Twelve Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Ring of the Divine Wedding, the New Song, the Cosmic Pentagram and the Holy Grail. They have to hear the Trumpet of the Day of Resurrection and Judgment and to receive the New Divine Covenant.  

As a result the genre of the film integrates the features of a documentary film, a spiritual adventure film, a mythological, cultural-historical, visionary and mystery story. In fact, the film is envisaged as a living message and this is why all aspects are combined into an organic wholeness, with different accents in the various Scenes.

The scenario of the film is comprised of nine Scenes. Each one of them activates one or another archetype in the Book of Revelation. Their spiritual content is based on four published books (two of them in English) and on more than 250 lectures by Leon Moscona. Therefore the script for the film The Divine Blessings of the Apocalypse could be written easily in creative collaboration with the film Director. 

The interpretation of the celestial archetypes in the Apocalypse comes as a result of the inspiring work of Leon Moscona with a group of devoted participants from a few countries for more than five years. The main “players” in the film are Leon Moscona and his group. Other interested people from various spiritual groups will also participate. The Scenario gives different perspectives, subjective and objective, of the journey of the group led by Leon Moscona. 

The ideas in each one of the Scenes are described in some detail but the film itself will have many improvisations following the living development of the spiritual journey. One of the main principles in making this film will be to have a well-prepared script but at the same time to improvise according to the living spiritual presence. As a result the film could become like a dynamic and vivid live action. 

The action in the Scenes takes place in various locations in Bulgaria: a) in Sofia; b) on the nearby mountain, Vitosha; c) on the sacred mountain, Rila. These places provide a great insight into many of the important cultural, historical and spiritual treasures of the Bulgarian people, together with some beautiful scenery and sacred sites of Bulgaria. 

This visionary film about the Apocalypse, in accordance with the interpretation of Leon Moscona, could make a significant contribution to shifting the consciousness of human beings. What better than transcending the terrifying catastrophes, described in the Apocalypse, and instead of them, humankind to experience the inspiring, uplifting prophecies of St. John where the human beings will enter into the Heavenly Jerusalem, will live on the fruits of the Tree of Life and will start their New Cycle of Existence in the reality of the New Heaven and New Earth.


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