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Newsletter – Spring Equinox 2011

Gospod E Tuk!
The Lord is Here!
Hier ist der HERR.
Herren er der!

Happy Spring Equinox!
Happy Cosmic-Spiritual Spring!

La Primavera - Sandro Botticelli



“On Step Four the sacred dance Paneurhythmy, which becomes enriched in purpose and function from Step to Step, will be like a dance-initiation.  In the language of the Mandala we can say that the  Paneurhythmy, if  properly  performed, could  lead  us to the Holy City of Jerusalem through the Eastern Universal Gate and give us a new vision of the Universe in the epoch of the cosmic-spiritual Spring”.

The Second Coming, page 87

"By meditating on the New Eve emerging from the Eastern Gate of the Feminine Mandala, the Gate of the cosmic-spiritual Spring, we could contemplate the great renewal of the earthly life through the Divine Feminine and the return of humankind to the Garden of Paradise.  Therefore, if Eve from the Bible instigated the Fall, now the New Eve will initiate the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God".

 The Second Coming, page 117

Path of Truth Society Launch

On Wednesday January 12th, 2011, in Sofia, we had the formal launch of The Path of Truth Society. The idea for the Society was born in August 2010; the necessary documents were submitted to the Bulgarian Authorities in August last and were passed on November 23, making The Path of Truth Society a registered Society. Leon is the Founder and Krasimira Ivanova and Bogdan Balashev are the co-founders.


The launch was preceded by a 30 minute interview with Leon by the television channel TV+ (part of which was broadcast later on in January).  At 18.00 Leon introduced the programme for the evening to the audience of up to 70 people. The main speakers for the evening were Leon Moscona, Bogdan Balashev, Krasimira Ivanova, Meglena Dokova and Bernadette. Bogdan and Krasimira spoke inspiringly and enthusiastically about Leon’s work and the group in Sofia.  Both gave examples from their own experiences of the work and outlined its importance for the world.


Leon then spoke for about 45 minutes and delivered an uplifting, inspiring and spiritually motivating talk on the main ideas of the Path of Truth Society.   He gave a description of the three main projects of the Society. The first is starting a Movement for cultural renaissance, spiritual awakening and illumination, based on practicing the whole spectrum of human virtues and unconditional love. The second is forming a warm-hearted Spiritual Community as a model of life in peace, harmony, dialogue, respect and mutual understanding between the representatives of various religions and spiritual traditions. The third project is working with the participants in the Path of Truth Society for entry into the Reality of the New Heaven, New Earth as new Human Beings. The work on this level is like guiding a ship through the stormy sea of contemporary life to the safe shore of the Kingdom of God on Earth.


The difficult task of following Leon’s high level talk was handled well by Meglena and Bernadette.  Meglena spoke, emotionally and with great conviction, about her participation in the work of Leon’ group. For Bernadette the evening was a celebration of the spiritual wholeness of the Teaching and Cause of the Path of Truth Society, incorporating all three levels of existence – the earthly level, the soul level and the highest, causal, level.


This was the main part of the event. It was followed by the participation of other spiritual people from groups and different traditions in the city. Kalki, a popular singer, played a tender piece of music, sang a song and spoke about his experiences in Bali. Fr. Georgi from the Orthodox Christian church gave a blessing to the audience. Another person wished Leon well with the Society and a young woman recited a poem.







The registering of The Path of Truth Society was to mark a new approach to Leon’s work and the work of the group. This approach comprises three different levels of participation. The first is the Initiation Group, which is the core group of people who work actively and with commitment for the Society. Everybody is welcome to join this group and Leon is on hand to help all who would like to understand more, to experience the New Mysteries more deeply and become an Initiate in the Teaching and Cause of the Spirit of Truth, in order to be eligible to participate in this group. This is the most important level of the work because this is the Mission. From this group of committed people a Spiritual Council for Bulgaria and even for the World could be formed.


The second is the Spiritual Community. This is the joyful gathering together of people from different spiritual paths, who are willing to communicate and work together in harmony, to acknowledge the Teaching and Cause of the Path of Truth Society and to share their own belief systems. In spiritual unity, love and appreciation of each other we can create a strong energy which will bring about change in the world. These are people who have been involved in spirituality for many years and are even leaders of courses or groups. 


The third is the Truth Seeker. These are the people who have a genuine desire and commitment to make a positive difference in the world by transforming themselves. This is a circle of people of goodwill and human virtue, noble good people who are happy to observe and participate in some way in the Teaching and Cause of the Spirit of Truth.





The annual Rila Seminar is scheduled to take place this year from July 16 – 26.


This year our Rila Seminar promises to be a concentrated mystical event! Due to the change in the dates some people are unable to attend, so with a smaller group we may have more meditation and concentration on the Mysteries of the New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind!


Our Rila Seminar will touch all three worlds. Those who are new to the Teaching of Leon and the Path of Truth Society will have an opportunity to hear many of the sacred ideas which form the essence of the Teaching. Those who participate in the Seminar from the point of view of the Spiritual Community working for God will have the opportunity to gain further and deeper experience of the Teaching. Those who work with the Teaching throughout the year and are committed adherents to the Cause will have the opportunity to receive initiation and help guide the other participants.


For all participants the most important point is to be, as much as possible, in contact with the Higher Self, to respect the Divinity in the others and especially in the leader of the Seminar, Leon, and to be open and willing to fulfil the Will of God.


As preparation, participants could read the Booklet – On the Path of Truth Society here. All other material on the web site and in the books is very helpful for preparation. Leon is available for Skype Conferences to discuss any questions relating to the content of the web site or the books.





The Path of Truth Society Activity for the World

When we, and all spiritually aware people, see catastrophes and conflicts happening in the world, we want to do everything possible to help. How can we help in a spiritual way? Leon speaks of our work for the Earth and humankind in these situations as that of a ‘spiritual task force’. The work of this task force is on three levels:

1. On a personal level we maintain a high vigilance against all negative thoughts, feelings and actions from ourselves in order not to contribute to the accumulation of negative energy in the world. We take responsibility for our every thought word and deed and make every effort to let go of all that is in contradiction of the Truth of our Being, made in the image and likeness of God.


2. On the level of the Soul we meditate and link with the Universal Soul of Divine Love and become a channel for this in the world. Love is the greatest force for transformation and if all spiritually aware and awakened people link with the Source of Love, great healing can take place on our planet.

3. On the level of the Spirit, we link with the Highest Divine World and the Lord ‘who makes all things new’. Leon described the events in the world in recent times as a type of Apocalypse. At the same time a great ‘positive Apocalypse’ or Revelation, is taking place in the higher levels of Being and it has the power to bring about the birth of the New Heaven, New Earth and a New Humankind. By meditating on these high thought-forms, by doing Mandala Meditations, by linking with the Causal World, by invoking the energies of all Divine Masters, by implementing the Gospel of the Divine Mother, by reading the books of Leon, we can help to bring these great energies on Earth.



May the Peace of God and the Pure Joy of God encompass the whole Earth




      Newsletter Autumn 2010

Happy Autumn, Happy Day of Archangel Michael,
Beloved Friends in the Spirit of Truth!
Gospod E Tuk! The Lord is Here!

Our first Newsletter is a celebration of the Teaching and Cause of the Spirit of Truth and the new fruits from the Tree of Life which this Teaching now gives!

We welcome the new phase of our spiritual work in the Autumn when we go deep inside, to the inner sanctuary, and from there into the spiritual cosmos of the coming New Heaven, New Earth and New Humankind to experience the New Reality.

We give thanks for the events of the year, especially our Rila Assembly which enriched, elevated and enlightened many of the participants! We start this new Season in our work on a new level! We make a commitment before Heaven, before the group and before ourselves to be dedicated, concentrated and the best apostles of the Spirit of Truth that we can possibly be!

Happy Holy Autumn to you and may your days be filled with
Cosmic-spiritual Sunshine!

Sunrise on Rila - July 2010

A New Type of Spirituality

The Teaching and Cause of the Spirit of Truth offers a new type of spirituality. Some of the essential tenets of this new spirituality are:

  • The New Heaven, the New Earth and the New Humankind
  • The Initiation of the Spirit of Truth
  • Becoming a Cosmic-spiritual Being
  • Life for the Whole in the Wholeness of Life
  • The New Spiritual Paradigm
  • The Integration of all true spiritual traditions
  • Co-creation with God

Each of these tenets form part of a whole new belief system which Leon has decided to organise more formally by way of a Society. It will be called The Path of Truth Society. This Society is first and foremost a commitment before Heaven, a structuring of the group and the activities to make them adequate to the importance and high level of the Teaching and Cause.

Autumn Gatherings in Sofia

The weekly spiritual gatherings resumed in Sofia on Thursday 23 September. The first talk was The Spiritual Council of Humankind and was presented by Krasimira. In addition to this Bogdan read from a letter to the Templeton Prize Committee about the work of Leon and the group.

Further themes for the Autumn gatherings include:

  • the Garden of Paradise,
  • the Heavenly Jerusalem,
  • the Kingdom of God with Many Mansions,
  • the New Genesis,
  • the Divine Wedding,
  • the Second Coming.

Rila Diaries

Our Rila Assembly produced many important SUBJECTIVE and OBJECTIVE experiences for Leon and the group. It is encouraged to put these into writing so that they are not lost or forgotten. A few excerpts here will give a flavour of the diaries.



 The whole sky was covered with fog & clouds, at one moment a little light appeared & began to grow. I saw a huge great white dove, which was fluttering with wings. Whiteness & silence! His whole body glistened once in silver, once in golden. His plumage was coloured in the rays of the rainbow & continually merged & radiated a gentle light all over the whole earth...




For me the Paneurhythmy in the mist on the Sunrise Hill was the most special Paneurhythmy. I linked with the Sunrise Meditation and was envisaging ‘all things new’. The Paneurhythmy was somehow made new for me.  The song ‘Aum’ was new, with new vibrations.

I reminded myself throughout the Paneurhythmy that I had to allow myself to be a channel of the ‘New’, the new energies from the morning. In Idyllia the energy was very strong. I pictured the Master Beinsa Douno in the middle of the Paneurhythmy circle, radiating the light of the New Creative Impulse upon the heads of the whole group in the circle. Then we, the group, had to transmit the energies into the world....         




On Saturday September 25, Leon’s article – The Spiritual Council of Humankind – was read at a gathering celebrating the proclamation of Sofia as a City of Peace.

May the Peace of God and the pure Joy of God live in our hearts forever!


 Gospod E Tuk!







You can reach us at the following addresses:
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