The Second Coming Integral Mission is registered as a charity
"The Second Coming Foundation"
in Bulgaria, Sofia.
Court Decision 1458, 18 March 2002

The Mission is based in two countries Ireland and Bulgaria.  The book The Second Coming by Leon Moscona which is at the base of the Mission was written and published in Ireland in 1995.  Many friends in Ireland facilitated the publication of the book through their generosity of time and financial help.  In 1998 the book was translated and published in Bulgaria.  As a result, a group of people interested in the ideas of the Second Coming was formed in Bulgaria.  The intention is to form a similar group in Ireland.


For the past five years the group in Bulgaria has undergone an interesting spiritual journey entering into the Mysteries of the Second Coming.  Leon Moscona has given more than 100 lectures to various audiences the Mission group, the White Brotherhood of the Master Beinsa Douno, invited members of the public, seminar participants in Varna, etc.  For these years the main work in Bulgaria was concentrated in the wintertime (Christmas, the Day of the Master Beinsa Douno, New Year, Epiphany, including an assembly in Rila mountains and lecture visits to Varna.  The Newsletter provides an account the activities of the Mission since Christmas 2000.


The tendency, because of the newness of the ideas in the unfoldment of the Mission, is to have a dynamic group on the one hand and expanding the activities outside Sofia, with the possibility of forming groups in other towns, especially Varna.  Now, the core group in Sofia is permanent and consists of a cross-section of people of different ages, professions and spiritual backgrounds.  When Leon Moscona is not in Bulgaria devoted members of the group, such as Lubov Paunovska and Krasimira Dokova and others, successfully keep the flame of the Mission and prepare the newcomers for Second Coming consciousness.  

In Spring and Autumn Leon Moscona spends the time in Ireland preparing various programmes for the unfoldment of the Mission, new material, planning the forthcoming activities of the Mission in Bulgaria.  For the moment Ireland is a base camp of the Mission but the intention is to develop a similar group, corresponding to the contemporary Irish situation and culture.  Our desire is to establish a beautiful rainbow link between Ireland and Bulgaria which could result in spreading the ideas of the Mission in the East (Eastern Europe and further) and the West (Western Europe, the U.S. A., Canada, and elsewhere).


We extend our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to our most kind sponsors in Ireland, Switzerland and Germany.  Obviously a Mission with such deep metaphysical substance requires understanding and sponsorship.  Nevertheless, metaphysical as it is, it helps to resolve many practical problems in one's personal life, national life and the life of all humankind.  So, with great appreciation for the generous sponsorship of our friends, we would welcome further sponsorship for the goals and the unfoldment of the Mission.


If you would like to more information or you would like to join the Mission and/or become a sponsor, please contact us by e-mail.

You can reach us at the following addresses:
Telephone: 00 359 2 8465493
Telephone: 00 353 1 8333640

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