Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Are there any differences between the Second Coming Integral Mission and the many New Age organisations around the world?

 A. Yes, there are many significant differences. The Second Coming Integral Mission comes with new mystical substance from the highest Divine world. Leon Moscona, the Mission Founder, works on the level of archetypes, on the level of the foundation stones of the new consciousness, a level of co-creation with the Living God.

Many of the New Age organisations do important and necessary work with spiritual substance which is already in the earthly realm or in realms that are accessible to those who are spiritually advanced. This spiritual substance is the fruit of the first coming of the known Divine Masters. Many New Age groups work on the interpretation and implementation of these spiritual teachings. 
The Second Coming Integral Mission presents the new spiritual paradigm for the third millennium, the epoch of the Second Coming and the return to the Kingdom of God. This new paradigm integrates all the Teachings of the first coming but also introduces new levels of initiation for the human being. It is a new genesis, activating the New Heaven, the New Earth and the new Humankind. 

The Second Coming Integral Mission works for the whole, not only for individual spiritual gain and self-empowerment. It works for the enlightenment of humankind as a whole. Nevertheless, by working for the whole the individual is greatly helped in their personal spiritual growth. This could be compared with hinayana and mahayana in Buddhism.

These are just two points in answer to this question. There are many more but these are the most significant.  

Q. The Second Coming Integral Mission presents a very complex spiritual story which could take years to comprehend fully - is it not enough to love God and love one's neighbour? 

A. Love is the true source of life. It is the seed, the impulse, the energy, the strength for growth and the driving force of evolution. God is Love. God is also Wisdom and Truth. Now, in the New Millennium, the time of the Second Coming, we are in the epoch of Divine Truth. Before Christ ascended to Heaven, He said to his apostles "I have much more to tell you, but now it would be too much for you to bear. When, however, the Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you into all the truth" (John 16: 12-13).

Humankind first had to learn about Divine Love. In the Divine Plan, humankind, based firmly in Divine Love, would grow up and develop into mature spiritual adults through Divine Wisdom, which illuminates the mind, and reach the stage where they can 'bear' the Divine Truth. This could be compared with the human family; the children, nourished by their parent's love, grow up to be accountable adults capable of dealing with life in a responsible way, taking their place in the world and fulfilling their life task.

Now humankind has to know the Truth, the Truth which will set them free from the illusions of earthly consciousness and allow them to take their rightful place in the Father's House. There, with the Divine Masters, the Divine Mother, saints and angels they may co-create with the Living God.  

The Second Coming Integral Mission works with the Testament of Truth. It presents the truth about the human being, the truth about God as the wholeness of the entire Universe where each Divine Master and their world religion is an expression of this Wholeness. It presents the full picture of the fall of humankind and its return to the Kingdom of God. It reveals the sacred archetypes of the Kingdom of God with 'its many mansions'.

Q. The Second Coming usually refers to the Christian tradition - what is the connection with the other religions? 

A. We use the concept of the Second Coming in order to characterise our epoch. In every spiritual tradition there are myths and legends about the Coming, the Second Coming, or the new Coming of the Divine Masters or their representatives. For instance the Jewish tradition speaks about the Coming of the Messiah, the Buddhist tradition about the next coming of the Enlightened One - Maitreya, the Muslin about the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi, etc. They predict in one or another way:

  • a great change in the world associated with cataclysms, disasters, troubles and trials;

  • the healing, purification and transfiguration of the Earth and all kingdoms of life upon it;

  • the reappearance of the Divine Masters who perform acts of redemption and salvation;

  • the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God, the Garden of Paradise, and the achievement of new states of consciousness;

  • entry into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth with the new metaphysics of the Universe in which humankind as a whole will continue its evolution.

The staggering and thrilling fact is that most of these prophecies point to our own epoch. Because in many of the traditions the myths are about the Second Coming (for instance in Zoroastrism - Zoroaster, in Hinduism - Ramakrishna) we use the concept of the Second Coming in order to characterise our epoch, using of course the appropriate term for one or another tradition (Coming, next Coming, Reappearance, etc.).


Q. There are many claims of the coming of Maitreya, Christ- Maitreya, Imam Mahdi, Christ and other Divine Masters - how could we distinguish the real comings from the preparation for their coming up to the false ones.

A. In general all claims are the responsibility of the claimer. However it is obvious that the Second Coming or the Coming of any Divine Master will bring a new metaphysical substance (a new Initiation from the Living God, a new cosmic-spiritual order, a new type of spiritual consciousness - we could call it Second Coming Consciousness).

In one or another way every world religion leads its followers on the path of ascension to the reality of the Kingdom of God. Each one gives beautiful descriptions of the higher worlds and precise methods and spiritual practices for achieving its Divine goals. Moreover, the religions, especially in our epoch, are open, appreciative and tolerant to all other spiritual traditions. They acknowledge that in essence the Absolute Truth is one and that all paths lead to this ultimate Divine Truth.

The Second Coming will emphasise the diversity in unity and will pursue the initiations of all world religions as one of its main aims. It will place special emphasis on the harmony between the process of ascending to the Kingdom of God and the process of descending to bring this celestial reality down on Earth. It will introduce the Divine union between the universal masculine principle personified by the Divine Masters and the universal feminine principle manifested by the Divine Mother, which places the balance between these two universal principles at the foundation of the spiritual work.

Obviously anyone who does not bring a new metaphysical substance and doesn't fulfil these requirements remains still within the existing spiritual traditions and cannot be considered as a personification or representative of the Second Coming.


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