Programme of Events

Autumn Gatherings 2009 - Sofia Bulgaria

The Mystical Experiences of the Avatar of Synthesis on the Sacred Mountain Rila

1.  25.09.2009 The Mysteries of the Sacred Mountain and the Avatar of Synthesis Leon Moscona
Krasimira Ivanova

2. 02.10.2009  The Mythological Summit Mussala
Bogdan and Iva Balashevi

3. 09.10.2009   The Vision of the Cosmic Christ
Janet and Ivailo Hristovi

4. 16.10.2009   The Sacred Mountain Rila and the Initiation of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno
Krasimira Ivanova

5.  23.10.2009   The Last Golden Age
Diana Vasileva

6.  30.10.2009  The Orpheus Mysteries
Iordanka Ivancheva

7.   06.11.2009   Zoroaster’s Nirvana
Bogdan and Iva Balashevi

8.  13.11.2009   Plato’s Legends
Dora Draganova

9.   20.11.2009   The First Christian Communities
Elizabeth Rasolkova

10.  27.11.2009  The Testament of St. Ivan Rilski
Dafinka and Rositza

11.  04.12.2009  The Steiner Celestial Library
Janet and Ivailo Hristovi

12.  11.12.2009   The Inspiring Vision of the New Eve
Ivan Tsevtkov

13.  18.12.2009   Summary. Conclusion of the Indo-European Cycle
Krasimira Ivanova


24.12.2009 – 06.01.2010  Meeting Christmas Eve, Christmas, the Day of the Master Beinsa Douno, the New Year and Epiphany



Summer Seminar 2009 - Rila Bulgaria



The Second Coming Foundation


 Summer Mystery School


 Leon Moscona 


Seven Lakes, the Sacred Mountain Rila, 

From July 6-16 2009


   Spiritual Purposes  

Meeting the Second Coming

Receiving the Initiation of the Holy Spirit

Entry into the Reality of the

New Heaven and the New Earth  

Participation in the Divine Wedding

Experiencing the Paneurhythmy as a

Blossoming Tree of Life

Fulfilling the Mission of Bulgaria 


The Programme of the Mystery School is available on request  

For information and to subscribe

Tel: (02) 846 54 93 



Dear Friends

The Summer Mystery School on the Sacred Mountain Rila in Bulgaria is the culmination of our spiritual work during the  year.  There we gather the fruits from the year and receive new creative impulses for the coming new one.  An inspiring example of our spiritual journey on the Mountains could be found in Update, Newsletter – January 2005 The New Rila Mysteries.  We welcome you warmly to our  Summer Mystery School!  






You can reach us at the following addresses:
Telephone: 00 359 2 8465493
Telephone: 00 353 1 8333640

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