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Life for the Whole

The Temple House is envisaged as a creative Divine laboratory for the establishment of the Kingdom of God with many mansions on Earth. Our Life for the Whole in the Wholeness of Life will combine the best aspects of a spiritual community living together, of an international spiritual centre providing inspiring spiritual activities, and of a planetary centre introducing the new creative impulse coming from the Living God. The Temple House could become a focus of the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth and could produce important spiritual projects such as developing a New Spiritual Paradigm, initiating a Movement for the realisation of the Testament of Truth and gathering a planetary Spiritual Council of Initiates. 

Developing a New Spiritual Paradigm

The New Spiritual Paradigm has to provide the framework for dealing effectively with the religious, cultural, educational and ecological problems in the life of contemporary humankind. In our time the struggle between the Light and the Dark forces has reached a critical point. In order to survive, humankind has to overcome the power of the dark forces and the present Babylonian-type civilisation has to fall. A new civilisation, based on the Light forces, has to emerge. This is the civilisation that St. John inspiringly described in the last two Chapters of the Book of Revelation: Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth… And I saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God… ". (Revelation 21:1-2) By deciphering the main archetypes from these two Chapters we could develop an effective new spiritual paradigm for establishing the celestial civilisation on Earth. 

Initiating a Movement for the realisation of the Testament of Truth

The Testament of Truth is the truth of God, Creation and the human being made in the image and likeness of God. The Movement for the realisation of the Testament of Truth is a Movement for social renovation, cultural renaissance, spiritual awakening and Divine illumination. It comes to unite all people despite race, culture, religion, gender and age into one great planetary spiritual family as God's people living on sacred Earth. Based on the New Spiritual Paradigm, the Movement promotes life in peace, harmony, love, mutual understanding between all nations and care for Nature and the Earth. The Temple House has to act as a headquarters for the unfoldment of such a Movement. Then it could realise in full the principle of Life for the Whole and could become a vibrant national and international spiritual centre.

Gathering a Spiritual Council of Initiates

In the near future the Temple House would provide a gathering place for a Spiritual Council of Initiates. The spiritually awakened people on Earth have to participate actively in the Divine Action for the establishment of the Kingdom of God. In order to do this effectively they have to be in direct link with the Holy Council of Humankind in Heaven. For this purpose a Spiritual Council on Earth, with initiates from all world religions, has to be formed. The initiates are those who have experienced Divine Truth and are in direct contact with the Divine Masters of their own tradition. They recognise the Divine origin of all other traditions and could guide humankind in the process of building the New Jerusalem civilisation. When they enter in deep prayer-meditation, they activate the three-fold structure of the Universe and merge with the Divine Masters. Thus they illuminate their spiritual bodies and start shining as light beings. One of the most cherished goals of life and work in the Temple House is to form a Spiritual Council of Initiates working together for humankind.

How blessed will be those who participate in the project for The Temple House for Union with God. They will be able to transcend the restricted earthly existence and to receive enlightenment about God, the whole of Creation and the essence of the human being as its micro model. Thus they will cut the vicious circle of earthly life in ignorance and will achieve spiritual awakening, liberation and self-realisation - the ultimate purpose of their incarnation on Earth.

If you are happy with this project, please contact us immediately in order to start our Divine work as soon as possible.

In love, spiritual friendship and Divine inspiration,

Leon Moscona

Movement The Testament of Truth


(The Movement The Testament of Truth is a registered charity in Bulgaria, Sofia, under the name of The Second Coming Foundation, Court Decision 1458, 18 March 2002).




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