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The Vision

The project for the Temple House is developed by Leon Moscona and will be guided by him. He received Enlightenment into the mystery of the Second Coming, the Kingdom of God with many mansions, the human being made in the image and likeness of God, the spiritual evolution of humankind and the coming New Reality. Now he is working to share his Enlightenment with the spiritually aware people from all traditions. The visions of Leon Moscona are presented in the books The Second Coming and The Testament of Truth Manifesto (in English), The Teaching and the Cause of the Spirit of Truth (in Bulgarian), in more than 250 lectures, in ten annual Assemblies on the Sacred Mountain Rila in Bulgaria, in many celebrations of religious and solar festivals. Some of his main ideas are also presented in this web site.

The Temple House could become the basis for the unfolding of the Testament of Truth in our times. Such a centre as the Temple House does not exist on Earth now and it has to be created in order to provide a living experience of all three levels of existence, to develop an oasis of a new reality and to put into practice many aspects of the enlightenment which comes from the Spirit of Truth.

On a practical level the ideal for the Temple House is to have approximately five or six bedrooms, a large living room and gardens around the house, big enough to host public activities. In the meantime any other possibilities for the Temple House would be very welcome, but in accordance with size and location they will provide different facilities, which will have an impact on the fulfilment of the goals. 


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