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An Appeal 


Dear Friends,


I have a vision, a vision for a sacred place of Divine Light, Love, Wisdom, Truth and Unity and a place of interconnection between all levels of existence: the earthly, celestial and Highest Divine Worlds. This sacred place would be a centre of great spiritual energy and positive action for the transformation of humankind and preservation of our precious planet. To this centre of spirituality I would bring new enlightenment the enlightenment which comes for humankind as a whole now. I envisage this sacred place as a temple of life with an enthusiastic community of spiritually awakening and developed people from all different paths and traditions who come together in the Sacred Oneness of all Life to make the change that is needed in the world.


I offer now, with your help, to create, this Temple of Life, an oasis of Divine Presence, a living taste of the Kingdom of God on Earth. There is a great need for a centre of true spiritual unity, which is not a business competing with other spiritual businesses (as is sometimes the case with spiritual activity in the Western world). My call now is to the people who believe in the oneness of all life, who pursue the greater good of all humanity and who aspire to the New Reality promised by many Divine Masters throughout the spiritual history of humankind.

Who am I and what can I do? My name is Leon Moscona and for more than thirty-five years I have been living a spiritual existence. Heaven has graciously blessed me with great insights, revelation and enlightenment into the coming New Reality and I have dedicated my life to the spiritual awakening, transformation and enlightenment of humankind and the transition into a new level of Being.


In the early seventies I had a spiritual awakening and from then on I experienced a dramatic journey through all three worlds of Creation. Firstly I developed a completely different understanding of life and I changed my way of living accordingly. This was followed by many experiences in the realm of the Universal Soul, the Heart of God, where I felt the peace that passes all understanding, the purest Divine Love, the unity of my own being with all other beings and with the world of the Soul. This experience was a transcending of my ego-personality and rebirth in the celestial world.

From this rebirth I had to grow, as an earthly child would grow and develop, and I was given 'lessons' in the essence of Creation and the spiritual evolution of humankind. I had contact with the Divine Masters from the past and I received their initiation. This brought me into the Heavenly City, the New Jerusalem, described so inspiringly in the last Chapters of the Book of Revelation by St. John. There, from the Divine Masters and Feminine Deity, I received Enlightenment and the Initiation of the Spirit of Truth, connected with the mystery of the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding in Heaven and the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.


Much of my work is on the level of the fundamental archetypal structures of Creation and for many years I have consecrated my daily life to receiving the visions and teachings from the Higher Worlds and attempting to put this sacred knowledge into words in order to bring it to the people. I have worked mainly with small groups of people. Up to this point my work has been ahead of its time but I feel that now its time has arrived. Humankind is on the verge of a great choice: the positive constructive path of raising consciousness or the destructive path of greed, dominant ego-personality, wars and ecological disasters.

What is needed now is a shift in the balance in the world and the emerging of Divine Spirit within the people. To some extent the space has been created for this to happen, for the True Self of the many awakening beings to emerge and to be the prevailing tendency in the world. But a great impulse of energy from the Higher Worlds is needed to bring about this shift in consciousness to the "critical mass" after which the process will become irreversible. I believe that I am a figure in this task and the new spiritual centre, which I propose, will have such a function.


Let me outline my vision for the future centre of spirituality and new consciousness. One of the main principles on which it will operate is - Life for the Whole. Many people don't know it yet but the cult of the ego-personality is coming to an end. Many other enlightened people know that the only way forward for humankind is to live, not for the individual but for humanity as a whole. This is true now for every walk of life, including spirituality. For instance in Buddhism there are two types of spiritual journey: Hinayana and Mahayana. Hinayana is the path of personal attainment; Mahayana is the path of collective enlightenment. Collective enlightenment is the approach which I believe is most needed for the 21st century.


The second principle, which will form the ethos of the new centre, is Life in the wholeness of Creation. Teilhard de Chardin said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. The new centre will be focussed on creating the experience of this inspiring quote. We are spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of God. All activities of the centre will extend to the three-fold structure of the Universe: the earthly, the celestial and the Highest Divine World.  

 A third principle will be Truth. I have worked with the Testament of Truth for many years. It is connected with the truth about God and about the human being. But the Truth has to prevail on all three levels: the absence of the illusion of the ego-personality, the reality of the True Self, and the world of the Spirit of Truth.


The fourth principle will be The-Lord-Is-Here. In the Bible it is said " The name of the city from now on will be, "The-Lord-Is Here!" (Ezekiel, 48:35) and in the Book of Revelation (21:2-3) St. John also spoke about this when he saw "the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming out from Heaven from God and heard: "Now God's home is with mankind! He will live with them, and they shall be his people." The aim of the centre would be to make this a reality for the participants. 


The new centre would have many functions. It would be a gathering place for people on three levels. Firstly it would be a place of learning and experience for those who have started the path of ascension to higher levels of Being and who want to be with like-minded people. It would offer guidance and meditation on a regular basis.


Secondly it would be a gathering place for those who are already more advanced on the spiritual path. Here they could develop their skills for helping others to embark on the path by going deeper into the spiritual knowledge and experiencing many levels of the New Reality.

The third level is a very important one. The centre will be a gathering place for the most developed spiritual people from all traditions all over the world. I will gather them together to form a Spiritual Council of humankind. The work of this Council will be to link with the Holy Council of Heaven and to receive the impulses, the energy and the light for humankind as a whole.


In addition to the above I envisage the centre as a place of sustainability and Eco-living. I could see in the future, within the grounds of this centre, gardens for growing fruit and vegetables through biodynamic farming and linking with Nature beings. Other gardens of beauty could be developed to link with the higher worlds.

The activities of the centre would include daily meditation and prayer, frequent meetings, weekly gatherings, the sacred dance Paneurhythmy (high cosmic rhythm) from Spring to Autumn, conferences, meeting guests from spiritual centres all over the world, and Spiritual Council conventions.


This is my vision, not only for a spiritual centre, but also for the future of humankind. I cannot do this on my own because I am a man of no earthly wealth and few possessions. I offer you the opportunity to be part of this spiritual project. What is needed is a property to accommodate a small core community, sponsorship, and people who can dedicate themselves to the goals of the centre. I envisage that the centre would function through goodwill donations, through ongoing sponsorship and the time and energy of good spiritual people.

I would be very happy to hear from anyone who has constructive ideas or offers of help for this project. Here I am presenting only the briefest outline of the project much more detail can be made available through meetings, other written material and through my two books.


May the Spirit of God and the Blessings of God encompass the whole Earth!

Yours in the Divine Spirit

Leon Moscona




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