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The Fruits of the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life will blossom in the Temple House when the community in it develops activities in all three worlds in Creation – the physical, the celestial and the highest Divine world. 

Life in the Physical World

On a physical level the Temple House will provide a place for living of a small spiritual community, which will care for Nature, the environment and the Earth as a whole. On this earthly, material level the activities in the Temple House have to become a School for the Spiritualisation of Earthly Life. They will include:

    • community life and work in the house; this provides an ideal opportunity for spiritual service, life for the whole and appreciating the house as a Divine Temple where the Holy Spirit is present;
    • producing organic fruit and vegetables in the garden the participants in the community, in contact with the light beings from the invisible world, could follow and develop even further the inspiring experience of the garden of Findhorn, created by Eileen and Peter Caddy in the 60s in Scotland;
    • experimenting with biodynamic farming; the Earth is so neglected and polluted, that in order to purify and heal the land, the area around the Temple House has to be open for interesting and creative experiments linked with biodynamic farming;
    • developing a “sacred garden”; “as above, so below” – the special arrangement of flowers, trees, stones, water, etc. in the “sacred garden” has to model on Earth some important spiritual archetypes from the higher worlds; the “sacred garden” could become an enchanting place for contemplation and meditation;
    • spiritual link with Nature, the Earth and the Elements; the Earth has to be appreciated as a living Being; with its life and work the community has to build an etheric Temple in the area where all Kingdoms of life are present. 


Life in the Celestial World

On the celestial level the main task will be to help the participants in the community and the guests to open their souls and to form relationship as living souls. From this perspective the activities in the Temple House will form an inspiring Spiritual School of the Soul. This goal will be achieved by

    • meeting the Sunrise; the Sunrise is the most energy-powered event of the day; to meet the Sunrise for the participants and the guests in the Temple House means not only to appreciate the rising Sun, but to link with the Solar Logos and with the Cosmic-spiritual Sun at the centre of the Universe; it marks the beginning of a new Divine day;
    • attending common prayer and meditation; the main purpose of the Temple House is union with God and, through prayer and meditation, the aim will be to meet the Second Coming (or the New Coming) of the Divine Masters and to link with the Personifications of the Divine Feminine; Leon Moscona, with the participants in the community, will develop a rich culture of prayer and meditation, where even day to day life is part of it;
    • performing the sacred dance Paneurhythmy (high cosmic rhythm), created by the great Bulgarian spiritual Master Beinsa Douno; the Paneurhythmy is like the gateway to the reality of the Kingdom of God woven by heavenly music, spiritual colour rays of light and sacred words. It reflects the 'dance' and the cosmic-spiritual rhythm of life in all planes of the Universe; it is an earthly reflection of the harmony and music in the celestial spheres. By dancing the Paneurhythmy we link with the living energies of Nature, the Sun and the Earth, and with the higher spiritual worlds. Thus, we transform ourselves, the spiritual community and the whole physical environment. The sacred dance Paneurhythmy will be performed from the 22 of March to the 22 of September, whenever possible;
    • organising lectures, seminars and workshops, consecrated to the main spiritual goals of the Temple House such as the Nine-fold Rainbow Path, the mystery of the Second Coming, the Gospel of the Divine Mother, the Initiation of the Holy Spirit and the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth; during the lectures and the seminars Leon Moscona will introduce the main ideas of the Teaching and the Cause of the Spirit of Truth for our time;
    • spiritual sharing, concerts and appreciating the spiritual guest; one of the main purposes of the work in the Temple House on this level is to develop relationship between people as living souls.
    • celebrating the main religious, solar and lunar festivals; the festivals provide a great opportunity to link with the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine in connection with millions of devoted people. They also structure the spiritual activities in the year in a most organic and natural way.


Life in the Highest Divine World

In the highest Divine world the activities will include metaphysical and mystical union with the Divine Masters and the personifications of the Divine Feminine. On this level the participants will live in the whole vertical structure of the Universe as a Tree of Life – they will live in the physical world with an illuminated physical body and personality, in the world of angels with a soul in full bloom, and in the highest Divine world with an awakened Divine Self. Thus they will achieve the richness and fullness of their cosmic-spiritual wholeness and will become models of the Universe with three illuminated bodies. This is the Eternal Truth about the human being revealed by all world religions. From this perspective the activities in the Temple House will form a great Mystery School of the Spirit. Its goals will be achieved by 

    • inspiring events for meeting the New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Mother; they will appear in their celestial bodies on the etheric level and we will link and merge with them in deep prayer and meditation; through mystical union with them we will enter into the spiritual worlds of the religions as the many mansions in the Kingdom of God;
    • Mandala meditation, based on the concept of the Heavenly Jerusalem, with its Twelve Gates, as a colossal Zodiac-Mandala. The vision of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, described by Leon Moscona in his books and lectures, is a typological picture of the whole metahistorical cycle of humankind's life on Earth since the Fall – the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise – to their return back to the Father's house. Each one of the twelve gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem leads to the majestic Divine Temple of one or another world religion. Each Temple embraces the whole vertical structure of creation with its three worlds – the earthly, the celestial and the Highest Divine World, reaching the Absolute Origin of Being. In these Temples the Masters, founders of the religions, with their Feminine Partners, perform an eternal Divine Service;
    • developing a “metaphysical garden” on Earth by growing the Trees of Life (i.e. the three-fold vertical structure of Creation and the human being as its micro model) in accordance with the various world religions. When these Trees of Life are grown, we will appreciate the fruits of each one of them as the initiations of the Divine Masters. We have also to sow and nurture new Trees of Life connected with the Divine Feminine. As a result of harvesting and appreciating the fruits of all these Trees of Life we will merge with the universal bodies of the Divine Masters and the Divine Feminine, and will live with them forever.

With the activities in all three worlds a magnificent Temple of Light will be erected in the whole area. The pillar of this Temple will be the Axis Mundi of Creation. The walls will be of pure light and instead of frescoes, they will expose the real presence of myriad of light beings from the spiritual hierarchy. All the kingdoms of life on Earth - the mineral, plant, animal and human – will also be present in this Temple.

Our activities in the Temple House will require an integrative style of life. This style of life will help us to experience the whole vertical structure of the Universe simultaneously and to feel always that the presence of the Lord and of the Divine Mother. Thus the Temple House could become a place of Divine Presence.


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