The event of the Second Coming coincides with the manifestation of the Divine Mother in the whole three-fold structure of Creation. This is why our epoch is so sensitive to the appearences of the Divine Mother through many different images such as the Virgin Mary, Tara, Kuan Yin, the New Eve, Mataji, Mother Earth and others. Moreover, the Divine Plan for our epoch is to replace the patriarchal epoch in the spiritual life of humankind with the epoch of the Divine Wedding. (In general, the patriarchal period was an important and necessary stage in human evolution following upon the previous matriarchal epoch.) But now the mystery of the Divine Wedding introduces us to a new religious paradigm and the new metaphysical perception of the world.

Some of the main features of the new religious paradigm
introduced by the Divine Wedding are:

  • Conclusion of the present metahistorical cycle and beginning of the new cosmic-spiritual Summer, the New Golden Age).
  • Resurrection of the past and birth of the new cycle.
  • Ideal balance, i.e. Divine Wedding, between the masculine and feminine universal principles.
  • Birth of the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth (new Genesis, new Creation, new Metaphysics).
  • Birth of a new human race God's people on Earth (Sons and Daughters of God undergoing the first and second resurrection, receiving the Crown of Initiations, becoming citizens of the Holy City and co-creators with God and the Divine Mother).
  • The whole of Creation becomes a Divine Temple where the celestial Bride and Groom sit on the Throne of God constituting Creation as a Temple of life.


It is difficult to overestimate the need for the presence of the Divine Mother in the life of contemporary humankind with her qualities of unconditional love, tenderness, compassion, constant care, sacrifice, help, support and many other virtues. In the end the Divine Feminine will transform human life on Earth by filling the whole Earth and all Kingdoms of Life on it with the vibrations of Holy Spirit. Thus She will transform the Earth into a Garden of Paradise. So, if the essence of the universal masculine principle is to return to the Kingdom of God, to meet the Second Coming and to become Christ-like beings (it dominates the ascending arc of the spiritual path), then the essence of the universal feminine principle is to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth and to transform the whole earthly life into a Paradise (it dominates the descending arc of the spiritual journey). Thus, in the Divine Wedding we have a beautiful balance between ascending and descending, between masculine and feminine universal principles, between individual (subjective) and collective (objective) aspects of human life.

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