The End of Time (or the End of the World) is a metaphorical term for the end of the life of humankind in its restricted earthly consciousness and its rising with a new cosmic-spiritual consciousness into the higher celestial realms of being. It is the end of the great metahistorical cycle of human evolution on Earth after the Fall and the beginning of a completely new cycle in the heavenly world, bringing the Kingdom of God down on Earth.

Now the End of Time is coming. For the first time in its known history humankind is developing into one gigantic socio-cultural organism living on a relatively small planet. Due to the technological revolution and to a dramatic increase in communication between all nations, every major event on Earth directly of indirectly affects all people. It is now evident from a spiritual perspective that we approaching the crucial period in human evolution on Earth when the socio-cultural organism of humankind (and its civilisation) has to change in order to survive.

Obviously humankind has to change its direction of life and to undergo a cultural and spiritual rebirth or otherwise it could face a chain of devastating wars, ecological disasters and ultimately self-destruction. With regard to this change all spiritual traditions speak about the big choice, the moment of truth at the End of Time and the day of Judgement.

The development of humankind as one gigantic socio cultural organism was envisaged from the beginning of human evolution on Earth. Metaphysically speaking we could compare the life of the human race on Earth, after the Fall, with the formation of the birds embryo within the egg. The Earth is the cosmic-spiritual egg, humankind is the embryo of the celestial bird that is God's people on Earth. When the time comes, i.e. at the End of Time, humankind has to hatch from the earthly life in restricted fragmented Earthly consciousness and to fly back to the celestial realms. Perhaps the mysterious myth about the rebirth of the Phoenix bird may be an illustration of this spiritual rebirth of the human being. The spiritual rebirth of humankind is the transformation of human beings into living souls flying as Divine doves in the Kingdom of God. Here it is appropriate to recall the myth from the Hopi prophecies about the final stage in human evolution on Earth called the 'Great Day of Purification'. This stage is described as a 'mystery egg', which will culminate either in total Rebirth or Total Annihilation  an image which definitely refers to the successful or unsuccessful rebirth of humankind from the 'Earthly egg' at the End of Time.

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