God, however, never left humankind without His support and blessing. He sent His messengers, the Divine Masters, to show the way back to the higher states of consciousness in the celestial world. The Teachings of the Masters, in accord with the historical epochs and different human cultures, brought an enormous amount of living knowledge about the three-fold structure of the Universe, the Divine origin of the human being and the Path of the glorious return to the celestial world. We can recall here: the Eight Steps of Yoga, the Eight-fold Path of Buddhism, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in Judaism, Rebirth in the Spirit in Christianity and Muhammad's Night Journey as a model for all Muslims.

In order to achieve states of consciousness which correspond to the essence of the higher Divine worlds, the human being has to undergo two resurrections. The first resurrection is rebirth as a Divine soul from the first, material world into the second heavenly world, woven by celestial light, love, music, higher human virtues and spiritual abilities. The second resurrection is rebirth from the heavenly world into the highest Divine world  a mystery connected with the awakening of the higher Divine Self which enables the human being to contemplate the whole of Creation and to co-create with God. In every spiritual tradition we find profound and inspiring descriptions of the great spiritual journey of the human being through the two resurrections towards complete self-realisation and final liberation in God.

So, in their first coming the Masters sowed the seeds of great spiritual traditions which grew up and matured into 'Trees of Life', each giving the sweet fruit of a unique initiation an understanding of the Truth about God, Creation and the Path of ascension to the higher worlds. The roots of these 'Trees of Life' are on Earth in the form of a spiritual culture Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and others; the trunks and the branches are in the higher heavenly world and take the form of a particular structure of the celestial realms; the crowns are in the highest Divine world embracing the whole of Creation. Thus, the 'Trees of Life' sowed by the Divine Masters stretch up through the whole vertical structure of the universe and help the devoted believers to return back to the higher worlds and to become micro-models of Creation.

The purpose of the first coming of the Masters was to bring as many people as possible to the higher states of consciousness and to prepare humankind on Earth for its return to the Kingdom of God. The return of humankind as a whole to the Kingdom of God was predestined for the End of Time, for which purpose the Masters have to come again. So, knowing the Divine plan for ascent to heavenly states of consciousness, most of the Masters predicted their Second Coming at the End of Time.

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