The successful or unsuccessful rebirth of humankind depends on the outcome of the great apocalyptic battle between the light forces and the dark forces. The light forces are represented by the Divine Masters, the Divine Mother and all light beings in the celestial worlds. The dark forces are represented by the Lucifer, Ahriman and Antichrist energies. In one way or another, these four main streams of energy now determine the life of humankind. In almost all domains of the present human culture we can recognise these four types of energy engaging in an extremely dynamic and dramatic interaction between themselves.

The Lucifer energy deforms the wholeness of the human being. It is based on the ego-complex and is characterised by a drive for power, selfish realisation at the expense of others, quick results, "phenomenal" achievements, occult knowledge and so forth. On the surface, this energy can give the impression of polish, good education, success, brilliance, even charm, but at its core it hides an expansionist ego-complex, moral impurity and greed for dominance. Unfortunately, this type of energy has influenced many domains of contemporary culture: the mass media, the arts, the educational system, some religious institutions and others. Some New Age leaders are also contaminated by the Luciferic energy.

The Ahriman energy deforms the wholeness of human society and its culture, that is, the wholeness of the socio-cultural organism of humankind. The chief aim of the Ahriman principle is to block the spiritual dimensions of human life and to make human beings slaves of the material world. It substitutes the essential spiritual needs of the human soul with cravings for material goods, physical comfort, a 'respectable' position in society, complacency, entertainment, consumerism, perverted sexual pleasures and so on. By cultivating fears of losing a high material standard of living and social status, the Ahriman principle tries to control, manipulate and keep millions of people in material slavery. It considers its aim achieved when human beings forget their high Divine origin, their celestial home and their spiritual strivings, impulses and dreams. Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that the Ahriman energy has penetrated to the very foundation of our civilisation and has created the phenomenon of the pop-culture in its negative aspects. It is rampant almost everywhere: in the media, in the fields of entertainment, arts, sports, education and many others.

Most unfortunately, the Antichrist energy has manifested itself with extreme destructiveness throughout the whole twentieth century. This is not by chance because the twentieth century is the end of the great meta-historical cycle of humankind's life on Earth when all the negative (or karmic) and positive (or dharmic) energies from the past are being activated in order to bring to conclusion the results of the whole cycle. In other words, the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first century is the time for the harvest of all the good and bad actions of humankind throughout the entire cycle and it is the time of preparation for the coming new cycle of evolution.

While the Lucifer and Ahriman energies deform the wholeness of the human being and of the socio-cultural organism respectively, the Antichrist energy aims to deform the wholeness of Creation. It is characterised by violence, murder, black magic, arrogance, blackmail, and all kinds of heavy abuses in the areas of drug use, sexual practices and power. The Antichrist energy has its foothold in subversive type organisations, terrorism, all kinds of movements in which the participants believe that the aims justify criminal methods. The mass media and the arts can also become channels of the Antichrist energy when they promote violence and terrorism in the form of films, videos, paintings, etc.

Only the Divine energy of Light brings peace, love, joy, wisdom and truth to all human beings. It unfolds in great harmony and balances the wholeness of the human being, the society and the whole universe. In his sacred book The Testament of the Colour Rays of Light the Master Beinsa Douno gives a very profound, mystical and inspiring image of the Light forces personified by the Spirit of Christ:

The Spirit of Christ

The White

Who opens the seven seals,


and the seven eyes.


Causes the seven horns to grow;


Holds the seven churches;


Forms the seven stars;


Lights the seven candles;


Sanctifies the seven days;


Sends out the seven spirits;


unites everything in one;


creates the Divine harmony of the


great and small worlds; distributes


the assigned blessings; leads all to


the Divine Heart of Love.


Enlivens and creates; produces and


gives birth; enriches and embellishes;


caresses and comforts;


blesses and illumines.


Makes joyful all living beings;


enlightens and fills with wisdom.


Gathers knowledge; manifests


all God's love, wisdom and truth.

(p. 65)

Only this Light energy could secure the successful spiritual rebirth of humankind and its transformation into God's people on Earth. We see manifestations of this Divine Energy throughout the world but now is the time for the Light forces to conquer the dark forces and to redirect the evolution of humankind.

So the outcome of the apocalyptic battle between the light forces and the dark forces will determine the result on the Day of Judgement.

Will we choose the path of ascent to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, the journey back to the Kingdom of God, or will we choose the path of descent into war, ecological disasters and self-destruction? The choice is ours but after the choice - the Judgement will come!

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