Now humankind is living in the end of time when it has to change in order to survive. Hence the Second Coming of the Masters has to take place to help and guide the spiritual rebirth of humankind.

The Masters, according to their promises, can appear in any level of Creation, but regardless of their actual manifestations they will proclaim the wholeness of Being on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. For instance, Christ 'will appear in the clouds', in His universal body in the highest Divine world, illuminating the whole of Creation. The Hebrew Messiah will come to lead the New Exodus to the Promised Land (the Kingdom of God, the seven Heavens) and will inaugurate the Third Temple the whole Universe as a Divine Temple. Zoroaster may manifest in the heavenly worlds as an inner guide within our souls and spirits and will reveal the mystery of the great cosmic-spiritual Sun which gives eternal life to all of Creation. The coming of Maitreya Buddha will result in a great Enlightenment revealing the totality of all existence and embracing the past, the present and the future of humankind. The Divine guru Rama-Krishna was an embodiment of Rama and Krishna; in his Second Coming he may even become an incarnation of Masters from different traditions in order to confirm the absolute mystical unity of all religions. Each one of the Masters, and the Divine Mother as well, will find the most appropriate male and female, physical, etheric, heavenly or universal bodies to manifest the great apocalyptic event of the Second Coming. The question of the actual reappearance of each Master is a very delicate and sensitive one. Some of the Masters will appear in celestial transfigured bodies, and God will open the spiritual eyes of millions of people enabling them to witness the event of the Second Coming. For the Masters who will appear in physical bodies, God will create the most powerful and appropriate socio-cultural and religious conditions where they will act as Divine Messengers. But in all cases the essence of the Second Coming will be the same  a Divine Blessing for returning to the Kingdom of God with its many mansions and bringing this celestial reality down on Earth.

Thus in their Second Coming the Masters will reveal the whole reality of the Kingdom of God with its many mansions. The new initiations bestowed by the Second Coming of the Masters will be very closely interconnected and altogether will depict the reality of the Kingdom of God. Each will reflect all the others, but according to the nature of its own unique tradition. If, as we suggested earlier, the initiations of the first coming are like fruits from the Trees of Life planted by the Masters, now the fruits of these same trees are hybridised to produce the taste and qualities of all the others. We could also compare the Second Coming of the Masters with the joint construction of a majestic Divine Temple with many different but transparent chapels from which we could observe the whole Temple.

As a result we will have many incarnations, embodiments, personifications and manifestations related to the mystery of the Second Coming in all three worlds. Moreover, many human beings will be directly inspired by the Masters and will become their channels, witnesses, messengers, collaborators and co-creators. All prophecies will be fulfilled because it is God who acts. All appearances will radiate the Light of the new Divine impulse that re-creates the world. And all the Masters will announce, in a different way according to their tradition, the results of their common work in Heaven, inspired by the new creative act of God. We could adopt the name Christ-Maitreya as the integrative name of the Second Coming of all the Divine Masters radiating the light of the new creative Divine impulse. This name links two of the great Divine Masters, one each from the Western and the Eastern spiritual traditions: Christ, the son of God, the Universal Logos, the Light of the World and Buddha  Maitreya, the Coming One, the Enlightened, the Rebirth of the Eternal Truth of The Dharma. In actuality, however, the full name should be Melchizedek Christ Maitreya Krishna Hermes Moses Zoroaster Muhammad Ramakrishna Babaji Quetzalcoatl (and many others).

Thus, the Second Coming is a great Divine impulse taking many different images and manifestations. In effect, the Second Coming of the Masters is a fulfilment of the great act of transformation of humankind which will enable it to return to the Kingdom of God.

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