An Appeal to the People of the World


Beloved Friends
Let us mobilise spiritually throughout 2012 in order that December 21, 2012 will become a real celebration of entry into the reality of the New Heaven and the Earth as New Humankind!

The energy, which emanates from the cosmic-spiritual Sun at the centre of the Universe, from the Living God, is like a colossal magnet of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. It will organize the little wills of human beings in accordance with the power lines of this Divine Magnet, with the Will of God who re-creates the world. The chaos caused by so many egocentric individual wills, which is the reason for so much trouble and suffering in the world will be transformed by this Divine Magnet into the perfect order of the New Reality.

Through this Divine energy the life of humankind will enter into the power lines of this colossal spiritual magnet and the human race will begin the New Cycle of Existence. The New Reality is the future of humankind. If the people don’t reach these high spiritual values, it is not known whether or not they will enter into the New Cycle of Existence, because they simply will not have the awareness for it nor the energy to achieve it. It doesn’t matter where the human being is in the society – it is enough to be in the power lines of the Living God, because the Living God is one – the apocalyptic energy originating from the central cosmic-spiritual Sun.

One Book of Life in Creation is coming to a close – that of the old humankind and a new Book of Life is opening – that of the new, transcendent, humankind who will live in the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and will co-create with God.

The new Book of Life is opening here and now!
Let us celebrate!
So be it! Amen!

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