Gathering the Fruits from theTree of Life

The year 2012 is the final year of the Transition period between two great cosmic cycles. This year we have to gather the fruits from the outgoing Indo-European cycle and enter into the new cycle of evolution. To gather the fruits from the Tree of Life means to receive the Initiations of the Divine Masters and their Divine Counterparts who came on Earth during the Indo-European cycle. To enter into the new cycle of evolution requires receiving the cosmic energy of the New Genesis.  This process has lasted for quite a few years already and continues now. The year 2012, as the last year of the Transition period, is a time of test and if we pass the ‘exam’, we will enter into the new World Age. On December 21, 2012 we have to unite the point Omega of the old cycle with the point Alpha of the new one! This is the essence of the Transition period – the shift from the past cycle to the new one! 

The crucial importance of the Mayan Prophecy is their prediction that now, at the end of present cycle of 5,125 years, the central Sun, or light of the galaxy, emits a ray of light so intense and so brilliant that it illuminates the entire Universe. It is from this burst of light that the planet Earth and the whole Solar System comes into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe. So, we have to prepare ourselves to receive this apocalyptic energy!

In regard to the conclusion of the present Indo-European cycle we could find a striking analogy with the concept of the End of Days and the wholeness of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalistic tradition: At this moment of Truth the whole Cosmic Cycle is seen as one Divine wholeness and a single event in God’s Mind: the Creator opens the books where everything is recorded and reveals the original Divine Plan for the evolution of all beings in the Cycle.i

On the other hand, in the Teaching of the Kabbalah the New Genesis is prophesised as an amazing apocalyptic event: After the End of Days the CREATOR wills another general Cycle (Shemittah) to unfold the new Universe. In this next sefirotic step are the seeds of everything great and small, high and low, that will happen in the following manifestation of Existence which thus proceeds, cosmic cycle by cosmic cycle, towards the Jubilee of Jubilees.ii 

Of course we are not at the end of all cosmic cycles yet, but even the shift from one to another requires opening of the Book of the Living and gathering the fruits from the Indo-European cycle. Entry into the new epoch is connected with illumination about the coming new Cycle of existence. Respectively, during the year we will concentrate our work on gathering the fruits from the Indo-European cycle, while the celebration on December 21  will be consecrated to the entry into the New Reality.

We will gather the fruits from the Tree of Life in the outgoing Indo-European cycle based on the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Tree of Life symbolises the essence of God, Creation and the human being made in the image and likeness of God.  God is the absolute origin of Being. Creation has a monumental three-fold hierarchical structure consisting of material, celestial and causal worlds. The Human Being is created in the image of God in order to live in the whole three-fold structure of Creation: in the physical world with an illuminated physical body and personality, in the celestial world with a soul in full bloom and in the causal world with an awakened Divine Self. Gathering the fruits of the Tree of Life means to receive the initiations of the Divine Masters and their Feminine Counterparts who came on Earth during the Indo-European cycle. Then we will achieve our Divine wholeness, appreciate the fullness of Creation and prepare ourselves to experience the New Genesis.

The Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem is like a colossal Zodiac-Mandala and presents a typological picture of the whole metahistorical cycle of humankind’s life on Earth since the Fall – the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise – to their return back to the Father’s house.  It is a typological picture of the great cosmic-spiritual year in the history of humankind which includes all historical epochs through which humankind has passed during the process of involution (from the Garden of Paradise to the material world) and evolution (from the dark ‘material’ consciousness evolving to cosmic-spiritual consciousness).

The initiations at the four cardinal points of the spiritual Zodiac-Mandala could be identified as the initiations of Krishna (personified in our epoch by the Hindu Master Babaji), Buddha, Jesus Christ, the Master Beinsa Douno, and the Holy Spirit. They encompass the whole cycle of the cosmic-spiritual year – the initiations of Krishna (Babaji) and the Holy Spirit mark the beginning and the end of the cycle).  Of course, each one of the Divine Masters has a Feminine Counterpart who plays a very important role in the initiation.

All the remaining initiations through which humankind has passed in the course of history can be inscribed within this cycle – for instance, the initiations of Hermes, Moses, Zoroaster, Orpheus, Pythagorus, Lao Tzu, Plato, Muhammad, Bodhidharma and many others.  All these initiations have a definite place in the inner circles of the Mandala at one or another of the important points on the cosmic-spiritual Zodiac. Thus, the spiritual Zodiac-Mandala gives a great overview of the spiritual history of humankind and the place, role and significance of each one of the initiations.

Having passed along the cosmic-spiritual path, humankind will return to the Kingdom of God enriched by many spiritual experiences and various initiations.  Each initiation, regardless of the time it was given to humankind, is not lost from God’s memory, but remains to shine throughout eternity as a Fruit from the Tree of Life. After its return to the Kingdom of God, humankind will resurrect all initiations through which it has passed and experience them as the ‘many rooms in the Father’s house’.  Thus, by the grace of God, it becomes possible to go beyond the stream of cultural-historical time and to transform dyachrony into synchrony.  In other words, we can rise above the cycle of the cosmic-spiritual seasons in the evolution of humankind and encompass the whole macrostructure of the spiritual Zodiac in which the various initiations find integration.

Therefore, the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem is a basis for the integration of all religions.  Although they have very different ways, often even opposing,  due to the particular cosmic season in which they flourished, they come from one and the same spiritual centre of Being and lead back to it. The knowledge of their differences and at the same time their essential unity will allow the misunderstandings between religions to be transcended and an era of combined work for the descent of the Kingdom of God on Earth to begin. Moreover, the  Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem will  open up the possibility for easy passage from the spiritual world  of  one religion  into the spiritual world of another.  Thus the  followers  of  the different religions will become free citizens of the Holy City.

So, during 2012 we have to gather the fruits from the outgoing Indo-European cycle. The great spiritual festivals of the world religions provide a perfect opportunity to link with the Divine Masters, their Feminine Counterparts and to receive their initiations. For the main spiritual Festivals to give fruits from the Tree of Life, they have to be conducted as Initiation ceremonies in mystical link with the Divine Masters, founders of the religions, in all three worlds of Creation. This means that the Gates of Initiation of the Heavenly Jerusalem of each of the Divine Masters have to be widely open for everyone who wants to enter into the Holy City. From this point of view, on December 21, 2012, the Twelfth and last Universal Gate of the Heavenly Jerusalem has to be opened in celebration and solemnity. It leads to the Kingdom of God with many mansions and to the New Cycle of Existence.

The Initiations of the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine have to integrate the mythology of their First and Second Coming in order to enter into the New Genesis. For this purpose it is reasonable for the celebrations of the main religious festivals to be on the level of prayer-meditations and mystical link with the Divine Masters.

As a result, the spiritual work could be a great integral celebration, gathering fruits from the Tree of Life every month. In this way we will prepare ourselves for the great planetary celebration on the  December 21, 2012.

January 6 – Epiphany. Theophany.  In the Orthodox Christian tradition this festival commemorates the Baptising of Jesus in the River Jordan. For more than five years we have celebrated this remarkable day as a Baptising in the River of the water of life, sparkling like crystal, and coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb and flowing down the middle of the city’s street. (Revelation 22:1) From another point of view this River is the living light from the seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God. (Revelation 4:5)  This ceremony, lasting more than an hour, is connected with the Living Light from the Throne of God which descends on us as Holy Spirit and develops our high spiritual bodies of light. Thus the ceremony of baptising by water for purification is elevated to a ceremony of baptising by the Holy Spirit for spiritual rebirth in God.

February 15 – Nirvana Day. Nirvana Day celebrates the ‘parinirvana’ of Buddha when he leaves the Earth and merges with the Origin of Being. There is a wonderful legend that before his ascent from the Earth he passed the essence of his Teaching to his most advanced disciple by giving him a flower. This story could have many interpretations and one of them is that the fragrance of the flower reflects the essence of the moment here and now, which is the ‘gate’ to eternity and to nirvana, to the Great Void. Based on our Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem we envisage a wonderful flower in the hands of the coming Buddha Maitreya, which initiates us into the living moment here and now, this time of God’s creativity as co-creators with Him/Her.

March 22 – Spring Equinox. The spiritual celebration of the cardinal points of each season of the year plays a very important role in our annual work. They reflect the ‘metaphysical’ balance between spirit and matter, spiritual ‘day’ and ‘night’, inner and outer spiritual activity, ascending and descending streams of energy and so on. The Spring Equinox, as the Festival of the Cosmic-spiritual Spring, is a celebration of the ascent of humankind from the shadows of material existence into the light of the spiritual Sun.  In the Cosmic-spiritual Spring, spirit and matter are again in balance (as in the Cosmic-spiritual Autumn), but on an evolutionary basis, i.e. towards the increasing manifestation of the spirit in matter.  As a result, metaphorically speaking, the Universe becomes like a ‘blossoming entity’. This is the season of the Master Beinsa Douno’s initiation when the soul blossoms and the whole Earth is filled with new spiritual vibrations.  As a result, the Master’s initiation illuminates many spiritual worlds in Creation and ultimately reveals the mystery of the Primal Cause – God as eternal Love, endless Wisdom, absolute Truth. It is not by chance that, in Bulgaria, on the first day of Spring the people from the White Brotherhood, established by the Master Beinsa Douno, start the sacred dance Paneurhythmy (danced every day in Spring and Summer) and celebrate the coming epoch of the Cosmic-spiritual Spring.

April 8 – Easter. In 1975 I had a mystical link with the Cosmic Christ and from a metaphysical point of view I met His Second Coming. St. John started his Book of Revelation after his vision of Christ (1:10-19).  In a similar way, after my vision I began my spiritual work in the world. Based on my mystical connection with the Cosmic Christ, I introduced a new integral mythology of the Second Coming, combining the mystery of the Cross of Crucifixion with the mystery of the Cross of Immortality, the blossoming of the Rose of the Heart with the blossoming of the Rose of the World, the initiation of the True Vine with the initiation of the Universal Tree, the secrets of the immanent Christ with the secrets of the transcendent Christ, the Sacraments of the earthly Church with the Sacraments of the heavenly Church.

The new integral mythology will reactivate, rejuvenate and resurrect the entire mystery of the First Coming of Christ in its full power and glory.  Thus, the great metahistorical cycle between the First and the Second Coming of Christ on Earth will be completed, humankind will enter into a new celestial cycle of evolution and will live with Christ forever. Over the years we activated the mythology of the Second Coming many times, so this year it is one of the most important tasks at Easter.

May 5 – Wesak Festival. The Buddhist world and many spiritual people around the Earth are expecting the coming of the New Buddha – Maitreya. The Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem is an important prototype of the New Mandala which Maitreya Buddha will reveal. In Buddhism, Vajrayana, or the Diamond Vehicle, is an esoteric tradition, the initiation ceremonies of which involve entry into a Mandala, a mystic circle or symbolic map of the spiritual universe. With the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem, we have something like a new Vajrayana which provides a basis for receiving the initiations of all world religions. It is easy to imagine the enormous amount of metaphysical ideas, archetypes and spiritual structures related to the various initiations and their interconnection within the system of co-ordinates of this celestial Mandala. In the near future people from all world religions could follow the Vajrayana of the new Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem

June 21 – Summer Solstice. From a metaphysical point of view this celebration is connected with the Holy Spirit and the reality of the past Golden Age and the coming new one. The Summer Solstice represents life under the direct light of the cosmic-spiritual Sun, revealing the mystery of the absolute Origin of Being. It is not by chance that in some spiritual traditions, and especially in Christianity, the month of June usually is connected with Pentecost and the Day of the Holy Spirit.  Accordingly we are celebrating the coming New Golden Age and are preparing intensively for our Summer Assembly on the sacred mountain Rila. 

July 12 – The Day of the Master Beinsa Douno. On this day we are usually on the sacred mountain Rila and celebrate the birthday of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno. Working on all three levels – the microcosmos of human life, the cosmos of the human civilisation and the macrocosmos of Creation, the Master Beinsa Douno gave a powerful new impulse for the evolution of humankind. He brought a new fruit from the Tree of Life by opening the epoch of the Holy Spirit and preparing the soil for the descent of the Kingdom of God on Earth. From a metaphysical point of view the Master opened the Eastern Universal Gate in the Heavenly Jerusalem leading to the Kingdom of God with many mansions and revealing the new Divine Spring in the life of humankind.

I was blessed to receive the torch from the Master Beinsa Douno to carry on his work and to reveal the esoteric depths of his Teaching, especially the Paneurhythmy, the Pentagram and the Testament of the Colour Rays of Light. For our spiritual group they are a blossoming Tree of Life, revealing the essence of the Human Being, made in the image and likeness of God, the coming New Solar Culture and the mystery of God as Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. On the other hand we continue the Teaching and the Cause of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno in the 21st century by activating the celestial archetypes of the New Heaven and the New Earth prophesised in the Book of Revelation by St. John and opening the Southern Universal Gate in the Holy City.iii

August 15 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven.  This is a great spiritual festival in Christianity. It is interesting to note that August 15 is also the Day of Ramakrishna’s ascension and the birthday of Shri Aurobindo. Ramakrishna was well known for his achievements in reaching the highest states of consciousness in the world religions and for his devotion to the Divine Mother.  In great reverence and appreciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, following in the steps of Ramakrishna, I received a whole New Gospel which came from the Universal Divine Mother. It is hard to imagine a more important and actual theme for our time than the glorification of the Divine Feminine. Inspired by The Gospel of the Divine Mother, I gave many lectures and guided meditations for the mystical link with the Personifications of the Divine Feminine and the Blessed Virgin Mary in particular.

August 19-22 – The Sun Festival. This is one of the greatest festivals of the Universal Brotherhood, established by the Master Beinsa Douno in Bulgaria. On these days, more than 1,000 people from the five continents gather on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria to meet the rising Sun of the new Solar Culture and to perform the Sacred Dance Paneurhythmy. One of the great Russian composers A. Scriabin had a plan for a spiritual dance of transfiguration to be performed by people, dressed in white, early in the morning, around a temple in India. He was not able to realise his dream but that is exactly the essence of the Paneurhythmy.  The spiritual energy released in the Sun Festival is enormous and encompasses the whole Earth. The Master Beinsa Douno himself predicted that in the future even more people will gather on Rila Mountain for the Solar Festival. 

September – 22 Autumn Equinox.  According to ancient spiritual tradition, the Autumn is a very appropriate time for ‘going inside’ and for spiritual learning (in harmony with the inward seasonal flow of the energy in Nature). For us it is a perfect time to start the Mystery School of the Spirit and to appreciate the various world religions and their great mysteries. In the context of 2012 the participants in our Mystery School of the Spirit have to gather the ‘spiritual harvest’ from the year and prepare for the great metaphysical event on December 21, 2012.

September 26 – Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement, is the holiest and most solemn day of the year in Judaism. Its main themes are atonement and repentance. The believers traditionally observe this holy day with a 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer, often spending most of the day in synagogue services. Yom Kippur completes the annual period known in Judaism as the High Holy Days or Yamim Nora’im („Days of Awe”). It provides prophetic insight regarding the Coming of the Messiah and the final Judgement of the world.  According to the Kabbalistic tradition the expected Messiah will be able to ascend through the whole vertical structure of the Universe, to merge with the Divine Origin of Being and to bring a new creative impulse from God. I am very thankful that I have been granted the blessing of ascending and descending freely through the vertical structure of Creation. As a result of this, I am bringing a new fruit from the Tree of Life – the Initiation of the Holy Spirit. Based on the Nine-fold Rainbow Path, which was revealed to me, now I am able to lead the Exodus of humankind from the restricted earthly consciousness through the World of Formation to the Fourth Heaven in the World of Creation – the Heavenly Jerusalem. 

October 26 – Pilgrimage to Mecca. The 12th Imam – Imam Mahdi – is considered as “the Axis Mundi, the invisible ruler of the Universe...The Mahdi is an ever living spiritual being who guides in the spiritual path those who ask him. He who is spiritually qualified is, in fact, in inner contact with the Mahdi.” iv  I am in inner contact with Imam Mahdi and over the years I often spoke and guided seminar participants on a meditation journey through the whole vertical structure of the Universe. In mystical link with Imam Mahdi, I could trace a metaphysical journey to the ultimate Garden of Truth, similar to the Night Journey of the Prophet Muhammad Himself.

November 13 – Diwali, Festival of Lights, India. The Diwali illuminations with lighted diyas bring brightness and joy with the hope of finding light in darkness, achieving knowledge where there is ignorance, and spreading love amidst hatred. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights. Light is significant in Hinduism because it signifies goodness. Following the example of Ramakrishna, Babaji and other Divine Masters, this festival could become a celebration of the unity of all world religions. For instance, the Mission of Ramakrishna was to confirm that all spiritual traditions come from one and the same Divine Source and all lead back to that Source. For this purpose he practiced the paths of the main world religions and experienced their ultimate goals.  In a similar way I experienced the highest states of consciousness in various religions. The devotion of Ramakrishna to the Divine Mother was an inspiring example for me and resulted in the New Gospel of the Divine Mother.  On the other hand, it is well known that the great Divine Guru Babaji blessed Sri Yukteswar to write the book The Holy Science (revealing the unity of Hinduism and Christianity) and blessed Paramahansa Yogananda to spread Kriya Yoga in the Western world. Subsequently Paramahansa Yogananda wrote two monumental volumes about the Second Coming of Christ. Over the years my spiritual friends and I felt a deeply emotional contact with the Divine Guru Babaji and envisaged forming a group, similar to his yoga group in the Himalayas.

December 21 – The New Genesis. It is well known that on August 17, 1987 – the beginning of the Transition period in the Mayan calendar – about one hundred and fifty million people all over the globe celebrated the end of the old cosmic cycle of 25,625 years. Now, on December 21, 2012, even more than a hundred and fifty million people could combine their positive energies in order to channel the apocalyptic energy from the centre of the Universe for the New Genesis and the New Cycle of human evolution.

The people who will celebrate December 21, 2012 will be like an antenna for channelling the cosmic energies: the more people – the bigger the antenna. To a great extent I experienced, with spiritual friends, various aspects of the New Genesis during the Transition period.  Many people will experience it during the year 2012, but of course the culmination will be on the celebration of December 21, 2012. On this day everyone, in accordance with his/her level of evolution will try to enter into the New Reality: some through commitment to practicing the human virtues (the larger circle of people), others through awakening of the human soul and entry into the Garden of Paradise (the advanced people from all world religions, including the New Age people), while the initiates will awake their Divine Self and will channel directly the energy of the New Genesis.

Of course the dates for celebration and gathering the fruits from the Tree of Life are mainly provisional. In this celebrative calendar many more dates could be included from various faiths such as Baha’i, Zoroastrism, Taoism and others. The important point is the annual model for celebration. On the other hand, the various groups participating in Celebration 2012 could emphasis certain festivals, adding their own spiritual activities into the programme. For instance, the Christian groups will also celebrate The Annunciation (March 25), Pentecost (June 3), Transfiguration (August 6) and others. Thus the various groups, celebrating the main world religious festivals, together with their own, will build the tabernacle of human spirituality. Then the planetary celebration on the December 21, 2012 could really become the culmination of the year 2012 and a great apocalyptic event!

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