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The Sacred Dance Paneurhythmy
Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem
Harmonic Convergence
Mystical Link with the American Indians
The Book The Second Coming
The Mystery School of the Spirit in Bulgaria
The Assemblies on the Sacred Mountain Rila
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The New Era

My spiritual work, for more than 38 years now, has been consecrated to the mysteries of the Second Coming, the Day of Resurrection and Judgement, the coming reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. Among these mysteries the Mayan predictions for the “era-2012” have played a very significant role.

As mentioned in the Introduction, being born on August 15, my birth chart has many common features with the chart of Harmonic Convergence. Perhaps it was not by chance then that on August 16-17, 1987 I was one of the leaders of Harmonic Convergence in Glastonbury, which marked the beginning of the transition period to the great new cycle of 25,625 years. In Glastonbury, one of the most sacred places in England, on the legendary Abby Grounds, representative from the five continents danced the sacred dance Paneurhythmy and performed Mandala Meditation to mark the beginning of the New Era.

Below I will share some important events of my personal spiritual journey connected, directly or indirectly, with the mythological year 2012. In them the sacred dance Paneurhythmy and the Mandala Meditation played a very important role. I hope these events will shed light on the enigma of the Mayan prophecy and give substance for the transition period from the Old Cosmic Cycle to the New One.

The Sacred Dance Paneurhythmy

In the period of 1969-1973 I was in Moscow working on my PhD in History of Art. In February 1972, during my winter break in Sofia, I was introduced to a spiritual community, called the Brotherhood, in Bulgaria, established by the great spiritual Master Beinsa Douno (1864-1944). This connection completely changed my personal life. From a ‘bright intellectual’ I became a devoted spiritual disciple. In the Summer of 1972 I went to the Summer Spiritual Camp of this Brotherhood in the Sacred Mountain Rila in the area of the Seven Lakes. There I deeply appreciated the Teaching and the Cause of the Master Beinsa Douno, especially the sacred dance Paneurhythmy, and learned a lot about the Mission of the Master as the World Teacher for our time.

The Mission of the Master was to open the Epoch of the Holy Spirit, which begins with the cosmic-spiritual Spring in the life of humankind and the Earth.  During this epoch the human being sprouts, symbolically speaking, as a grain of wheat from the darkness of the material world towards the light of the Celestial worlds.  For the fulfilment of this process the Master Beinsa Douno revealed a majestic picture of the whole of Creation connecting the Physical, Angelic and the highest Divine World.  He explained the main spiritual principles and laws which govern the Universe and revealed to human beings the endless richness of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.  In fulfilling his Divine Tasks, the Master Beinsa Douno did enormous work on all three levels of human life – the microcosmos of the human being, the cosmos of the human civilisation and the macrocosmos of Creation.  Thus he traced the Path of the spiritual disciple for the new epoch of Aquarius as a Path for all humankind towards the Kingdom of God. 

In the spiritual legacy of the Master the sacred dance Paneurhythmy (high cosmic rhythm) plays an extremely important role.  It is the focus of the whole Teaching of the Master.  The dance represents an organic synthesis of such important celestial components as spiritual music, colour rays of light, sacred words, basic movements and archetypal ideas related to the dawning of the cosmic-spiritual Spring.  Performed in the context of the appropriate style of life of the spiritual disciple, the dance aims at the blossoming of the human soul and becomes a path of ascent and transfiguration.  The Paneurhythmy in its wholeness follows the stream of the evolutionary ascent of humankind in the cosmic-spiritual Spring and can be considered as a new, original type of yoga practice, tailored for the Age of Aquarius.

The sacred dance Paneurhythmy is a synthesis of the entire Teaching of the Master and contains the living seeds for the coming New Solar Culture of the Sixth human race in the epoch of Aquarius.  It is the gateway to the reality of the Kingdom of God, which is woven by heavenly music, spiritual colour rays of light, sacred words and psychic movement.  The Paneurhythmy reflects the 'dance' and the cosmic-spiritual rhythm of life in all planes of the Universe; it is an earthly reflection of the harmony and music in the celestial spheres.  By dancing the Paneurhythmy we link with the living energies of Nature, the Sun and the Earth, and with the higher spiritual worlds.  Thus, we transform ourselves, the spiritual community and the whole physical environment.  As a result, the Paneurhythmy becomes a heavenly dance on sacred Earth and it is like the new song for the coming epoch of Aquarius.

The Master Beinsa Douno often said that his Teaching and the Paneurhythmy would spread in Russia and would become the foundation of the new human culture to come out of Russia.   I am very grateful that I was blessed by the Master to bring his Teaching, and especially the sacred dance Paneurhythmy, to Russia for the first time. It was a pioneer task which focused my attention and devotion to the coming New Solar Culture in the Age of Aquarius. Here it is interesting to note that I introduced the Paneurhythmy in some other spiritual centres in Europe and the USA such as Findhorn in Scotland, Tara in Ireland, Coleraine in Northern Ireland, Schweibenalp in Switzerland, Ohio in the USA and so on. This is why perhaps it was not by chance that in Glastonbury, the spiritual heart of England, at the time of Harmonic Convergence (August 17, 1987) I led the sacred dance Paneurhythmy with representatives from the five continents. Thus the Hopi prophecy about this extraordinary time was enacted:

144,000 Sun Dance enlightened teachers will totally awaken in their dream mindbodies.  They will begin to meet in their own feathered serpent or winged serpent wheels and become a major force of the light to help the rest of humanity to dance their dream awake. A Sun Dance teacher is any human being who has awakened, who has balanced their shields, who has gained the dream mindbody and who honours all paths, all teachers, and all ways.
 (A Hopi Prophecy, Acorn Publishing, Glastonbury, p. 24)

It was really inspiring that representatives from 5 continents (who have gained their dream mindbody and who honour all paths, all teachers, and all ways) started the great transition period from August 17, 1987 to December 21, 2012 to the New Era of humankind with the sacred dance Paneurhythmy.



Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem

After finishing my PhD thesis in Moscow (1973), I returned to Bulgaria and I rearranged my life in accordance with the spiritual tradition of the Master Beinsa Douno.  In the years that followed, my life in the spiritual school of the Master was a very happy and fulfilling one.  I attended spiritual gatherings on a weekly basis, participated in excursions with inspiring spiritual sharings every weekend and celebrated the main spiritual festivals of the year.

The climax of the spiritual school was the Summer camp in the Rila mountains.  There, for a month or so, the participants learned to live together in love and friendship as one great spiritual family, to appreciate Nature and all forms of life and to overcome the challenges which the high mountains provide.  The focus of the day in these Summer camps was the morning prayer and meditation at sunrise, which lasted about 90 minutes, followed by the Paneurhythmy, lasting another 90 minutes.  So, for about three hours every day the participants witnessed and participated in the great cosmic-spiritual life, integrating all levels of Being.

My real experience of the Garden of Paradise came in the Summer camps. During these sacred hours many people, and fortunately I was one of them, experienced the blossoming of their souls.  My eyes were opened and I perceived the mountains, Nature, the Earth and all of life as a magnificent sea of Divine Love, Light, Music, Colours, spiritual thought-forms.  I felt a deep spiritual contact with the beloved Master Beinsa Douno, who’s Spirit led me from one to another beautiful world in the Kingdom of God.

At some stage I realised that I was becoming clairvoyant and able to perceive the beauty and richness of the celestial worlds.  Moreover, I started having visions and insights about various spiritual traditions, which revealed to me the reality of the Kingdom of God.  I had a living experience and visions of the Cosmic Christ, the Orpheus mysteries, the 'harmony of the spheres' in the Pythagoras tradition, Rudolf Steiner's esoteric university, the life of the first Christian communities, the celestial school of the Master Beinsa Douno, the epoch of the last Golden Age on Earth and others.  If the Summer camp was like a Divine valley in the Garden of Paradise, these visions revealed the bright and awesome summits of initiations in the spiritual Himalayas surrounding this valley.
(Some visions and mystical experiences from this period are described in the section Projects, The Sacred Mountain Rila.)

The "era-2012" (1980-2016, about which writes John Major Jenkins) started for me in May 1979 in Prague. There in the process of a deep meditative study of the Gospel of St. John and the Book of Revelation many pictures from these Holy Scriptures became alive and the visions, symbols and allegories in them began to reveal their deep spiritual meaning. Receiving blessings from the Holy Spirit I had the first glimpses of the mysteries of the Second Coming and of the approaching reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

In April 1980 I underwent a complete fast for 24 days. During the fast I had very special personal experiences about my purpose in life and my earthly mission.  In July the same year I decided to consecrate my life to God. Following this decision I started developing a Programme for the Transformation of the Earthly Culture into a Celestial Culture
In May-June 1981 I was blessed to visit the Holy Land and to link with the Cosmic Christ. There I received 37 messages from the Highest Divine World. Some of them were deep mystical visions and became the basis of the new initiation, which is coming through the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit.

In the Spring and Autumn of 1982 all planets in our solar system were in alignment with the Earth.  This extraordinary planetary constellation appeared as a sign of the beginning of a new era when humankind would become God's people on Earth and live in peace, love, harmony and mutual understanding. For me this event was the metaphysical beginning of the New Millennium and the New Era in the life of humankind. I became aware of the powerful impulse of cosmic energy, the energy which would determine the evolution of humankind in the New Millennium.

During the events in 1982 I received enlightenment about the Kingdom of God with many mansions. I felt called to write it down and to share it with the world.  The work on this message took about three years and resulted in The Book of Resurrection which interprets the Heavenly Jerusalem from the visions of the prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel and St. John as a majestic cosmic-spiritual Zodiac-Mandala. In it the different spiritual worlds revealed by the world religions are the "mansions in the Kingdom of God" (In my Father's house there are many mansions – John 14:2).  In essence this Zodiac-Mandala is the key for a new Integral Pentecost which comes as a conclusion to the great Indo-European cycle in the history of humankind and gives the impulse for the beginning of the new cycle of evolution in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

In the Section The Holy City we briefly introduce the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Similar to the Buddhist Mandala the initiations at the four cardinal points (and all others) can be presented in a symbolic form through different spiritual characteristics such as universal direction, earthly manifestation of the Divine Spirit, feminine counterpart, element, colour, posture and others. In order to describe the essence of the initiations at the cardinal points of all three circles of the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem (the outer, inner and inmost circles), however we have to introduce many more spiritual characteristics and concepts: cosmic phase, universal principle, mission, view of earthly life, type of transcendence, spiritual practice, model of the universe, structure of creation, spiritual transformation of the human being, symbol of initiation, sublime state of consciousness, ultimate reality. Then, with the help of all these spiritual characteristics and concepts, we can model the initiations of Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Beinsa Douno and many others.

In Buddhism the Vajrayana tradition, or the Diamond Vehicle, is an esoteric tradition, the initiation ceremonies of which involve entry into a Mandala, a mystic circle or symbolic map of the spiritual universe. Similarly, with the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem we have something like a new Vajrayana which provides a basis for receiving the initiations of the world religions. At the same time the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem serves as a basis for the integration of all religions showing their unique place and importance in the spiritual life of humankind. It is easy to imagine the enormous amount of metaphysical ideas, archetypes and spiritual structures related to the various initiations and their interconnection within the system of co-ordinates of the celestial Mandala.

Successful Mandala meditations will result in illumination, transfiguration and self-realisation. In love, joy and ecstasy we will enter into the reality of the Holy City, the 'New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God'. It will appear before us as a living heavenly Mandala illuminated by the great light of all the Divine Masters and their feminine counterparts. In this high state of consciousness we will merge with the universal bodies of the Divine Masters and will receive their initiations in the Temples of the Holy City.

The alignment of the planets in the solar system in 1982 was just a preparation for the extraordinary cosmic event of 2012. Nevertheless the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem was a big step towards the coming new integrative mythology in the spiritual life of humankind. Now I could well appreciate the apocalyptic energy for the next 25 625 years in the evolution of humankind which the alignment between the December Solstice Sun in 2012 with the Galactic centre will produce. Actually, when we did Mandala meditation in Glastonbury on the day of Harmonic Convergence (17 of August 1987) it was the most appropriate beginning to the transition period to the apocalyptic year 2012.


Harmonic Convergence

In July 1986 I was guided by the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother to leave Bulgaria and to go to the West in order to continue my spiritual work. On the one hand I shared my revelation about the Second Coming and the New Jerusalem in many countries (UK, Ireland, Switzerland, U.S.A. France, Germany) in the form of lectures, seminars, initiatic cycles, special celebrations, a spiritual school of Paneurhythmy, etc. On the other hand I became familiar with the western spiritual culture including the depths of the religious traditions, the variety of New Age movements, the special care for the Earth and the environment and so on. An important aspect of my time in the West was the meditation and visions about the mission of all the countries I visited in the Divine Plan for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Thus, I served as a living bridge between the Eastern European spiritual culture and the Western spiritual culture.

Around the time of Harmonic Convergence (the 16-17 of August 1987) a many books and articles were distributed all over the world. They inspired and motivated many people to celebrate this great event. Some of the articles explained Harmonic Convergence not only from the point of view of the Mayan Calendar, but also presented the astrological chart of the event. As mentioned earlier, my native chart had many common features with the chart of Harmonic Convergence. Perhaps this finally led me to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence in one of the most sacred places in England - Glastonbury, the Abby Grounds.

Representatives from the five continents gathered in Glastonbury on the 15th of August. On the 16th we started an intensive preparation for the great celebration on the 17th which had to coincide with the sunrise in the sacred place of the Mayans, marking the end of the great Cycle of 5,125 years and the transition to the New Era. We planned to celebrate this great event with Mandala Meditation and the sacred dance Paneurhythmy. With the Paneurhythmy we danced on a sacred place to celebrate, in accordance with the Hopi Prophecy, the beginning of the New Era in the life of humankind.

Through the Mandala Meditation we linked, in peace, love, harmony and mutual understanding for our common cause, with representatives of many spiritual traditions all over the world. The deep esoteric meaning of Harmonic Convergence, according to the initiator of this planetary event, Dr. Jose Arguelles, was to unite the prophecies of many other spiritual traditions and world religions. For this purpose it was very relevant to perform the Mandala Meditation as a symbol of integration and unity of all humankind.

East end of the Great Church, looking west.

On August 17, well prepared in advance, we gathered around 13.30 on the Abby Grounds to mark the great historical moment with a Mandala Meditation and the sacred dance Paneurhythmy. Exactly at the precise moment of the end of the great Mayan cycle of 25,625 years and the beginning of the transition period (of 25 years to 2012) we did a Mandala Meditation linking with many spiritual traditions of humankind. We held the feeling of the whole of humankind as one great spiritual family preparing to enter into the great new cycle of evolution in peace, harmony and mutual understanding.

After the Mandala Meditation, following the idea of the Hopi Indians that 144,000 sun-dance enlightened teachers were invited to dance on sacred places to mark the beginning of the new cycle, we did part of the sacred dance Paneurhythmy at the heart centre of England – the Abbey grounds in Glastonbury.  We did the Paneurhythmy up to the 16th movement because of the 72 people taking part only six of them knew the Paneurhythmy in advance. By a wonderful coincidence the 16th movement is the Rising Sun. Our Paneurhythmy, ending with this movement, felt like a sign of the rising Cosmic-spiritual Sun of the New Epoch.

It was so emotional that after the Paneurhythmy all of us gathered around the century-old oak tree and the ‘patriarch’ of the English spiritual culture, Sir George Trevelyan, already over 80 years old, inspiringly and emotionally said : "I danced many times in my life but for the first time I danced for God! It is so significant!”  These words were very meaningful for all of us. The celebration raised in status to an emotional spiritual event. In Glastonbury, the spiritual heart of England, with representatives of the five continents, the circle of the Paneurhythmy marked the beginning of the new epoch prophesised by the Mayan Initiates centuries ago in their calendar.  Really the New Era was coming!



Mystical Link with the American Indians

For me the link with the Mayan and Hopi prophecies continued in 1988 in the USA. I was invited there by a friend of mine, a faculty member of the Jean Houston Mystery School. She invited me to present the Paneurhythmy and the Mandala Meditation in different centres in the USA linked with the participants of this Mystery school. It happened that I gave seminars in the four corners of USA –California, Ohio, the Smoky Mountains, around Boston and in Chicago. The seminar tour led me to sacred places of the American Indians – very picturesque sites with great spiritual presence. During my tour in the States I met wonderful people from various spiritual traditions who were working for the purification of the Earth and for the enlightenment of humankind. For each one of my gatherings I could tell many interesting details but here I will give a few examples.

We were in northern California in places very sacred to the American Indians. The group which gathered was from a mystery school connected with the spiritual tradition of Lama Anagarika Govinda and others. California is a mecca of spiritual groups of different traditions, especially the Indians. On the eve of our seminar the group started a dance ritual with which they celebrate the full moon in August, in accordance with the Indian tradition. The ritual dance had to continue throughout the night and in the morning we had to meet the sunrise. We decided to dance the Paneurhythmy after this. Of course I joined in their spiritual ritual dance in the evening. When we started the dance I felt a very special emotion – I felt that I made contact with the ancestors of the American Indians. I experienced great warmth and a very deep connection with them. I felt their love for the earth, for nature, for the whole solar system and the universe. I knew in advance about their appreciation of nature but on this sacred place I felt this very vividly, very powerfully, through the contact with the American Indians themselves. I felt their sacred relationship to the earth as Mother Earth and their great care and concern for its future because of the polluting and destruction by the civilisation.

The next day when we started our sacred dance Paneurhythmy I felt again their presence. It was in the atmosphere. It was in the joy of the people who were dancing. It was in the natural transition from the Indian ritual dance during the night to the circle of the Paneurhythmy and entry into the great cosmic spiritual rhythm of life. Then I experienced a great joy in the Paneurhythmy. Great joy because the spirit of the ancestors finally relaxed - there is a future for the earth and the future is in the Paneurhythmy or at least in this type of dance. They felt that they somehow passed the ‘mystical torch’ of the first vibrations of the sacred earth in purity, virginity to this new purification, spiritualisation and illumination of the earth through the Paneurhythmy. The feeling was extremely deep and moving. 

Another example is the Paneurhythmy in southern California, in Ohio, at the Krishnamurti centre and where there is a sacred mountain of the American Indians. There was a spiritual group there interested in the Paneurhythmy. In the morning we did the first part of the Paneurhythmy twice. The participants were so excited that they wanted to dance the full first part of the Paneurhythmy in the afternoon and record it on video. After this they insisted on doing part of the Paneurhythmy in the evening on a sacred summit in the full moon. In general the Paneurhythmy is danced only in the morning but their desire was so sincere that after a little hesitation, I agreed.  I put the condition however that we would do the whole Paneurhythmy at the same place at sunrise in the morning.  In fact we did the Paneurhythmy five times and met one sunrise with this sacred dance. At the end of this unusual seminar I said to the leader of the group: “You have a great interest in the Paneurhythmy and it is wonderful, but why, in less than 24 hours, you wanted to dance the Paneurhythmy five times”. She answered me with a smile: “Leon, for a long time we have searched for a spiritual practice which could bring us closer together as friends and which could integrate and form the group as a collective entity. We prayed and meditated together, we experienced many other things but getting to know the Paneurhythmy I felt that this sacred dance exactly is the key to the collective spirit”.  I was moved spiritually because this is precisely the essence of the Paneurhythmy – to awaken the human souls and to integrate them into one community. 

I will mention another story linked with the Paneurhythmy in the USA. I went to a spiritual centre around Philadelphia for a two-day seminar including the Paneurhythmy. In these seminars I usually included Mandala Meditation and through it we connected with various spiritual traditions. In the morning we gathered and did the Paneurhythmy with great joy and inspiration. The leader of the spiritual centre told me: “Leon, today representatives of a minimum of five different Mystery Schools (Jean Houston’s, two Kabbalistic schools, and others) participated. We are discussing and arguing among ourselves all the time. We need something to bring us together and to forget all discussions. The people are very advanced spiritually but in our gatherings different conceptions and various models of the world clash and this is why we don’t understand each other and are not in harmony. It is amazing how the Paneurhythmy brought us together and integrated the representatives of the various spiritual schools.”  Everyone was very happy because finally they felt the others as living souls, felt the circle of the Paneurhythmy which forms the spiritual community.

So it is not very significant which spiritual tradition we belong to but the important thing is to link with others on the level of souls, to link with nature, with the earth and the whole universe. This is the most important sacred thing. Then I appreciated again what a great mystery the Paneurhythmy is: it is the key not only to link with nature, but to overcome all ideological and spiritual differences for the integration of religions. It is not so important whether the person a Christian, a yogi, a Buddhist or a Cabbalist – he or she is primarily a child of Nature, of the Solar Logos, of the Divine Mother, of the Living God.


The Book The Second Coming

Harmonic Convergence created a strong wave of spiritual activities all over the world and activated the people to prepare for the coming New Civilisation. From 1987 to 1992 I had many lectures, seminars and workshops in various countries (England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and France) connected with the coming New Reality in the life of humankind. This time coincided with the fall of the communist system and brought great faith, enthusiasm and inspiration to the people for a better future. It is interesting to note that exactly on the day of German reunification I had a Paneurhythmy seminar in Germany, which immediately extended into a joyful celebration. 

In 1992, with a friend, we formed the Divine Rainbow Centre in Dublin, Ireland. As a result of the work of this Centre in 1995 came the publication of my book The Second Coming. In it I included two extensive chapters, consecrated to the Paneurhythmy and to the Mandala meditation (The Sacred Dance Paneurhythmy – a Gateway to the Garden of Paradise and Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem), which played a very important role in Harmonic Convergence and in the various seminars in the Western Europe and the USA.

The main purpose of the book however was to reveal some of the main aspects of the mystery of the Second Coming and the New Reality coming from the Lord God Almighty: Then the one who sits on the throne says "and now I make all things new" (Revelation 21: 5).  This majestic apocalyptic act activates the New Coming of the Divine Masters, the metaphysical Wedding between the Divine Spirit and the Divine Feminine, the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and the formation of the New Humankind which will live in this Divine Reality. 

In fact the book introduced a new spiritual paradigm in line with the prophecies of the world religions, including the Mayan. Some main aspects of this paradigm are the fall of the present Babylonian civilisation and the establishment of the New Jerusalem civilisation, the activation of the New Genesis and the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding in Heaven and the birth of the New Reality.

The content of the book The Second Coming came as a result of enlightenment and this is why I could speak about an important paradigm shift in the fields of religion and spirituality – a shift from the "First Coming Consciousness" (i.e. the one existing in the established religious traditions) to the "Second Coming Consciousness" developing in line with the new spiritual paradigm mentioned above. The "Second Coming Consciousness", described in the book, has three main aspects, which are very closely and organically interconnected – metaphysical, metahistorical and metacultural. 

The metaphysical aspect is connected with the spiritual journey on the Nine-Fold Path of the Divine Rainbow which leads through the whole vertical structure of Creation, up to the Highest Divine World, the Kingdom of God with many mansions. The Kingdom of God with many mansions could be identified with the Heavenly Jerusalem with its 12 Gates, which lead to the metaphysical Temples of the world religions in it. Each Temple reveals a monumental picture of Creation in accordance with the Teaching of the Divine Master who founded the tradition. So, we start our journey from the earthly consciousness, ascend to the higher celestial worlds through one or another spiritual path of the world religions and then enter into the highest Divine world, i.e. into the Temple of this religion in the Heavenly Jerusalem. There we participate in the Divine Service and aim to receive the initiation of the Divine Master, founder of the world religion. Obviously we could choose to enter into one or another Temple in the Heavenly Jerusalem by following different spiritual paths, traced by the world religions and receiving different spiritual initiations. At some stage however we become able to embrace the wholeness of the Heavenly Jerusalem and to receive a Crown of Initiations.

The book The Second Coming describes in detail the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path which leads to the Kingdom of God and helps us to bring this Divine reality on Earth.  The Steps on the Path of the Divine Rainbow follow the logic of the majestic three fold structure of Creation and trace the spiritual journey of the human being to the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.  The Path of the Divine Rainbow is not only an inspiring and poetic image but a clearly defined spiritual path given specially for our time which could bring contemporary humankind to the Highest Divine World and help to transform the Earth into a Garden of Paradise. 

The metahistorical aspect of the new "Second Coming Consciousness” is the conclusion of the whole Indo-European cycle, the experience of all the spiritual treasures of the world religions in it and meeting the New Coming of the Divine Masters.  The Indo-European cycle of human evolution contains an endless richness of spiritual treasures, gathered for more than ten thousand years. In the Christian Gospel it is said "the harvest is rich but the labourers are few" – this applies now in our time, more than ever. All these treasures have to be gathered and presented by the nations before the Throne of God and we ourselves have to participate actively in this great Divine Harvest. For this purpose we have to visit various spiritual Temples in the Heavenly Jerusalem and receive the Blessings of the Divine Masters presiding in them. Then, gathering powerful spiritual momentum, we become able to enter into the Centre of the Heavenly Jerusalem and to participate in the Divine Action around the Throne of God, before "the One, Who makes all things new". There we could experience the New Pentecost (the various initiations in the spiritual history of humankind, contemplated in one act of consciousness) and prepare ourselves to meet the New Coming of the Divine Masters and to receive their New Initiations.

In the book there is a special chapter consecrated to the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem.  In it is described how the Lord Krishna, the Enlightened One Gautama Buddha, the Lord Jesus Christ, the World Teacher Beinsa Douno and the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, open the four cardinal gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Kingdom of God with many mansions, for the initiation of humankind.  The other world religions such as Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Zoroastrism are the other gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem which are widely open for Divine Initiation as well.

The metacultural aspect of the "Second Coming Consciousness” is the entry of humankind into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and the beginning of a  New Cycle of existence as a New Humankind. This aspect involves participation in the Divine Wedding in Heaven - the great celebration in the centre of the Heavenly Jerusalem where the Lord God re-creates the world through the absolute, dynamic, creative union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles of the Universe. Everyone who achieves this highest level of consciousness, reaching the centre of the Heavenly Jerusalem, becomes a co-creator with the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother and starts working for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. This is the state of complete self-realisation and co-creation with God!

Based on the new spiritual paradigm, humankind will be able to overcome the existing "Babylonian civilisation" (the fall of which is described so dramatically in Chapter 18 in the Book of Revelation) and to start building the New Jerusalem civilisation (prophesised so powerfully and inspiringly in Chapters 21, 22)!  The establishment of this new civilisation is the key to humankind's survival in the long term and to the fulfilment of its Divine purpose as mediator between Heaven and Earth envisaged from the beginning of Time. 

The shift from the existing "Babylonian civilisation" to the main principles and aspects of the New Jerusalem civilisation (described in detail in the book The Second Coming) is the essence of the crucially important transition period from 1987 to 2012. If we do not change the existing spiritual paradigm and start building the New Celestial Civilisation, the positive outcome of the transition period is not sure and we could face unpredictable negative consequences. This is why, in line with the Mayan Prophecy and after publishing the book The Second Coming, we started working actively for the further development of the new spiritual paradigm and for the transformation of the present Babylonian-type human civilisation. We understood our spiritual work as developing the Teaching and the Cause of the Spirit of Truth and unfolding the Second Coming Integral Mission. Of course first we had to do some important metaphysical work on a causal level within the structure of the Mystery School of the Spirit.



The Mystery School of the Spirit in Bulgaria

In 1998 book The Second Coming was translated and published in Bulgaria. In 1999, based on the main ideas of the book, we started our Mystery School of the Spirit for unfolding the Second Coming Integral Mission.  Here it is interesting to note that for the Mayan Calendar 1999 was a special year: from 1999 until 2012 there are 13 years which is a very significant number for the Mayan culture. 

The work of the Mystery School of the Spirit introduced the mysteries of the Second Coming and developed a new ‘Second Coming Consciousness’. The Mystery School followed the structure of an annual school, connected with the seasons. According to an ancient spiritual tradition, the annual work begins in September and finishes the following Summer. The Autumn is a very appropriate time for 'going inside' and for spiritual learning (in harmony with the inward seasonal flow of the energy in Nature).  So, at the Autumn Equinox (22nd September) or soon after this major Sun festival, the Mystery School opens and the participants start their regular gatherings on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis.

The celebration of Christmas, Easter, the Sun and Moon festivals such as Spring and Autumn Equinox, Summer Solstice, the Full Moon in May (Wesak festival) and others, is an organic part of the work in the School.  They became important events in the Mystery School, integrating the results of the activities from the previous weeks and months. 

The Summer Assembly on the Sacred Mountain Rila is the culmination of the annual work in the School.  The opportunity to live together, to meet the Sunrise, to dance Paneurhythmy, to meditate and to discuss spiritual topics makes the Summer Assemblies very joyful and memorable.  The Summer Assembly is the conclusion of the Mystery School during the year and, at the same time, it prepares us and sows the seeds for the next year in the Mystery School, which is inaugurated in the Autumn.  Thus, the Summer gathering becomes the biggest event in the annual work and serves as a bridge from year to year on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path.

In the Mystery School of the Spirit over the past 12 years I gave more than 250 lectures, we had many inspiring celebrations of the main spiritual Festivals and experienced the blessings of Ten Summer Assemblies on the Sacred Mountain Rila. Most of the lectures could be organized in different types of cycles – esoteric, initiatic, meditative, autobiographical and others. In general they unfold the Teaching and the Cause of the Spirit of Truth for our time and developed the new spiritual paradigm. For illustration I will quote some of these initiatic and esoteric cycles of lectures.

1. Initiatic Cycle: The Mysteries of the Second Coming (Five Lectures – February 2000 to March 2000, Sofia, Bulgaria). This Initiatic cycle sheds abundant light on the Second Coming of Christ, the Coming of the Hebrew Messiah, the New Appearance of Imam Mahdi, the Enlightenment of the New Buddha – Maitreya, the New Incarnation of Ramakrishna and the New Manifestation of the Master Beinsa Douno. It prepares the people to meet the Second Coming (or the Coming) of the Divine Masters and to live in their presence.

2. Initiatic Cycle: The Gospel of the Divine Mother (Five lectures – December 1999 to December 2000, Sofia).  In our time the appreciation of the Divine Feminine is of crucial importance. In order to survive and undergo spiritual rebirth, humankind has to follow a whole New Gospel from the Divine Mother. The Gospel of the Divine Mother will help us to bring the Kingdom of God down on Earth and to build life on all levels of Being as a Divine Temple. This Initiatic cycle also introduces an inspiring Feminine Mandala Meditation connected with the Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

3. Esoteric Cycle: Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem (Seven lectures – January 1999 to March 2000, Sofia and Rila Mountain). The inspiring biblical image of the New Jerusalem (in the visions of Isaiah, Ezekiel, St. John and of many other initiates in the world religions) is interpreted as a colossal metaphysical Zodiac-Mandala. This Zodiac-Mandala gives a great overview of the spiritual history of humankind after the "original sin" and shows the place, role and significance of the main world religions. The Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem allows us to integrate all spiritual epochs in the Indo-European cycle of evolution - from the previous Golden Age, the last Satya Yuga, to the coming new one. Altogether they constitute the reality of the Kingdom of God with many mansions, which are the spiritual worlds of the religions.

4. Esoteric Cycle: The Esoteric Depths of the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno (Eight lectures – February 1999 - 2003, Sofia). This Initiatic cycle gave some of the main foundation stones of the Teaching of the Bulgarian Master such as the sacred dance Paneurhythmy, the Pentagram and the Testament of the Colour Rays of Light, as a blossoming Tree of Life revealing the whole three-fold vertical structure of the Universe and the human being as the micro-model of Creation.

5. Esoteric Cycle: Journey on the Nine-fold Rainbow Path (Six lectures – April 1999 to April 2001, Sofia).  A beautiful Divine Rainbow Path maps our ascent through the whole three-fold vertical structure of the Universe up to the Throne of God and our descent back as life in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It could be seen as a great arc consisting of nine segments. Each one of them is a big Step on the Path of the Divine Rainbow and covers a very large field of spiritual work under the guidance and blessings of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine. On an individual level it leads to the blossoming of the human soul, the awakening of the Higher Self within, receiving the crown of initiations and co-creation with God. On the collective level it is connected with bringing the Kingdom of God with many mansions on Earth. 

6. Autobiographical Cycle: On the Path of the Initiate (Seven lectures – 2002-2005, Sofia).  This cycle describes some of the main events in my long spiritual journey lasting already more than 38 years. The purpose of sharing these events is to substantiate the visions in my books and lectures and to give a living example of a journey on the Nine-fold Rainbow Path. I hope that my spiritual story will give encouragement and inspiration to many people. 

7. Esoteric Cycle: Unfolding the Second Coming Mission (Nine lectures – 1999 - 2003, Sofia and Rila Mountain). In 1998 the Second Coming Mission was inaugurated metaphysically and reached many spiritual and mystical 'summits'. Some of them were connected with the Winter celebrations, others with a series of important Initiatic cycles and some key public lectures, while third were linked with the achievements of the Summer Mystery Schools. Many sacred books such as The Book of Revelation by St. John, The Testament of the Colour Rays of Light by the Master Beinsa Douno and other Holy Scriptures, sealed with seven seals, revealed their secrets and developed into a Plan and 'Scenario' for Action. This cycle reflects the unfolding of the Mission as part of the Divine Action for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

8. Meditative Cycle: Celebrations (Seventeen celebrations – January 1999 to April 2005, Sofia). The celebration of the main spiritual Festivals is always consecrated to the connection between the mystery of the First and the Second Coming. The celebrations are different every year but the tendency is to go deeper and deeper into their new spiritual essence. Some of the main prayer-meditations connected with the celebrations include Meeting the 'Star' of the Second Coming of Christ and giving birth to the Christ impulse within, the New Mission of the Divine Mother; Meeting the New Coming of the Master Beinsa Douno, 'Metaphysical baptising' by the Holy Spirit, the New Commandments by the Lord God Almighty, Appreciation of the New Mandala of Maitreya Buddha, following in the Steps of the Night Journey of the Prophet Muhammad, meeting each New Year with Mandala meditation, integrating all spiritual traditions, and others.

9. Esoteric Cycle: Missions and Destinies  (Ten lectures – January 1999 to March 2002, Sofia, Varna). Every nation has its own unique mission. Over the years I was blessed to understand and appreciate the spiritual missions of many nations such as the Bulgarian, Russian, Irish, English, Swiss, German, French and others. Many lectures are consecrated to the Missions and Destinies of these nations, especially to the Bulgarian, the Irish and the Russian. For example the national day of Bulgaria (March 3) is a great opportunity to link with the Bulgarian people, with its National Soul and Spirit-Guide and to participate in the fulfilment of its spiritual Mission. 

10. Initiatic Cycle: 'The Testament of the Colour Rays of Light'  ( Five Prayer-Meditations – January 6, 2001-2006, Sofia).  This Initiatic cycle is connected with 'metaphysical baptising' by the Holy Spirit. In Bulgaria, in the Orthodox Church, January 6 is the celebration of the baptising of Jesus in the River Jordan. Every year on this date the group performs a ceremony dedicated to the mystery of baptising in the 'river of light, which flows from the Throne of God' (Revelation 22: 1-5). This ceremony-celebration is based on the Book of Revelation by St. John and The Testament of the Colour Rays of Light by the Master Beinsa Douno. The participants experience the mystery of baptising by the Holy Spirit in different ways, according to their own state, but all are inspired and filled with light. We have to undergo this new baptising in order to receive enlightenment and to become cosmic-spiritual beings.

11. Initiatic Cycle: The Initiation of the Holy Spirit (Five lectures - January – March 2002, Sofia, Bulgaria).  This Initiatic Cycle presents seven programmes connected with building our lives on all levels of Being as a Divine Temple, where the Holy Spirit dwells. These programmes include building ourselves and the family as a Divine Temple, developing community life, the Nation and the whole of Humankind as a Divine Temple. This is followed by our entry into the New Heaven and the New Earth as into a Divine Temple. Each programme is an enormous field for spiritual work and it is supported by adequate spiritual knowledge, methods, techniques and practices. 

12. Initiatic Cycle: The New Humankind (Five lectures - January – March 2002, Sofia). The nations have to develop a harmonious socio-cultural organism consisting of balanced interconnected political, cultural, economical, educational and other systems. They have to activate their 'National Souls' (the bouquet of unique virtues) and awaken their 'National Spirit-guides' in order to fulfil their Divine Missions. Only then could the nations form the new type of humankind which could live in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Naturally the culmination of the annual work in the Mystery School is our Summer Assemblies in the Sacred Mountain Rila. The Rila Mountain range contains in its Akashic chronicles the memories of many initiations in the history of humankind. Over the years I was blessed to receive some of them (hyperlink). In the first half of the XX century the Master Beinsa Douno himself revealed a great new initiation connected with the epoch of Aquarius and entry into the new solar culture.  The vibrations of the work of the Master Beinsa Douno are printed in every hill, valley and lake in the areas of the Seven Lakes and Mussala Summit.  This is why it is very natural to ‘crown’ the annual work in the Mystery School with a Rila Assembly at the Seven Lakes. For us the area of the Seven Lakes has become the sacred place where, in line with the Mayan Prophecy of the transition period, we are doing important work for the coming New Reality. 


The Assemblies on the Sacred Mountain Rila

In accordance with the Mayan and Hopi prophecies the spiritual work in sacred sites plays a very important role in the transition period to 12.21. 2012.  Hunbatz Men, one of the Elders, along with the Grand Maya Itza Council, has declared that their preparation for the upcoming 2012 synchronization is to activate 52 sacred sites around the planet. As they said: "Every Full Moon we are going to make a spiritual journey to every one of the sacred sites on the list, starting our first ceremony on November 13, 2008, and continuing that way until carrying out the last ceremony on December 28, 2012..."

The area of the Seven Lakes in the Sacred Mountain Rila is a perfect place to channel the coming cosmic energies for the New Era in the life of humankind. One of the most vivid descriptions of the transition from the old cycle into the new one can be found in the Apocalypse of St. John. Now this prophetic book, sealed with seven seals, has become for us a plan for action. Many of the main spiritual archetypes in the Apocalypse (such as the End of Time, the Day of Judgement, the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding, the Thousand Years Kingdom of Christ, the Reality of the New Heaven and New Earth) relate to our time and depict the coming new reality in the life of humankind. Naturally they could be easily translated into the metaphysical language of all world religions.

Of extraordinary importance for the peaceful and harmonious transition from the old cycle to the new one are the Right Understanding and the living experience of these main archetypes in the Apocalypse. They trace the spiritual journey to the Reality of the New Heaven and New Earth. We could compare our Rila Assemblies to a spiritual journey in the Apocalypse, where, guided by the Divine Light, we are going from one to another archetype in this sacred book. It is interesting to note that in 2007 we produced a documentary film The Revelation which was consecrated to some of the main archetypes. Over the years we activated such fundamental archetypes in the Book of Revelation as:     
-The "Throne in Heaven" (Chapter 4), describing metaphysically the mystery of the Absolute origin of Being and the Genesis of Creation.

-The "Vision Of Christ" (Chapter 1) "with a face as bright as the midday sun", "holding the seven stars in His right hand" and "opening the Scroll sealed with seven seals"  (Chapter 5). This vision gives the keys to the essence of the Human Being, created in the image and likeness of God.

-The "Lamb and the 144 000 "(Chapter 14), "who stood before the throne and were singing a new song, which only they could learn" - this is the "song-initiation" of the coming new epoch.

-The "Fall of Babylon" (Chapter 18) – a symbol of all the negative aspects of the contemporary civilisation. 

-The "Divine Wedding in Heaven" (Chapter 19) - a celebration of the new celestial culture coming down on Earth, woven by "the good deeds of God's people".

-The "Day of Judgement" (Chapter 20), presenting the "Great Choice" in the evolution of humankind and respectively the consequences.

-The "New Heaven and the New Earth" (Chapter 21) - the reality where humankind will live in the New Cycle of Existence as God's people on sacred Earth.

-The "New Jerusalem" (Chapter 21), the Holy City with twelve gates, "coming down out of heaven from God and shining with the glory of God" - this is the Kingdom of God with "many mansions".

-The "River of the water of Life" (Chapter 22), "sparkling like crystal, and coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb and flowing down the middle of the city's street". The "Water of life" is the Divine gift of mystical communion with the Living God and achieving spiritual immortality.

-The "Tree of Life" (Chapter 22):  "On each side of the river was the tree of life, which bears fruit twelve times a year, once each month; and its leaves are for the healing of the nations". The Tree of Life, with its fruit and leaves, is the symbol of the realisation of the Testament of Truth. 

Of course, the fundamental archetypes in the Book of Revelation could be easily "translated" into the metaphysical language of all other world religions. This is why we have such unity in diversity and diversity in unity in the spiritual history of humankind: all world religions glorify the One God, "Who was, Who is and Who is to come", and each one of them does this differently.

These fundamental archetypes in the Book of Revelation characterise the coming New Reality in the life of humankind. When we activate them as vast dynamic fields for inspiring spiritual work, we transform the Book of Revelation into a plan for Divine action.

In our apocalyptic times "all awakening souls from the four corners of the Earth" are called to participate in the Divine Action for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. According to the Divine Plan humankind is entering into a New Cycle of Existence and we have to be active in this process.

One of the main tasks in our Rila Assemblies is to link with the Sacred Places of the Earth and with the representatives of all world religions. Thanks to New Age global activities, a new kind of comprehension of the Earth is growing. The Earth is appreciated as a living celestial Being with its own planetary Soul (a part of the Universal Soul) and with a planetary Spirit - i.e. the planetary Divine Logos who leads the evolution of the Earth. The Earth, as a celestial Being, has spiritual centres (chakras) and a very rich and well developed structure of lay-lines of circulating energy which corresponds to the nervous system in the human body. Already there are hundreds of books which describe the Earth as the living Being Gaia or, at least, which introduce the spiritual approach to Her and analyse Her spiritual structure. Moreover, important and necessary work for the healing, purification and spiritualisation of the Earth is taking place in the form of various planetary events with millions of participants such as activation of the planetary chakras, celebrations of Earth-week, pilgrimages to sacred sites, healing of polluted areas and many others.

As we mentioned above the Mayan tradition holds that in our time the Divine Intelligence, the universal Kundalini energy, personified by Quetzalcoatl, will return again and will enlighten millions of people.  Because the Earth is a living Being, the Quetzalcoatl energy will activate all sacred places   (chakras  of  the  Earth)   and,  forming  two  great serpentine currents of energy criss-crossing each other around the Earth, will bring the Earth to a new stage of purification, illumination and transfiguration. In so doing, the New Coming of Quetzalcoatl brings the Earth and humankind on it back into the great ring of cosmic civilisations and opens an immense new cycle of 25,625 years in human evolutionary development. This very popular theme from the time of Harmonic Convergence, now, in connection with the Mayan and other Mesoamerican sacred places, is one of the special tasks in our Rila Assemblies.



Important Mystical Events

Over the years the Summer Assemblies produced many spiritual results. The days on Rila unfold in four main forms of spiritual activity: meeting the sunrise (at 06.00), Paneurhythmy (around 11.00), afternoon spiritual work (around 15.00) and evening gatherings with concluding prayer-meditation (around 18-19.00). In accordance with the programme of the day they have different form, content and meaning. As could be seen from the Diary of Rila Assembly 2009 we had important spiritual activities every day. The same applies for all our Rila Assemblies.  

One of the early Rila Assemblies (2002) played a special role in the unfolding of the Mission The Second Coming.  On the last day of this Assembly –July 15 - we experienced a staggering vision of the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth where humankind will start its new cycle of existence as God’s people on sacred Earth. After the spiritual events of that day we could speak about New Rila Mysteries. The New Rila Mysteries realise the metaphysical, metahistorical and metacultural aspects of the new spiritual paradigm.

Below I will give a summary of the two main events of the day – meeting the Sunrise with Second Coming Mandala Meditation and performing the sacred dance Paneurhythmy as a blossoming Tree of Life.  In Glastonbury we celebrated Harmonic Convergence with the sacred dance Paneurhythmy and Mandala Meditation. There the Paneurhythmy was new to the people but acted as a great celebration of the New Era, while the Mandala Meditation was connected with the First Coming of the Divine Masters and all spiritual traditions of humankind. In the transition period of 15 years, referred to by the Mayans, the Paneurhythmy developed into a real blossoming Tree of Life (the real meaning of the Paneurhythmy as high cosmic rhythm),  and the Mandala Meditation became a blessing for meeting the Second Coming of the Divine Masters.  In the context of the Mayan Calendar which leaves the coming new cycle of 5,125 years blank, I could say that these events provided a glimpse of the great blessings prepared for humankind if it passes successfully through the transition period into the New Era.

The Blessings of the Divine Masters

On July 15, a Monday, before 6.00 in the morning, we went to meet the Sunrise in a state of deep prayer, contemplation and meditation. This was the last day of the Assembly and I felt its great importance for the outcome of the spiritual work. The Sunrise was magnificent: a new Divine day was beginning. We opened our morning ceremony with the prophetic words from the Book of Revelation:

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The first heaven and the first earth disappeared and the sea vanished. And I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared and ready, like a bride dressed to meet her husband.” (Revelation 21: 1-2)
“Then the one who sits on the throne said, ‘And now I make all things new!” ‘It is done! I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end’.
(Revelation 21: 5-6)

These words became alive and full of sacred vibrations for us (as a result of our spiritual activities from the previous nine days and the ongoing mystical work). After this moving experience we continued with a profound and emotional Mandala-Meditation.

During the Mandala Meditation we entered into mystical contact with the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother. All mantras and formulas in this meditation sounded as if they were pronounced by the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother themselves. Being in a most profound and holy contact with the Divine Masters, we received their Blessings for the coming new epoch:

The Cosmic Christ: I am the Resurrection and the Life
"I will bless all awakened souls from the four corners of the Earth to be baptised in the name of the cosmic-spiritual Cross of Immortality"

The World Teacher Beinsa Douno: God is Love, God is Wisdom, God is Truth "I will bless my true disciples to enter into the great Celestial School of the Universal Brotherhood, where the Paneurhythmy, the Pentagram and the Testament of the Colour Rays of Light crown the self-realization of the human being.

Buddha Maitreya: Om Mani Padme Hum
"I will bless all people full of compassion and pursuing the eternal truth of Dharma to enter into the new cosmic spiritual order"

The Divine Guru Ramakrishna: Om Tat Sat Chit Ananda
"I will bless the true devotee to enter into the New Integral Yoga and to achieve complete self-realisation and spiritual integrity.”

The Hebrew Messiah: I am that I am
The "I AM THAT I AM" will bless the people on the new Exodus to enter into the Holy City of Jerusalem the name of which will forever be "The-Lord-Is-Here" (Ezekiel 48:35)

Imam Mahdi: Lä iläha ill' Alläh
"I will guide the faithful on their journey to the Garden of the Essence where there is nothing in existence but Allah, His Names and His Actions; all is Him, by Him, from Him and to Him."

The Divine Mother: I am the Immaculate Conception
"I will bless my children of Light to enter into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth”

The Holy Spirit: Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, who is, and who is to come
"I will bless the Sons and Daughters of God to build themselves as Divine Temples where I will come to live forever"
Our inspiring Mandala meditation finished with the "Hymn of the Great Soul" by the Divine Master Beinsa Douno. Our souls sang out in joy and gladness at the dawning of a new Divine day and the emerging reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.


The Sacred Dance Paneurhythmy as the Tree of Life

The Paneurhythmy which followed was an extraordinary spiritual event. In general every Paneurhythmy during the Assembly was wonderful with special spiritual fragrances and uniqueness. At the same time there was a clear tendency: with every passing day we entered deeper and deeper into the esoteric dimensions of the Paneurhythmy, connecting it with the Testament of the Colour Rays of Light, with the Pentagram, with the Celestial Music and the Living Word of the Master. Thus through the Paneurhythmy we entered into the higher spiritual worlds, experiencing aspects of the first resurrection (the blossoming of the human soul), the second resurrection (the awakening of the higher Divine Self) and finally, on this last day, we experienced the mystery of the Paneurhythmy as a Divine Action in all three worlds of Creation – the physical, the celestial and the highest Divine World.

In essence we reached the real spiritual purpose of the Paneurhythmy given by the Master Beinsa Douno as a practice for the transformation of the human being, the society, the culture and the whole Earth, as a power for entry into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

When performed properly, the Paneurhythmy awakens at least four circles of living energy: within the human being, between the partners of the couples, around the entire circle of participants, and between the Paneurhythmy circle on the Earth and the higher spiritual worlds in Heaven. Every circle creates a different dimension in human life and activates the relevant energies necessary for the development of the human being as a cosmic- spiritual being and a micro model of Creation.
(In the book The Second Coming these four circles of energy are described in much more detail.)

So, we started our Paneurhythmy and with every circle we ascended gradually, higher and higher through the vertical structure of Creation. The four circles of living energies became activated, first in the earthly world, after this in the celestial world and finally, through the Paneurhythmy, we entered into the Highest Divine World. As a result our Paneurhythmy started blossoming as the Tree of Life stretching through the whole of Creation and producing spiritual fruits in all three worlds.

This extraordinary unfolding of the Paneurhythmy filled us with great joy, emotion and ecstasy. What a great blessing – to experience the Paneurhythmy as the Tree of Life in Creation connecting all the three worlds in the most natural, organic and harmonious way! So, our Paneurhythmy became an emotional spiritual journey through the vertical structure of the Universe and an entry into the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. At this time we realized that we were witnessing and participating in a real Divine Action for spiritualization, transformation and enlightening of humankind and the whole Earth.

Naturally, each one of the participants in the Paneurhythmy was on a different spiritual level and entered into a different spiritual state. The very fact however that some of the participants experienced the Paneurhythmy as the Tree of Life stretching through the whole three-fold structure of Creation shows that the group itself as a whole was like a Tree of Life activated in all three worlds.

From there on our Paneurhythmy was in the Heavenly Jerusalem and integrated with the Mandala Meditation from the morning. Dancing the Paneurhythmy, we passed from Temple to Temple in the Heavenly Jerusalem and made contact with the Divine Masters and the spiritual worlds which they revealed. Thus we started to see the spiritual history of humankind from the beginning of the Indo-European cycle to the present day as a colossal panorama of Divine Worlds – Temples in the Heavenly Jerusalem. They appeared before our inner gaze with their amazing richness, beauty, majesty and uniqueness. Of course we were not able to embrace all the Temples in the Heavenly Jerusalem, but even the few of them which we visited (the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, the Master Beinsa Douno, the Holy Spirit) revealed a magnificent vision of the Kingdom of God with its many mansions.

Our Paneurhythmy however continued to gather mystical energy and finally it started circling around the Throne of God in the centre of the Heavenly Jerusalem. And here a real miracle happened! From this Divine Centre of Creation the spiritual worlds of the traditions, through which we passed in a state of meditation during the Paneurhythmy, merged into one great New Pentecost. This was like the spiritual resurrection of the Indo-European cycle in order for the richness from it to pass through to the next cycle of evolution of humankind, entering into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Moreover, from the Centre of the Heavenly Jerusalem we were able to contemplate the great Divine Action in front of the Throne of God which is described so inspiringly by St. John in Chapter 4 of the Book of Revelation. This time however the Divine Action was connected with the apocalyptic New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Divine Feminine, who in ideal harmony and co-creation give birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and bless humankind to become God's people on Earth.

Thus, in sacred vibration and worship, guided by the Holy Spirit we were able to contemplate moments from the Second Coming of Christ, the New manifestation of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno, the New coming of many Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine. In great awe, gratitude and inspiration we found ourselves invited to witness the Divine Wedding in Heaven, as a result of which the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth comes into existence.


The New Surangama Sutra

At this sublime stage in the unfolding of the Paneurhythmy, I experienced something similar to the legendary Surangama Sutra in Buddhism, but in mystical contact with the Lord, "Who makes all things new". For me the Paneurhythmy was in the centre of the Heavenly Jerusalem around the Throne of God. The One, Who was sitting on the Throne, was shining with transcendental glory. The Divine Masters of humankind – Christ, Krishna, Hermes, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Muhammad and Beinsa Douno - emanated from the Throne of God. They radiated an "apocalyptic" light which formed the "Heaven" above the Heavenly Jerusalem. The Heavenly Jerusalem itself is a prototype of the New Earth coming into existence in mystery and sacredness through the Divine Mother. The Paneurhythmy as the highest cosmic-spiritual creative rhythm in the universe, performed by the participants in the group and the 144 000 initiates (mentioned in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 14), was unfolding in their aura and with its energy was "modelling" the world of the New Heaven and the New Earth where the New Humankind will live.

By its richness, power and transcendence the experience was indescribable. Dissolving in the aura of the Divine Masters and the Divine Mother, we felt that they were blessing us with a New Pentecost, with meeting their New Coming and participation in the great Divine Wedding between the Universal Masculine and Feminine principles in Creation. This was an apocalyptic, metaphysical and metahistorical action, an entry into the New Genesis, into the New Creative Impulse from the Living God in which we, with endless love, joy and appreciation, were blessed to co-create with our beloved Masters and the Divine Mother.

Thus, our inspired Paneurhythmy-Mandala Meditation became, at one and the same time, an experience of the New Pentecost (connected with the spiritual past of humankind, linked with the First Coming), a blessing for meeting the Second Coming (i.e. an entry into the dynamic Divine present, into the presence of the Lord, "Who makes all things new"), and an invitation for participation in the Divine Wedding from which the new reality emerges (revelation about the future when we will live with the Divine Masters and the personifications of the Divine Feminine as co-creators with God). In its deepest meaning and significance our Paneurhythmy-Mandala Meditation was an ecstatic revelation about the new cycle of existence of humankind, so inspiringly described by St. John in the last chapter of the Book of Revelation:

      “The Throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be written on their foreheads. There shall be no more night, and they will not need lamps or sunlight, because the Lord God will be their light, and they will rule as kings forever and ever” (Revelation 22: 3-5).

On that remarkable day, July 15, 2002, we experienced the essence of the New Era which is prepared for humankind after 2012, in accordance with the Mayan Calendar. For this New Era to come however we have to work passionately and devotedly to channel the energy from the Cosmic-spiritual Sun at the Galactic Centre and to change our civilisation. This will be the purpose of all our Rila Assemblies until 2012 and beyond.


The New Era

In the Rila Assembly 2003 we had another amazing experience which could become the key for the coming New Era of 25,625 years in the evolution of humankind. It happened on the July 11, 2003. That day we had a wonderful Sunrise ceremony (including prayers, songs by the Master Beinsa Douno, guided meditation) and after breakfast we ascended to the Plateau around the Fifth Lake to dance Paneurhythmy. 

At a very picturesque point on the Plateau overlooking the valley of the Lakes and the surrounding summits, I had a staggering mystical vision: I linked mystically with the Cosmic-spiritual Sun at the centre of the Universe, experienced dazzling light and witnessed a miraculous phenomenon. To my great amazement, the Cosmic-spiritual Sun started to approach the Earth, increasing enormously in size, and then withdrew. This was repeated a few times. In a similar way as in the apparition of the Blessed Mother at Fatima, the Cosmic-spiritual Sun started "dancing". It was radiating the creative Light of God, which manifested as the Holy Spirit encompassing the Earth. It is difficult to describe all the thoughts and feeling which I felt, but, I could well identify this Cosmic-spiritual Sun with the Light of the World.  It is interesting to note that some friends from the group had similar visions, or at least felt an amazing Divine presence.

Now, in relation to the Mayan Prophecy of 2012, the Light of this Cosmic-spiritual Sun is the energy for the New Cycle of 25,625 years in the evolution of humankind. In the language of the various traditions, we could appreciate this Light as the Light of a New Genesis which activates the Second Coming of the Divine Masters, the Divine Wedding in Heaven, the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth with a New Humankind living in it. This New Humankind will co-create with God.  This is why the New Cosmic Cycle in the Mayan Calendar is blank!  In it we have to participate actively in the New Genesis and co-create with God!

It is important to emphasise that the New Genesis takes place now, in the actual, dynamic, creative present, moving towards the future of God's activity.  According to Genesis, the opening book of the Bible, human beings appear on the sixth day after the Heaven and the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and all plant and animal life on Earth were created - this is to say, the Divine Genesis had already actually happened and was in the past in relation to the creation of human beings.  Now, in the New Genesis, we are invited by God to witness the Genesis of the New Heaven and the New Earth, and not only to witness, but to collaborate and co-create with God.

The mystery of the New Genesis will bring us into the emerging New World and will put us in a different position in relation to Creation - at the very heart of God's creativity, in His Divine demiurgic present.  This shift from the static, crystallized, well-established Universe to a dynamic Universe in constant re-creation is a staggering phenomenon which will dramatically change the conceptions and the approach to God in the existing world religions.

Moreover, the actual participation in the New Genesis will transform the relationship of humankind with the Earth and all kingdoms of life on it.  According to Genesis which opens the Old Testament and gives the account of the First Covenant, when God created human beings, 'He put them in command of all living creatures on Earth'  (Genesis  1: 28).  After the Flood, He even told Noah that 'all the animals, birds and fish will live in fear of you’ (Genesis  9:2). Now, however, in the New Genesis, human beings are  invited  to  become collaborators and co-creators with God and as such will become friends, helpers and caretakers of the kingdoms of life on Earth.  In the new epoch, the Divine task of humankind is to transform the Earth into a Garden of Paradise and to bring the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms to a new level of evolution.  In fulfilling this Divine task, humankind will establish a completely different type of relationship with the Earth and Nature and will become a major factor in their future spiritual evolution.  Only by establishing this new type of relationship will humankind accomplish its ultimate Divine function of mediating between God and the Earth with all kingdoms of life on it, as was envisaged from the beginning of time when God created human beings in 'His own image'.  The Divine mediatorship will be at the foundation of human life on Earth as one of the most important and inspiring goals. 

From now on entry into the new dynamic universe and co-creation with God has to be our main task in life. This is the mystical essence of the of our time, the time which the Mayan Prophecy indicated to us. All our spiritual activities, especially the Rila Assemblies, are planned and organised in line with this inspiring and challenging task. If we live up to this task, we could go forward gloriously to the New Cycle of Existence in great appreciation, thanks and gratitude to the Mayan ancestors and to the efforts of all previous generations of humankind.



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