III. Movement for Realisation of the Testament of Truth

The New Spiritual Paradigm
The Spiritual Journey
The Spiritual Council of Humankind
The New Book of Life

The New Spiritual Paradigm 

The Testament of Truth will be realised through a planetary spiritual Movement for social renovation, cultural renaissance, spiritual awakening and Divine illumination. The Movement for the fulfilment of the Testament of Truth comes to unite all people on Earth regardless of race, culture, religion, gender and age into one planetary spiritual family.  It promotes life in peace, harmony, love, mutual understanding and care for the Earth and nature.  It inspires the people for a glorious spiritual journey to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. Joining the Movement everyone could find a spiritual purpose in life and realisation of their Divine potential. It unfolds a new spiritual story, that of humankind returning to the Kingdom of God with great honour, glory, love and wisdom and establishing this celestial reality down on Earth.

Now at the beginning of the New Millennium the Movement offers an inspiring programme for the spiritual evolution of humankind in the new epoch. The Movement works for the spiritual rebirth of humankind as God's people on Earth. It speaks the truth about the state of humankind as a whole and its civilisation which has to change in order to survive in the long term. The Movement strengthens, rejuvenates and reinforces the esoteric streams within the existing spiritual traditions.

At the same time the Movement reveals the mystery of the Second Coming and prepares the people for this glorious event. For this purpose it introduces the Right Understanding of all key ideas related to the end of the Indo-European Cycle and the beginning of the New Cycle of Existence, mentioned above: the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, the End of Time, the Day of Resurrection and Judgment, the New Pentecost, the New Genesis, the Second Coming, the Gospel of the Divine Mother, the Divine Wedding, the New Reality, the New Humankind, and others.

All these concepts are part of an important "paradigm shift" in the fields of religion and spirituality a shift from the "First Coming Consciousness" (which exists in the established religious traditions) to the "Second Coming Consciousness" developing in line with the visions described above. Based on the New Spiritual Paradigm alone, humankind will be able to transcend the existing "Babylonian civilisation" (the fall of which is described so dramatically in Chapter 18 in the Book of Revelation) and to start building the New Jerusalem civilisation (envisaged so powerfully and inspiringly in Chapters 21, 22)!  The establishment of this new civilisation is the key to humankind's survival in the long term and to the fulfilment of its Divine purpose as mediator between Heaven and Earth envisaged from the beginning of Time.

The Spiritual Journey

The Movement strives towards the fulfilment of the most cherished dreams of the world religions such as returning back to the Kingdom of God led by Christ (Christianity), receiving the New Enlightenment of Maitreya Buddha (Buddhism), going to the Promised Land led by the Messiah (Judaism), self-realisation and liberation (Hinduism), resurrection and restoration of the Divine order (Islam), and so forth. The participants in the Movement are on a real spiritual journey, transforming the prophecies in the sacred Scriptures of humankind into plans and "scenarios" for Divine action.

As an example of some of the main fundamental archetypes revealing the essence of the Testament of Truth and which have to be activated, we will quote the Book of Revelation.  In it we find amazing metaphysical visions, such as:

  • The "Throne in Heaven" (Chapter 4), describing metaphysically the mystery of the Absolute origin of Being and the Genesis of Creation.
  • The "Vision Of Christ" (Chapter 1) "with a face as bright as the midday sun", "holding the seven stars in His right hand" and "opening the Scroll sealed with seven seals"  (Chapter 5). This vision gives keys to the essence of the Human Being, created in the image and likeness of God.
  • The "Lamb and the 144 000 "(Chapter 14), "who stood before the throne and were singing a new song, which only they could learn" - this is the "song-initiation" of the coming new epoch.
  • The "Fall of Babylon" (Chapter 18) a symbol of all the negative aspects of the contemporary civilisation.
  • The "Divine Wedding in Heaven" (Chapter 19) - a celebration of the new celestial culture coming down on Earth, woven by "the good deeds of God's people".
  • The "Day of Judgement" (Chapter 20), presenting the "Great Choice" in the evolution of humankind and respectively the consequences.
  • The "New Heaven and the New Earth"  (Chapter 21) - the reality where humankind will live in the New Cycle of Existence as God's people on sacred Earth.
  • The "New Jerusalem" (Chapter 21), the Holy City with twelve gates, "coming down out of heaven from God and shining with the glory of God" - this is the Kingdom of God with "many mansions".
  • The "River of the water of Life" (Chapter 22), "sparkling like crystal, and coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb and flowing down the middle of the city's street". The "Water of life" is the Divine gift of mystical communion with the Living God and achieving spiritual immortality.
  • The "Tree of Life" (Chapter 22):  "On each side of the river was the tree of life, which bears fruit twelve time a year, once each month; and its leaves are for the healing of the nations". The Tree of Life, with its fruit and leaves, is the symbol of the realisation of the Testament of Truth.

These fundamental archetypes in the Book of Revelation characterise the coming new reality in the life of humankind. When we activate them as vast dynamic fields for inspiring spiritual work, we transform the Book of Revelation from a book, "sealed with seven seals", into a plan for Divine action.

Of course, the fundamental archetypes in the Book of Revelation could be easily "translated" into the metaphysical language of all other world religions. This is why we have such unity in diversity and diversity in unity in the spiritual history of humankind: all world religions glorify the One God, "Who was, Who is and Who is to come", and each religion does this differently.

The Spiritual Council of Humankind

The Divine Action for the establishment of the New Jerusalem civilisation on Earth is an apocalyptic task under the direction of the Holy Council of Humankind in Heaven. This Council includes all Divine Masters, founders of the world religions, their Feminine Partners and many great Saints and Initiates who lead the evolution of humankind from the Highest Divine World.   In order to bring the new impulse for the evolution of humankind and the Earth, the Divine Masters and their Feminine Partners radiate from the Throne of God in the Highest Divine World. They are like demiurgic rays of Divine Light, Love, Wisdom and Truth emanating from the cosmic-spiritual Sun in the centre of the Universe, which penetrate all three worlds in Creation - the highest Divine world, the angelic world and our material world. All together they are the columns of living light upholding the reality of the Kingdom of God with many mansions. Radiating from the Throne of God, they form the whole of Creation as a Divine Temple where the Lord God is present. Humankind has to enter into this Temple and merge with the Living God. This is the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God with many mansions, where the enlightened human beings will live in the presence of their beloved Masters and manifestations of the Divine Feminine forever, co-creating with the Lord and the Divine Mother.

All spiritually awakened people on Earth have to participate actively in the Divine Action for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. In order to do this effectively we have to be in direct link with the Holy Council of Humankind in Heaven. For this purpose a special Spiritual Council on Earth, with initiates from all world religions, has to be formed. The initiates are those who have experienced Divine Truth and are in direct contact with the Divine Masters of their own tradition. They recognise the Divine origin of the other traditions and could guide humankind in the process of building the New Jerusalem civilisation. When they enter in deep prayer-meditation, they activate the three-fold structure of the Universe and merge with the Divine Masters. Thus they illuminate their spiritual bodies and start shining as light beings. Of course, when they gather together and have a shared prayer-meditation and work, their collective light increases tremendously and they form something like a star above the earthly life.

So, if the work of the Holy Council in Heaven is a radiation from the cosmic-spiritual Sun at the centre of the Universe, then the work of the Spiritual Council of humankind (in contact with the Holy Council in Heaven) is a radiation from a shining spiritual star above the Earth. This star receives the new creative impulse from the cosmic-spiritual Sun, transforms it into the rays of Divine love, wisdom and truth of the new celestial culture coming on Earth and radiates it all over the world. Thus it enables humankind to overcome the negative aspects of the present Babylonian civilisation and to start building the New Jerusalem civilisation. 

Obviously the Avatar of Synthesis as the Axis of the Age is in contact with the Holy Council of humankind in Heaven and could form the Spiritual Council of Initiates on Earth. How blessed will be those who participate in the Movement for the realisation of the Testament of Truth in our time! They will be able to transcend the restricted earthly existence and to receive enlightenment about God, the whole of Creation and the essence of the human being as its micro model. Thus we will break the vicious circle of earthly life in ignorance and work for the spiritual awakening, liberation and self-realisation of all people on Earth.


The New Book of Life

I would like to conclude with the quintessence of the Book of Revelation (Revelation 21: 5, 6):

"Then the One who sits on the throne said: "And now I make all things new!"
"It is done! I am the first and the last,
the beginning and the end."
St. John witnessed this Divine Act in the causal world.

Now we could join the Divine Action for the Realisation of the Testament of Truth and work for the establishment of the New Reality down on Earth!

One Book of Life in Creation is coming to a close that of the old  humankind and a new Book of Life is opening that of the new, transcendent, humankind who will live in the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth and will co-create with God. 

The new Book of Life is opening now!

Beloved Friends, Come!
Come and participate in the great Divine Action for re-creation of the world!
So be it! Amen!




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