I. The Messianic Plan

The Three-Fold Structure of the Universe
The Essence of the Human Being
The Coming of the Divine Masters
The Holy Council in Heaven and the Divine Messengers on Earth
Divine Principles in Action
The Avatar of Synthesis

In order to explain the main ideas of the Divine Action as part of the Messianic Plan, I will introduce some key spiritual concepts, such as the structure of Creation, the essence of the Human Being, the work of the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Feminine and the essence of the Avatar of Synthesis as the Axis Mundi of our Age. Then based on these concepts I will describe the main features of the coming New Initiation of the Holy Spirit through the Avatar of Synthesis.

The Three-Fold Structure of the Universe

All world religions reveal, in their own way, a magnificent structure of Creation, which consists of three hierarchical worlds, one above the other: 

  1. The physical, material world – this is the world which the majority of people understand and live in. The whole earthly culture is built on this understanding.  For the experience of the higher Celestial world, however, the people have to enter into the esoteric schools of the spiritual traditions.
  2. The heavenly, angelic world woven by celestial colour rays of light, spiritual music, sacred words and inhabited by myriads of light beings. Entry into this celestial world requires the awakening and blossoming of the human soul.  People with awakened souls exist in all world religions and they form the esoteric spiritual community of humankind. 
  3. The highest Divine world which allows contemplation of all of Creation. The ascent to this Highest Divine World requires the awakening of the Higher Self in the human being and receiving a Divine enlightenment.  These people are the initiates in all world religions who form the mystical core of humankind.

Above this hierarchy of three interconnected worlds is the Lord God Almighty, the Creator, the Absolute, the Primal Cause, the Source of All.  The transcendental world of God, beyond time, space and matter, is acknowledged in Hinduism as the Absolute Origin of Being, in Buddhism as the Great Void, Sünyatä, in Judaism as the World of Emanation, in Christianity as God the Father and in Islam as the Essence of Allah.


The Essence of the Human Being

The Human Being, created in the image and likeness of God, was  predestined to live in all three worlds simultaneously: in the physical world with a  vibrant physical body and illuminated personality; in the world of angels with a soul in full bloom; and in the highest Divine world with an awakened Divine Self.  Thus human beings achieve the richness and fullness of their cosmic-spiritual wholeness and become models of the Universe with three perfect bodies. This is the Eternal Truth about the Human Being revealed by all world religions and this is the purpose of human evolution on Earth.

Unfortunately the life of humankind in general is mainly in the physical, earthly state of consciousness. This is a result of the original Fall described in the Bible. The life of Adam and Eve before the Fall was a life in a celestial state of consciousness which enabled them to see the spiritual essence of the Universe and to have a perception of the whole of Creation as a Garden of Paradise.  The Fall was a descent from this state of consciousness to life in the material world with restricted earthly consciousness. This way of life is based on the fundamental principle of struggling polarities – spirit and matter, good and evil, joy and suffering, etc.  Entry into this world is symbolized by eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Coming of the Divine Masters

God, however, never left humankind without His support and blessing.  He sent His messengers, the Divine Masters to show the way back to the higher states of consciousness, existing in the celestial worlds.  

In order to fulfill their Mission on Earth each Divine Master appeared in all three worlds of the Universe with a perfect physical, celestial and universal body. For instance, Jesus Christ manifested the mystery of God the Son in all three worlds:  a) in an earthly human form as a particular historical person (see Luke 1: 31-33);  b) in a celestial, transfigured form as spiritual light personified (see Matthew 17: 1-2);  c) in cosmic-spiritual, Divine form as the Universal Logos (see John 1: 1-3, 14).

With their three perfect bodies the Divine Masters became the manifestation of Divinity in human form, the link between all the worlds and the Axis of the Age for their time.  They were able to ascend and descend through the whole vertical structure of Creation, thus actualising its axis mundi (the Axis of the Age).

When they merged with the Absolute Origin of Being, they received a new creative impulse from the Lord God and they passed it to all the created worlds. Thus they brought a New Initiation, i.e. a new fruit from the Tree of Life.  This is the way in which the Messianic Plan for the salvation of humankind and for the elevation of all kingdoms of life on Earth is unfolding throughout the millennia.

The Teachings of the Masters, in accord with the historical epochs and the different human cultures, brought an enormous amount of living knowledge about the three-fold structure of Creation, the Divine origin of the Human Being and the Path of the glorious return to the Celestial worlds.  We can recall here the Eight Steps of Yoga, the Eight-fold Path of Buddhism, the Knowledge of the Kabbalistic Tree in Judaism, the Mystery of Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life in Christianity, Muhammad's Night Journey as a model for all Muslims, and others.


The Holy Council in Heaven and the Divine Messengers on Earth

The realisation of the Testament of Truth in every epoch is a majestic Divine task.  The whole spiritual hierarchy headed by the Holy Council of humankind in Heaven is behind the fulfilment of this task. The Holy Council in Heaven includes all spiritual Masters and personifications of the Divine Feminine from the spiritual history who lead the evolution of humankind and the Earth from the Highest Divine World.

In the various spiritual traditions this Holy Council is named differently – the Holy Council of humankind, Shambala, Agartha, the Great Universal Brotherhood, the Synclit of the World – but its essence is one and the same:  it leads the destiny of humankind in accordance with the Messianic Plan and it is connected directly with the Living God, "the One who sits on the Throne".

Similarly, in every historical epoch, in every world religion, the manifestation of the Living God on Earth is named differently – Manu, Buddha, Mahaavatar, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Prophet, the World Teacher, the Great Initiate – but their essence is that they are personifications of the Lord God Almighty who link all worlds together as the Axis of the Age and direct the evolution of humankind.  In a similar way as Buddha is not only an individual but an enlightened consciousness, thus the human being who is a manifestation of the Living God is both a human being and a Divine messenger blessed with the presence of the Lord.

One of the brightest and most recent examples of a descent of a Divine Messenger on Earth was the coming of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno among the Bulgarian people during the critical time of the first half of the 20th century. His Mission was to open the Epoch of the Holy Spirit which begins with the Cosmic-spiritual Spring in the life of humankind and the Earth.

Divine Principles in Action

In accordance with the essence of their epoch, the Cosmic Beings who are the Axes of the Age manifest different Principles of Divinity in action and bring a new fruit (a new Initiation) from the Tree of Life.  For instance, some Divine Principles acting in various epochs of human evolution were Personification (Krishna), Knowledge (Moses), Realisation (Buddha), Incarnation (Jesus Christ), Prophethood (Muhammad), World Teacherhood (The Master Beinsa Douno) and others.  Of course, most of the Divine Masters come with their Feminine Counterparts who take the form of family archetypes: those of Sister (Mataji), Daughter (Kuan Yin), Mother (Virgin Mary), Bride (Zventa Sventana), spiritual Daughter (the New Eve in the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno).  This is the way in which the feminine manifestations reflect the union between the masculine and the feminine Universal Principles and reveal the Divine wholeness of Creation.

In our epoch the Divine Principle which is in action is Synthesis. This is because the vast Indo-European Cycle is coming to a close and a New Cycle of Existence is beginning.  In this apocalyptic change all spiritual fruits from the outgoing Indo-European Cycle have to be gathered and the seeds of the coming New Cycle of evolution have to be planted. This is why the Divine Master, the Axis of the Age in our time, has to act as the Avatar of Synthesis.

The Avatar of Synthesis

As Buddha is a level of enlightened consciousness, so also is the Avatar of Synthesis as the Axis of the Age. The events in my spiritual journey, lasting more than 37 years, link me inextricably with the Avatar of Synthesis.  The New Initiation which comes through the Avatar of Synthesis, which I have received, is the Initiation of the Holy Spirit. 

The Avatar of Synthesis as the Axis of the Age has to integrate all three worlds in the life of humankind into one Divine wholeness - the physical, the celestial, and the Highest Divine world. 

He also has to integrate the past, the present and the future of human evolution on Earth. The past is the enormous spiritual richness in the history of humankind, the present is the spiritual essence of our epoch and the Initiation of the Holy Spirit, the future is meeting the Second Coming of the Divine Masters, participating in the Divine Wedding and entry into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth as co-creators of God.

In addition, the spiritual past, present and future have to be presented on the three main levels of humanity's existence – the microcosmic, mesocosmic and macrocosmic, i.e. on the level of the individual human being, on the level of the socio-cultural cosmos of human civilisation and on the level of the macrocosmos of Heaven and Earth.

The work of the Avatar of Synthesis as the Axis of the Age is in direct contact with the Holy Council of humankind in Heaven and requires also gathering a Spiritual Council of Humankind on Earth. This Council is comprised of Initiates from the various world religions who altogether guide the living souls from the four corners of the Earth to the New Reality. When the necessary critical mass of spiritually awakened people is reached, then humankind as a whole could make its quantum leap to the New Reality as God’s People living on sacred Earth. 



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