An Association with Spiritual Goals.

The Mission is a non-profit making organisation. It is an association of committed people embarking on a spiritual journey. It is spiritual friendship and devotion to God in action. The Mission works for the spiritual rebirth of humankind and the healing, purification and illumination of the Earth.

Forming an 'Electronic Community'.

Everyone who is interested in the ideas of the web site and the activities of the Mission is welcome to contact us. In accordance with the interest of individuals and groups the Mission will respond with a 'Questions and Answers' section, appropriate updating, spiritual guidance, themes for meditation, etc. In this way an interesting and dynamic Internet community could be formed which could start its own journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path.

Help and Sponsorship.

The goals of the Mission require a lot of help - organisational, financial, communications, publishing, web site development, etc.

We would be very grateful for any offers for translation of the web site into various languages. Help in organising appropriate Mission activities is more than welcome.

Sponsorship and donations would be gratefully received to facilitate the spiritual purposes of the Mission.

Annual Schedule.

The work of the Mission is organised around the following programmes:

1. Spiritual journey on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path (for beginners and advanced). The spiritual journey includes an Exodus from the restricted earthly consciousness, passing through the Path of the Disciple, and entry into the Path of the Initiate.

2. Initiatic Cycle "The Second Coming". The cycle prepares us for meeting the Second Coming of Christ, Zoroaster, Ramakrishna, Imam Mahdi, the coming of Maitreya Buddha and the new manifestation of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno in the Third Millennium.

3. Meditative cycle "Entry into the Heavenly Jerusalem". Through appropriate lectures and meditations the cycle prepares us for entry into the Heavenly Jerusalem through the Universal Gates opened by Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ, Muhammad, Beinsa Douno and other great Divine Masters of humankind.

4. "The New Gospel of the Divine Mother". Cycle of lectures and meditations connected with the Mission of the Virgin Mary, Mataji, Kuan Yin, the New Eve, Zventa Sventana and other great manifestations of the Divine Feminine. Through our link with the Cosmic Christ and with the Divine Feminine we are invited to participate in the great Divine Wedding in Heaven and to enter into the Reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

5. "The Esoteric Dimensions of the Paneurhythmy". From 22 March until 22 September the Mission may organise Paneurhythmy in various appropriate places, with special spiritual tasks - as dance-meditation, dance-spiritual journey, dance-initiation, dance-spiritual social action, dance for transformation and illumination of the Earth, etc.

6. Developing and maintaining the web site "The Second Coming Integral Mission". This programme includes establishing contact with various spiritual groups all over the world and working together for the spiritual rebirth of humankind and for bringing the Kingdom of God down on Earth.

7. Publishing activities. Preparing for publication and publishing appropriate lectures and meditations consecrated to the mysteries of the Second Coming.

Some of the main events of the Mission are organised around the Autumn Equinox, Christmas, Spring Equinox, Easter, Wesak, Pentecost and other great festivals of the world religions.

Leon Moscona is available for lectures, initiatic cycles, guided meditations, extended workshops, forming groups of people interested in the mysteries of the Second Coming and embarking on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path. The Mission could also organise a presentation of the book 'The Second Coming' by Leon Moscona with lectures, discussions and meditation.

The Mission plans an international assembly at the end of June and beginning of July 2001.

Information and a more detailed programme of the ongoing activities will be announced on a regular basis.

Welcome to the Second Coming Integral Mission. We are awaiting your suggestions, donations and constructive ideas for collaboration.

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