The Mission comes to unite all people regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or age into one great divine family. It promotes life in peace, love, mutual understanding, and care for the Earth and nature.

The participants are not required to have preliminary knowledge, abilities or spiritual preparation but they have to accept the purposes of the Mission. The real results however will come only to those who try to transcend the world of egoism, consumerism, entertainment, dogmas, cults, ideology, inertia and develop the appropriate style of life for the various stages. Embarking on the Rainbow Path they will become apostles of Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. For them Divine Love will bring a deep passion for the spiritual rebirth of humankind and an appreciation of the Earth with all its kingdoms of life. Divine Wisdom will open the Book of the Living which contains divine knowledge about God, Creation and how to live as Sons and Daughters of God. Divine Truth will reveal the Will of God "who now makes all things new" (Revelation 21).

In every world religion there are at least three different levels of spiritual practice exoteric, esoteric and initiatic. Each one of them requires a different level of commitment, spiritual qualities and way of life. Similarly with the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, as we climb higher and higher we have to adopt the appropriate style of life for the achievements of the goals of the Steps. Thus, corresponding to the exoteric, esoteric and initiatic levels, we could distinguish three different levels of "journeying" on the Path:

a) exoteric followers on the Path, including all people who want to embark on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path

b) esoteric spiritual disciples i.e. the people who are already advanced on the Path, devoted to God, who want to undergo the first and second resurrections (entering into the higher celestial worlds, the Garden of Paradise, and starting their climb to the top of the Sacred Mountain)

c) Initiates i.e. all those who have undergone the second resurrection and are climbing (ascending) to the higher Steps of the Rainbow Path.

The boundaries between these three groups are flexible. All participants are equal on the Rainbow Path (as in an expedition to the Himalayas where the people who are in the base camp and the people climbing to the summit are part of the same expedition) and the higher one is on the Path the more modest and caring he or she is. Respectively the style of life of all these three groups will require more and more commitment, further development of the human virtues and spiritual qualities, taking more responsibility and so on.

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