The Mission presents the ideas of the Second Coming and the Path of the Divine Rainbow in a great variety of forms ranging from single lectures and one or two day seminars, through a variety of initiatic cycles (from three days up to one month) and Summer camps, spiritual schools - up to one year (or even longer) - consecrated to every Step on the Rainbow Path. The format of the one-year spiritual school on every Step provides a good basis to introduce the metaphysical content of the Step and to develop some skills which will enable the participants to achieve its goals.

The work in the one-year spiritual school includes weekly, monthly and seasonal gatherings, celebration of some of the main spiritual festivals in the world religions and organising summer camps. The weekly gatherings consist of two meetings, one consecrated to the theoretical aspects of the Steps and the other to the practical aspects. The gatherings on a monthly basis include week-end workshops, seminars, excursions and pilgrimages to sacred places. The summer gathering, which can take different forms of extended communal life, is the culmination of the annual work in the school.

Each spiritual school begins in the Autumn and finishes the following Summer. According to an ancient spiritual tradition, the Autumn is a very appropriate time for 'going inside' and for spiritual learning (in harmony with the inward seasonal flow of the energy in Nature). So, at the Autumn Equinox (22nd September) or soon after this major Sun festival, the spiritual school can be inaugurated and the participants could start their regular gatherings on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis.

The weekly gatherings (the theoretical and the practical) may last about two hours each. The meetings consecrated to the theoretical aspects include lectures, presentations, sharings, discussions, etc. They aim at introducing the spiritual essence of the Step and its place in the wholeness of the Rainbow Path. An important part of the theoretical work is to become familiar with the cosmological structures described in the book and the content of the main quoted books such as Autobiography of a Yogi (Yogananda), Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism (Lama A. Govinda), Inner Secrets of the Path (S. Amuli), The Apocalypse (Interpretation by Rudolf Steiner), The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah (Leo Schaya) and others. The cosmological structures presented in these books lay the foundation for the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path and give it spiritual substance. At a more advanced stage of their theoretical work the participants in the school will be encouraged to undertake some individual spiritual projects in order to unfold their own creative potential. 

The second of the weekly meetings concentrates on the practical aspects of the Step. The participants in the spiritual school have to develop an appropriate style of life and qualities which will enable them to ascend to the higher levels of Being. The practical work includes talks, sharings and discussions about almost all aspects of human life from our daily routines right up to the strategic questions for the journey on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path. One of the most important tasks in the practical work is to develop the ability to meditate. For this purpose, these gatherings will include different types of meditation, spiritual ceremonies and rituals, sacred dance, channelling from the higher worlds, communions with the Holy Spirit and the Divine Masters.

The gatherings on a monthly basis include workshops, seminars, excursions and pilgrimages to sacred places. These activities will help us to deepen the theoretical and practical aspects of the work, to establish a harmonious relationship with Nature, and to feel the energy of the Earth and the spiritual presence in sacred places. The extended weekend gatherings will reinforce the experience of the spiritual work as a journey on the Path.

The celebration of Christmas, Easter, the Sun and Moon festivals such as Spring and Autumn Equinox, Summer Solstice, the Full Moon in May (Wesak festival) and others, is an organic part of the work in the school. They could become very important events in the spiritual school, integrating the results of the activities from the previous weeks and months. So, the programme of the school has to be arranged in accordance with the seasons in Nature and the established structure of the spiritual calendar.  

 The Paneurhythmy created by the great Bulgarian Master Beinsa Douno could become the main focus of many events in the Spring and Summer programme of the school such as the celebration of the Spring Equinox, Easter, the Full Moon in May (Wesak festival), in workshops, pilgrimages, excursions and of course in the big Summer gathering. And every time we dance the Paneurhythmy, we will experience an exodus from the restricted earthly consciousness to the celestial worlds. The circle dance Paneurhythmy helps us to honour the Earth as a beautiful cosmic being, the Sun as the Divine Solar Logos, the Elements as a materialisation of the cosmic-spiritual intelligence and Nature, with all its kingdoms of life, as a manifestation of Divine Creativity. During the dance we blossom as living souls forming a warm-hearted spiritual community which enters into Divine relationship with all other kingdoms of life. Only by embracing these goals will we be able to start our ascent on the Rainbow Path to the higher spiritual worlds. Every world religion has its own inspiring spiritual practices for achieving these goals. We choose however the Paneurhythmy as a beautiful example showing how we could start our spiritual journey with a circle dance.

The Summer gathering, which can take different forms of extended communal life, is the culmination of the annual work in the school. The opportunity to live together, to meet the Sunrise, to dance, to meditate, to discuss, to have many informal meetings and cultural activities could make the Summer camp one of the most joyful and unforgettable events in our life. On the one hand the Summer gathering is the conclusion of the spiritual school and results in initiation and achievement of the goals of the Step. On the other hand, it prepares us and sows the seeds for the spiritual school on the next Step which will be inaugurated in the Autumn. Thus, the Summer gathering becomes the biggest event in the annual work and serves as a bridge from school to school on the Nine Fold Rainbow Path.

The described framework of the one-year spiritual school consisting of weekly, monthly an seasonal gatherings will have a different content for each one of the Steps. Obviously, the actual schools will take shape in accordance with the spiritual essence of the Step, the participants, the specified spiritual purposes and many other factors. One could imagine the great possibilities for spiritual schools-journeys on the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path.  

Moreover, the Steps on the Path are not crystallised and encapsulated within themselves. In fact, each Step projects itself onto all others and all others are projected onto it. This holistic principle opens endless possibilities for mutual projections and for the unfolding of each Step through the prism of the whole Rainbow Path. As a result, we could go deeper and deeper into the essence of every Step experiencing through it the richness of all others. On this important holistic principle the whole Nine-Fold Rainbow Path is built and this principle directs the spiritual activities in each one of the schools. From this perspective, the schools on each Step are open for everyone who is interested, but, of course, the participants will receive in accordance with their level of spiritual development and commitment.

Finally, it is important to emphasise that the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path is not only a blessing for forgiveness of sins and a preparation for Good News from Heaven. It is the Good News itself! It invites us to meet The Second Coming, to return to the Kingdom of God and to work for the establishment of this celestial reality down on Earth.

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