At the Eastern gate of the Holy City is the Master Beinsa Douno as a personification of the World Teacher. The initiation of the Master opens the epoch of the cosmic-spiritual Spring when the soul blossoms and the whole Earth is filled with new spiritual vibrations. During this phase of evolution the Divine Spirit manifests itself as the World Teacher who leads humankind out of the shadow of material existence into the light of the spiritual Sun. In the cosmic Spring spirit and matter are again in balance (as in the cosmic Autumn) but on an evolutionary basis, i.e. towards the increasing manifestation of the spirit in matter. As a result, metaphorically speaking, the Universe becomes like a 'blossoming entity'. In this metaphysical season, the initiation of the Master Beinsa Douno traces the Path of the disciple through the macrocosmic gate of Being. This initiation reveals every phenomenon of life as a product of a long evolution in time and thus develops knowledge of God. If the Buddhist path, which is on the same horizontal axis of the Mandala but on the opposite side, operates with the smallest quantums of consciousness and penetrates through this microworld to the absolute essence of Being, then the path of the Master Beinsa Douno's initiation deals with macrophenomena and penetrates through the macroworld to the essence of Creation. As a result, the Master's initiation illuminates many spiritual worlds in Creation and finally reveals the mystery of the Primal Cause  God as eternal Love, endless Wisdom, absolute Truth.

   The path of the disciple in the Master Beinsa Douno's school and the blossoming of the human soul are symbolised by the Grain of Wheat. This is the seed sown by Christ which in fertile soil and with the help of the Master grows in the heavenly world. The Grain of Wheat is the emblem of the spiritual evolution of the human being who sprouts from the 'dark earth' into the celestial worlds. The esoteric meaning of this symbol is that we have to die (as an ego-personality) to the earthly life in order to be born into the celestial world where our souls will blossom and bear many fruits. In the lecture 'Blossoming of the Human Soul' the Master, in a deeply mystical and symbolic way, connects the two processes the growth of the grain of wheat and the blossoming of the human soul. In many other lectures the Master also uses the grain of wheat as a symbol of self-sacrifice, humility, patience, over-coming difficulties, inner work, the process of growth and organic transformation.


It is very significant that Buddha, in the epoch of the spiritual Autumn, reaches enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, while the Grain of Wheat, which is the emblem of the initiation of the disciple in the epoch of the spiritual Spring, grows out of the ground.

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