The Lord Krishna opens the Southern Universal gate of the Holy City. He is a personification of the life-creating Divine Light. He carries the initiation of the Satya Yuga the epoch of the last Golden Age when humankind was living in the direct light of Absolute Truth that is to say, during the past cosmic-spiritual Summer. From the time of the Fall, the Hindu culture has preserved the truth of the spiritual essence of the Universe and for thousands of years has kept sacred the memory of the Golden Age. The initiation of the Lord Krishna reveals the true reality of Being as a universal life-creating Divine Light. This initiation leads through the gate of the ideal-objective universe (i.e. the reality of the Divine Light which is Creation itself) to union with God, the Absolute Spirit of Being.

The symbol of initiation given by the Lord Krishna is the Thousand-petalled lotus. The Thousand-petalled lotus is a figurative and symbolic name for the highest (seventh) chakra, Sahasrara, of Kundalini energy within the human being. The Thousand-petalled lotus is the psychophysical basis for complete fusion with the Spirit. When the Yoga disciples are ready they open the seventh, Sahasrara, chakra and enter into samadhi. So, the blossoming of the Thousand-petalled lotus symbolises the ultimate goal of the Yoga path and receiving the Yoga initiation. This symbol implicily contains all the divine knowledge about the Yoga path and the secrets of the Universe.


The Thousand-petalled lotus represents this highest state of consciousness when the human being starts to blossom as a cosmic-spiritual flower with Divine beauty and fragrance. It shines as a star with a dazzling white light which integrates all colours of the spiritual rainbow.

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