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The Web Site (www.secondcomingmission.com) was uploaded on 20 November 2000. The web site includes some of the main ideas of the book The Second Coming and contains the complete text of The Testament of Truth – Manifesto. The web site also presents some information about the development of the Mission in Bulgaria and Ireland. As a channel of The Second Coming Mission some important Messages are published in the web site. They include:


1.  The New Rila Mysteries (http://www.testamentoftruth.org/en/?itype_id=462x421)

Published January 2005. This material is an account of an extraordinary spiritual event, which took place in Bulgaria, in the sacred mountain of Rila on the 15 of July 2002. It revealed aspects of the apocalyptic Second Coming of the Cosmic Christ and the coming of many other Divine Masters and personifications of the Divine Feminine as well. We became witnesses and channels of the energy of the great Divine Action for the re-creation of the world. Through this event the Divine Cause of the Spirit of Truth was set in motion, the activation of the Testament of Truth had begun and the New Rila Mysteries were initiated.

2.  The New Spiritual Paradigm (http://www.testamentoftruth.org/en/?itype_id=464x418 )

Published May 2006. The New Spiritual Paradigm has three main aspects which are very closely and organically interconnected – metaphysical, metahistorical and metacultural. The metaphysical aspect is connected with the spiritual journey on the Path of the Divine Rainbow from the earthly world to the Highest Divine World, to the Kingdom of God with many mansions. The metahistorical aspect is the experience of all the spiritual treasures of the world religions and meeting the New Coming of the Divine Masters. The metacultural aspect is participation in the Divine Wedding in Heaven and co-creation with God in the New Cycle of Existence.

3.  The Testament of Truth – An Announcement (http://www.testamentoftruth.org/en/?itype_id=464x419)

Published May 2006. The realisation of the Testament of Truth in our time is connected with the fulfilment of the prophecies of the End of Time, the Judgement, the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding in Heaven and humankind’s return to the Kingdom of God. Almost all world religions predict that the time for the fulfilment of these prophecies is our present epoch. This will happen as a result of a great Divine Action, which has been in preparation for hundreds and thousands of years and which has begun to unfold already. The unfolding Divine Action for the fulfilment of the Testament of Truth will be realised through a planetary spiritual Movement - a Movement for social renovation, cultural renaissance, spiritual awakening and Divine illumination.

4.  The Spiritual Council of Humankind (http://www.testamentoftruth.org/en/?itype_id=464x420)

Published May 2006. All spiritually awakened people on Earth have to participate actively in the Divine Action for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. In order to do this effectively we have to be in direct link with the Holy Council of Humankind in Heaven. For this purpose a special Spiritual Council on Earth, with initiates from all world religions, has to be formed. The initiates are those who have experienced Divine Truth and are in direct contact with the Divine Masters of their own tradition. They recognise the Divine origin of all other religions and could guide humankind in the process of building the New Jerusalem civilisation.

5. Projects

Published April-May 2009. Activation of the Sacred Mountain Rila as a Planetary Centre for the New Reality. 
On Rila, the oldest spiritual university on Earth, we could gather the spiritual fruits- initiations from the outgoing Indo-European Cycle. In our epoch the Sacred Mountain Rila played a very important role in the unfolding of the Teaching of the World Teacher Beinsa Douno for the transformation of the existing human culture into a New Solar culture.  Now on Rila Leon Moscona with his group continues the Cause of the Master Beinsa Douno and activates the archetypes of the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, described in the Book of Revelation by St. John.

Making a film - Revelation.

The film is envisaged as a performative documentary showing the activation of the celestial archetypes in the prophetic Book of Revelation by St. John. It has to give an insight into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth where humankind will start its New Cycle of Existence. 


Developing a Temple House for Union with God. 
In this project we want to create a new spiritual centre and community, a centre which will bring an integrated, uniting and forward looking spirituality. It will be a centre of great spiritual energy and activity, like a beacon of light to the world.  We are defining this centre as a Temple House for union with God. Its main principle will be LIFE-FOR-THE-WHOLE in the WHOLENESS-OF-LIFE.

Extending the present Web Site

This Web Site is an extension of the previous one – The Second Coming Integral Mission. In the near future we would like to extend it further by introducing new material from the development of the Movement The Testament of Truth, the books and lectures of Leon Moscona and the experiences of the participants in the Movement. A cherished wish is to translate the whole Web Site into Bulgarian and other languages.

6. Rila Assembly – 2009 (http://www.testamentoftruth.org/en/?itype_id=479x482)
Published January 2010
Diary of the spiritual events in the Assembly 2009.




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