New Mysteries from Ireland

Many initiates, most notably Rudolf Steiner and Alice Bailey, predicted that from Ireland would come new mysteries in the spiritual life of humankind.

In order to initiate these new mysteries the Irish people have to open the Golden pages in their Book of the Living, i.e. the 'Book' which keeps record of all good spiritual deeds in the Irish history. Generation after generation the Irish have written in this Book of the Living beautiful stories which shine with great Divine Glory and Brightness. For instance, even in the time of Christ the Celtic Initiates were able to 'witness' metaphysically the mystery of Golgotha (according to Rudolf Steiner). One of the brightest pages in the Book of the Living of the Irish people was the Golden Age of the sixth century:

"It is recorded 'that from the sixth to the tenth century while the peoples of Europe were torn asunder by internal struggles and racial wars, Ireland, and Ireland alone of all the nations, kept the light of faith and knowledge alight and burning with a brightness which diffused its rays far beyond the shores of Erin'"

Now the Irish people could harvest the spiritual fruits from the past and open a great new chapter in its Book of the Living, initiating the new mysteries, predicted for Ireland, in the life of humankind.

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Leon Moscona and Ireland

The New Mysteries coming from Ireland are connected with the New Enlightenment brought by Leon Moscona. After a long spiritual journey he was led to Ireland to fulfil the Divine Will. He had many mystical visions in Ireland related to the coming new mysteries.

Two Visions

In Glendalough Leon Moscona saw that the Heavens above were open and a shining stream of light was pouring down. It was like a majestic river of light, springing from the Heavens above Glendalough and flowing out through the whole of Ireland - passing through Slane, New Grange, Tara, Clonmacnoise, Croagh Patrick, and many other sacred sites. Just as the River Shannon flows through Ireland, so this river of light flows through the whole of Ireland, making it a celestial land.
In this vision earthly and celestial Ireland and its past, present and future were integrated.


On another occasion in Tara, he had a vision of a magnificent etheric Divine Temple built upon the whole area with a gigantic cosmic-spiritual cross of Light at the centre of the Temple. The vertical axis of this cross was a huge column of Light, filling the whole space representing the vertical structure of the Universe (as we know from Christian cosmology). The horizontal axis of the cross (it was actually a horizontal circle filling the entire cosmic-spiritual space) was the reality of the Kingdom of God with its many mansions (that is the Heavenly Jerusalem with its 12 Gates which lead to the different spiritual worlds revealed by the various world religions). Above the horizontal axis was the throne of God with Christ sitting upon it. He was the glorious and victorious cosmic Christ, the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords", radiating Divine Love, Light and Life, Power, Wisdom and Truth. The walls of this gigantic, etheric temple were living light which shone with all the colours of the rainbow, and in place of frescoes, the walls exposed the real presence of myriads of light beings - angels, archangels and many others. And all the kingdoms of life on Earth - the plants, animals and humans - were present in the temple. It was a staggering vision revealing the mystery of all Creation.


Leon Moscona has visited many places, many sacred sties, and almost everywhere he felt the most powerful and beautiful presence of the Divine Mother as well. He revealed that the whole of Ireland was encompassed and warmed by her Divine love, mercy and compassion, by her tenderness, Motherly care and gentleness, by her beauty. The Presence of the Divine Mother is an integral part of the New Mysteries for the spiritual evolution of humankind at this time.

Arising out of these visions and ongoing revelations from the Higher Worlds came the book The Second Coming, which was published in Dublin in 1995. The publishing of the book was made possible only through the generous financial help of many kind and good Irish friends. In 1995 however Ireland was not yet ready for the new spiritual mysteries, but the seeds have been planted in the collective super-consciousness, accepted by 'metaphysical Ireland', and have the possibility to sprout now.

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The book The Second Coming

The book The Second Coming contains the living seeds of the New Mysteries. It brings a new spiritual paradigm and a new consciousness for all of humankind for the return to the Kingdom of God. It deals with the wholeness of the human being (earthly, angelic and divine) and the wholeness of the Kingdom of God - the many mansions in the Father's house, which are all the world religions. It traces the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path which leads back to the Kingdom of God and enables us to bring this heavenly reality down on Earth.

In essence, The Second Coming Mystery is the completion of the Messianic Plan for the return of humankind to the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ said: "And after I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am". (John 14: 3). We are now in the epoch of the Second Coming of Christ and all the Divine Masters - founders of the world religions. In this epoch all of them will manifest (in one or another way) and will lead humankind to the higher states of consciousness, to the Kingdom of God with its many mansions.

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An Appeal

We are sure that Ireland, among other countries, has a very important mission: to receive, appreciate and implement the New Mysteries for humankind - the Second Coming Mysteries, and from Ireland to spread this New Enlightenment around the world. Two thousand years ago the three Wise Men from the East saw the Star of Christ and, full of joy and wonder, went to Bethlehem to praise the new-born Saviour. Now, the Irish people, like these Wise Men, can have the vision of the Cosmic Christ and the Path of humanity's return to the Kingdom of God and can embark on this journey. Such a heavenly task requires acceptance of the New Mysteries and full spiritual mobilisation. As a result the epoch of the New Golden Age could become a reality, where everyone would realise their Divine potential and become co-creators with God.

We send out an appeal to all spiritually aware and concerned Irish people to join us and to help in bringing these New Mysteries and new Impulse on earth. Let Ireland become again 'the island of saints and scholars', sending out initiates all over the world.

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 The First Step

The first Step is to establish the Second Coming Integral Mission in Ireland by forming esoteric groups. They could begin their preparation by developing the Right Understanding of the Second Coming mysteries, the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path, the Gospel of the Divine Mother and other main archetypal ideas of the coming New Mysteries set out by Leon Moscona in his book The Second Coming.

Having established the Spiritual stream of the Second Coming in Ireland, the groups, in time, will become initiated into the New Mysteries and will begin to work with "new students". There develops a "celestial university" on Earth from where will go initiates and devotees to spread the Divine Message. This process has already begun in another country - Bulgaria

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Join our Group in Dublin

We invite you to join our group in Dublin. It will meet on a weekly basis to begin the study of the book The Second Coming and to receive an initiation into the New Mysteries.

We invite all who are interested to
contact us by

or Tel. 8333640


How to order the book The Second Coming by Leon Moscona

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