The New Spiritual Paradigm
Open Letter

Dear Friends
Greetings of Peace, Love and Light to you!

With great respect and appreciation for your work in spirituality I am offering for your attention two of my books – The Second Coming and The Testament of Truth, Manifesto.

I believe that the ideas in these books have strategic importance for our time. They could provide a new framework for dealing effectively with the religious, cultural, educational and ecological problems in the life of contemporary humankind. This is possible because they offer a new spiritual paradigm. This new spiritual paradigm comes as a result of a long spiritual journey culminating in enlightenment.

I have been developing the main features of the new spiritual paradigm for many years. They have been presented in more than 250 lectures, seminars and workshops in various countries - Bulgaria, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom and others. At the foundation of the new paradigm lie important visions about the spiritual essence of our epoch and the coming new epoch in the life of humankind. These visions are related to:

a) TheNew Cycle of Existence

The coming new epoch in the life of humankind is its New Cycle of Existence in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. This New Cycle is the fulfilment of the prophecies in the world religions. For instance, Isaiah witnessed God creating new heavens and a new earth ("Now I create new heavens and a new earth, and the past will not be remembered, and will come no more to men's minds." (Isaiah, 65:17). St. John also saw a new heaven and a new earth ("Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The first heaven and the first earth disappeared, and the sea vanished." (Revelation. 21:1) Similar metaphysical visions about the coming New Reality in the life of humankind we find in all world religions.

(The description of the New Reality and the "archetypal framework" for the New Cycle of Existence is presented in the book The Testament of Truth, Manifesto)

b) The fall of Babylon

Babylon, the fall of which is described so dramatically in the book of Revelation, is a symbol of all the negative aspects of the contemporary civilisation. These aspects could be identified with the Lucifer, Ahriman and Antichrist energies. Of course, the forces of Light are always present (otherwise human culture simply would cease to exist), but the influence of the dark forces in our time is enormous. For instance, the Lucifer energy deforms the wholeness of the human being. It is based on the ego-complex and is characterised by a drive for power, selfish realisation at the expense of others, quick results, phenomenal achievements, occult knowledge and so forth. On the surface, this energy can give the impression of polish, good education, success, brilliance, even charm, but at its core it hides an expansionist ego-complex, moral impurity and greed for dominance.

The Ahriman energy, on the other hand, deforms the wholeness of human society and its culture, that is, the wholeness of the socio-cultural organism. The chief aim of the Ahriman principle is to block the spiritual dimensions of human life and to make human beings slaves of the material world. It substitutes the essential spiritual needs of the human soul with craving for material goods, physical comfort, a 'respectable' position in society, complacency, entertainment, consumerism, perverted sexual pleasures and so on. By cultivating fears of losing a high material standard of living and social status, the Ahriman principle tries to control, manipulate and keep in material slavery millions of people. It considers its aim achieved when human beings forget their high Divine origin, their celestial home and their spiritual needs, impulses and dreams.

While the Lucifer and Ahriman energies deform the wholeness of the human being and of the socio-cultural organism respectively, the Antichrist energy aims to deform the wholeness of the spiritual Universe. It is characterised by violence, murder, black magic, arrogance, blackmail, and all kinds of heavy abuses in the areas of drug use, sexual practices, and power. The Antichrist energy has its foothold in mafia-type organisations, terrorism, all kinds of movements in which the participants believe that the aims justify criminal methods.

In our time the struggle between the Light and the Dark forces has reached a critical point. Obviously, in order to survive, humankind has to overcome the power of the dark forces and the Babylonian civilisation has to fall. A new civilisation based on the Light forces has to emerge. This is why St. John saw the fall of Babylon and the coming of a new celestial culture on Earth - "the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God" (Revelation 21: 2).

(The description of the "original sin" and the essence of the Babylonian civilisation is given in the book The Second Coming, Part One and Part Two – Transformation of the Earthly culture into a Heavenly culture)

c) The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem is a symbol of the reality of the Kingdom of God "with many mansions". I saw the New Jerusalem (described in the visions of the Prophet Ezekiel (48: 30-35) and Saint John (Revelation 21: 10-21)) like a colossal metaphysical Zodiac-Mandala, giving a great overview of the spiritual history of humankind after the "original sin" and showing the place, role and significance of all main world religions.

The New Jerusalem has 12 gates, each one of which leads to the spiritual world of a particular tradition. Altogether they reveal the ultimate reality of the Kingdom of God with many mansions. This gives great unity in diversity and diversity in unity in the spiritual life of humankind. All world religions glorify the One God, "Who was, Who is and Who is to come" and each religion does this differently.

This integrative vision, showing the primordial unity of the world religions and their place in the Messianic Plan offers a powerful foundation for mutual respect, understanding and acceptance between the representatives of the various religions. Moreover, when it is appreciated and activated in full, the vision of the New Jerusalem could lead to a living experience of the wholeness of the Kingdom of God with many mansions. In other words, in its New Cycle of Existence humankind replaces the Babylonian civilisation (Revelation, Chapter 18) with the civilisation of the New Jerusalem (Revelation, Chapters 19, 21, 22)! At this crucial time in human history the Divine Masters and their Feminine Partners have to lead us to the Kingdom of God.

(The vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem as a metaphysical Zodiac-Mandala is described in great detail in my book The Second Coming, Part Three – Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem)

d) The Second Coming

The event of the Coming, the Second Coming or the New Coming of the Divine Masters is predicted in all world religions. All people on earth, with their particular spiritual traditions, have to be included in the New Reality and this is why the entry into the New Cycle of Existence is connected with the New Coming of the Divine Masters – the Coming of the Messiah, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Coming of the Enlighten One - Buddha Maitreya, the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi and other manifestations of Divine Masters. Crucially important also is the Coming of all the manifestations of the Divine Feminine linked with the Divine Masters. In fact the New Coming is the apocalyptic act of the Lord, God Almighty, Who "now makes all things new". (Revelation 21:5)

The book The Second Coming provides answers (in a very precise, metaphysical, initiatic way) to the most delicate and sensitive questions about the Second Coming (or the Coming) of the Divine Masters predicted in the world religions. This helps to disperse unhealthy speculation, fears, illusions, false expectations and metaphysical malpractice, which have become part of contemporary culture. On the other hand it prepares us for the great events which are about to come and some of which are happening now.

(The metaphysical aspects of the New Coming of the Divine Masters, are described in the book The Second Coming, Part One and Part Two)

e) The Divine Wedding

In our time the appreciation of the Divine Feminine is of crucial importance. In order to survive and undergo our spiritual rebirth, we have to follow a whole New Gospel from the Divine Mother. In fact, the event of the Second Coming of the Divine Masters and the coming New Gospel from the Divine Mother are two aspects of one and the same mystery - the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth coming into existence from God the Absolute, the Source of Life.

The New Gospel of the Divine Mother is to help us to bring the Kingdom of God down on Earth and to build life on all levels of Being as a Divine Temple. Emerging from the Source of Life, i.e. the cosmic-spiritual Sun which never sets, the Divine Mother creates life in all realms of the vertical structure of the Universe as a Divine Temple – from the reality of the Holy City, through the various celestial worlds, to the life of humankind on Earth. On Earth she transforms and illuminates the Earth itself, human culture, society, the family, and the life of the individual human being.

The inspiring vision of St. John in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 19)refers to the establishment of the new celestial culture on Earth, woven by "the good deeds of God's people". We are invited to participate in the Divine Wedding (Revelation 19: 9), which means to co-create with the Divine Masters and the personifications of the Divine Feminine for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

My work promotes harmonious and organic balance between allpolarities in human life on Earth, especially between the universal masculine and feminine principles. This balance produces the most appropriate Middle Wayfor our time (corresponding to the well-known Middle Wayin Buddhism). It helps to alleviate the contradictions and tensions between the Feminist movement and the existing patriarchal religions. The solution to this problem is participation in the Divine Wedding.

(The glorification of the Divine Feminine is presented in many parts of the book The Second Coming, especially in Step Six of the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path. The aspect of the Divine Feminine is also an essential part of the Testament of Truth, Manifesto)

f) The Nine-fold Rainbow Path

The Nine-fold Rainbow Path, revealed to me, is the Path leading to the Heavenly Jerusalem, the Kingdom of God with many mansions. It is a precise and well-articulated path given specially for our epoch. By embarking on this Rainbow Path, we will be able to develop spiritually, to live in peace and harmony with our neighbors and all nations, to take care of the Earth, Nature and the environment. Initially, we could start the Path from any spiritual tradition but as the journey goes on, especially after the third Step, we have to embrace the main aspects of the other paths as an organic part of our continuing spiritual ascent. The cherished aim of appreciating all spiritual traditions gives a special fragrance to the Nine-Fold Rainbow Path and opens new dimensions of mystical experience. The ultimate goal of the Rainbow Path, however, is to merge with the Living God, who re-creates the world (Revelation 21: 5), and to enter into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

(The description of the Nine-fold Rainbow Path is the content of Part Two of the book The Second Coming)

g) The New Concept of History

The event of the Second Coming, the Divine Wedding in Heaven and the entry into the New Cycle of Existence change the whole concept of history. In fact, Hebrew monotheism, with the conception of the Fall and the expectation of the Messiah to bring the people back to the Kingdom of God, opened the historical dimension in the life of human society. History then is appreciated as a chain of events that derive their meaning from the expected future – the coming of the Messiah and the accomplishment of His Mission at the End of Time (i.e. the end of life in the restricted earthly material consciousness). This is why the imminent event of the Coming, or the Second Coming is so significant metaphysically – it is the fulfilment of the Messianic Plan and changes the whole conception of history.

The Messianic conception of history can be compared with the conceptions of Time in other spiritual traditions. For instance, Time in the Hindu tradition is measured from the mythological past – that is the last Golden Age, in comparison with which humankind lives in illusion, maya, error and simply has to return to its original blissful state of consciousness. The conception of Time in another great spiritual tradition, the Chinese one, is related to the dynamic, cyclic present – the repeating cycles in Nature, in human life, in the Yin and Yang polarities of Tao, where there is neither past nor future, but only an eternal cyclic present. In the context of these two archetypes of Time, we could define the Judeo-Christian tradition as a conception of Time measured by the Messianic future.

With the Second Coming, the conception of Time, History, Involution, Evolution and Progress changes dramatically. Humankind will go beyond this historical paradigm because it will enter the New Cycle of Existence (so, there is no need to look at the past as was the case in the Hindu tradition), it will follow the new spiralling cycle of the spiritual year in the Kingdom of God (so, there is no need to look at the repeating cyclic present as is the case in the Chinese tradition), and it will become able to co-create with God (so, there is no need to look at the expected future because all Divine Masters and the Divine Mother will live with humankind forever). Thus humankind will enter into a qualitatively new stage of development, passing from earthly evolution to celestial evolution in the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth.

(Some insights about the new concept of history are given in the Conclusion of the book The Second Coming)

The Divine archetypes described in the books The Second Coming and The Testament of Truth - Manifesto are not only high metaphysical concepts. Over the years I have worked with a group of people devoted to God to experience them as the living power of the Testament of Truth. The results of this prayer-meditative work are staggering indeed: they have given the "taste" of the coming new reality and the living presence of God!

This is why now we could speak about an important "paradigm shift" in the fields of religion and spirituality – a shift from the "First Coming Consciousness" (i.e. the one existing in the established religious traditions) to the "Second Coming Consciousness" developing in line with the visions described above. The "Second Coming Consciousness" has three main aspects, which are very closely and organically interconnected –metaphysical, metahistorical and metacultural. The metaphysical aspect is connected with the spiritual journey on the Path of the Divine Rainbow from the earthly world to the Highest Divine World, to the Kingdom of God with many mansions; the metahistorical aspect is the experience of all the spiritual treasures of the world religions and meeting the New Coming of the Divine Masters; the metacultural aspect is participation in the Divine Wedding and co-creation with God in the New Cycle of Existence (Manifesto, p. 45-58).

Based on the new spiritual paradigm, humankind will be able to overcome the existing "Babyloniancivilisation" (the fall of which is described so dramatically in Chapter 18 in the Book of Revelation) and to start building the New Jerusalemcivilisation (envisaged so powerfully and inspiringly in Chapters 21, 22)! The establishment of this new civilisation is the key to humankind's survival in the long term and to the fulfilment of its Divine purpose as mediator between Heaven and Earth envisaged from the beginning of Time.

It is a good tradition for the Universities to be centres of creative work in the fields of science, art, philosophy, esotericism, and even mysticism. The work based on the new spiritual paradigm is interesting, challenging and inspiring. I would be very happy to establish creative collaboration and co-operation with the teachers and students in your University.

The introduction of a New Paradigm is an event in the life of humankind. I hope that you will appreciate this opportunity and altogether we can initiate an important shift in the direction of life of contemporary humankind.

In spiritual friendship and appreciation,

Leon Moscona

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